This is my 1942 Ford GPW, Serial Number 76157, date of delivery


This is my 1942 Ford GPW, Serial Number 76157, date of delivery
This is my 1942 Ford GPW, Serial Number 76157, date of delivery 10/28/42, MFG Plant:
Louisville, KY. It was purchased as a hunting buggy in May of 1976 as my college graduation
present. I did a slow restoration to its original configuration and finished in July of 2006. My
GPW and I have been in two movies, Red Rose of Normandy and USS Seaviper. We are affiliated
with the Road to Victory Military Museum located in Stuart, FL,. Milo Valencic
Catherine Mackenzie
Peggy and Walter Keller [email protected]
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Presidents Report
I told Frank this was going to be a short president’s report. As It’s only been as short time since
the last club meeting. However we made a big decision to move the Rally to a new location and
we have been working on the many issues of that move. I hope many of you can make the next
meeting Saturday, November the first. Renningers will be having a military antique sale
Saturday and Sunday
It would be a good time to show your military vehicle if you can bring one. This meeting is to go
over the plans for the rally and to get volunteer’s to commit to work the rally. There is a lot to do
ahead of time. I have started to receive many calls from organization’s wanting military vehicles
I will try to direct them in the right direction for the area coordinators that may be able to help
them with their activities. If they have fliers I will try to get them to Dick to post on the calendar.
Dick Daren and Roger Francis are doing a good job with the calendar and web site thanks guys.
Frank is back up to speed with the newsletter so please send in your pictures and articles to be
in the newsletter so everyone can see what is going on in the club. This meeting will also have
the results from the elections of President, Vice President, and Treasure. I also would like to
do a shout out to Stan our secretary for a great show at the cruising to the creek car show,
we had 7 military vehicles and a lot of nice cars. But the best part was that the show brought
in more than 18 thousand dollars for the Ronald MacDonald house. I hope everyone is doing
well. We have picked up a few new members and I hope they can come to the meeting.
Please remember to keep our troops in your prayers. It is very dangerous overseas
at this time and I know some of you have loved ones over there as I do.
Dave Thomas
President FFC, MVPA.
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