A Career as a Certified Spinologist


A Career as a Certified Spinologist
A Career as a Certified
Why Study Spinology?
 As a career choice, Spinology offers outstanding
 Study at your own pace
 Strong employment opportunities upon graduation
 Belong to the fastest growing profession committed
to optimizing human performance
 Professional assistance throughout your student
and professional career
Who can learn Spinology?
The European Spinology Tutorium follows the same policy as
the prior Philadelphia and San Francisco Spinology Tutoria.
We believe that a person's persistence and strength of
character are the most effective measures of him or her to
become a success in the field of Spinology.
Students come from all backgrounds, and every assistance is
provided to ensure all criteria are met throughout the course
of the studies. This is not a distance program where people
are left to fend for themselves. It is highly tailored and
extremely interactive.
There is huge public demand for the services offered by a
Spinologist, and nobody other than Spinologists are
sufficiently equipped to provide those services. Spinology
offers a rewarding and fulfilling career, limited only by any
restrictions that the Spinologist places upon him or herself.
Following Graduation
Community Education
The Course Timetable
One weekend every three
weeks. Saturday from 8.30 to
14.00 and from 15.30 to 20.00
hours and Sunday from 8.30 to
14.00 hours. This totals 16
classroom hours per weekend.
Classes will begin on
Money Talk
 Tuition is €8,000 which is all inclusive
 Payable prior to the first day of classes
Earning Potential
Only limited by the limits the Spinologist
places on themselves.
The School’s CV
1980 First Spinology Schools, US
1985 European Spinology Tutorium, Spain
2008 EU School of Spinology, Ireland
European Spinology Tutorium has achieved international status of
business excellence in Spain in 2007 under ISO 9001-2008. 8