Look Book Ariane Rocher Jewellery 2013


Look Book Ariane Rocher Jewellery 2013
I started my passion for jewellery at an early
age, rummaging through my grandmothers
jewellery box was something that I did on a
weekly basis and I still find much inspiration
from these childhood moments and
I studied in Paris learning both classical and
contemporary techniques and winning
awards for my final collection, before being
mentored by renowned jewellery designers;
Benedict Aichelee, Sophie Hanagart and
Brune Boyer.
At the age of twelve, I was in awe of top
French designers and had a very strong
passion for Boucheron. Coupled with my
passion, naivety and determination I decided
to write a letter to the celebrated jeweller.
And to my sheer amazement he invited my
Mum and I to Paris for lunch at the Ritz,
followed by a tour of his workshop and
diamond vaults. It was the trip of a lifetime
and the experience still inspires me today.
The design of beautiful jewellery is what
drives and inspires me and through my years
at University in Paris I naturally progressed
to launching my very own collections, which
is when ‘Ariane Rocher Jewellery’ was born.
My business has been going from strength to
strength and I now have a loyal and diverse
client base from, Paris to England, and even
stretching as far as America.
My aim is to create jewellery that is playful
and versatile; that one can interact with
and that becomes a part of you. I am very
inspired by architecture, nature, the latest
fashion trends and colors, I try and design
a new collection for every season by using
bold colors, semi-precious stones, pearls,
diamonds and precious metals.
I have a strong belief that jewels are more
than just precious objects: they have a life
of their own and each one tells a story.
Each piece is handcrafted by myself and is a
reflection of my personality and style.
My aim is to create jewellery
that is playful and versatile; that one
can interact with and that becomes
a part of you.
The Bubble Collection is one of
kaleidoscopic colour and glamorous fun,
inspired by spherical shapes, each having its
own delicate yet bold look and feel. Each
piece uses small diamond paved circles that
are designed to set these beautiful cabochon
cut stones in an inspiring, refreshing and
unique way.
The beauty of this collection is the vibrant
and eye-catching stones used, each with its
own vivid colour, drawing you in to some
kind of surprisingly wonderful and mystical
place. Whether you fall in love with a ring,
necklace, earrings or pair of cufflinks from
this collection, there is no doubt about its
sophistication and style.
The Bombay Collection is inspired
by a beautiful ring that Ariane’s Nan
commissioned Cartier Paris to make for her
after the war in 1950.The outstanding beauty
of this heirloom ring is what breathed life
into the delicate, yet eye catching and totally
mesmerising use of positive and negative
space within the Bombay design.
The proportions and shapes of this
Collection are what truly make it something
different. Scattered with delicate Cabochon
Stones and Diamonds, accentuating the soft
dome shape and enhancing the ring’s
architectural look and feel.
Using ancient Chinese Mother of Pearl
game counters in a variety of shapes and
sizes, Ariane has created an exclusive range
of original jewellery, whilst also paying
homage to the master craftsmen whose
workmanship generated these intricately
engraved works of art.
Each of them has been painstakingly hand
carved with individual designs that include
serene Chinese scenes complete with
traditional pagodas and flower patterns.
Ariane skillfully crafts the counters
into earrings, brooches and necklaces,
creating finely engraved jewellery that will
complement any outfit with its beauty
and simplicity.
Another mother nature inspired collection
from Ariane Rocher. After being given a
beautiful traditional antique rose bush by
her Mum, Ariane got the inspiration to cast
the branches in silver and combine it with
with the delicate touch of a butterfly flutter.
The body of the butterfly is imprinted with
a traditional piece of lace from the same
vintage year as the Rose bush to merge
the two elements of this gorgeous design
The Saturn Collection is one of
versatility and fun, designed by using vintage
Tule and Lace imprinted on the precious
metal, each pattern creating its own
interesting and unique personality.
The rings stack together in directions of
your choice and the necklace can be worn
short or long depending on what you are
The beauty of this collection is that you can
choose to have it designed in full silver, gold
plated, or be more adventurous and mix
silver and gold plated bracelets with a few
pieces of oxidised silver. However many you
decide to choose, making the perfect piece
is entirely up to you.
The Dentelle Collection was inspired
by a fabric pattern from a dress. The design
was transformed into a beautiful and
delicate silver pattern. This is a very feminine
collection, one that is striking and couture
in every way. Each piece, whether a bangle,
necklace or pair of earrings is a statement
piece in its own right.
The beauty of this collection is the statement
of femininity, with its mystical bubbles that fill
the magical half moon shapes, which each
emulate a floral impression. Each piece of
this collection is designed to complement
the wardrobe of any lady with an eye for
style and prevailing taste.
The Urchin Collection is inspired by
the Caribbean Sea Urchin, paying adoration
and homage to one of Mother Nature’s
most beautiful designs.
The beauty behind this design is its ability
to retain the original shape and form of its
inspiration, while still making it a wearable
piece of jewellery.
The raw beauty of nature, turned into an
organic piece of jewellery. Each creation
being a guaranteed show stopper!
A true affirmation to the craftsmanship and
bespoke excellence in Ariane’s design talent.
When it comes to bespoke pieces we
encourage our clients to be fully involved in
the creative design process. We believe that
a piece of jewellery can be a true extension
of who you are.
Designed with care and consideration
Ariane will work with you every step of the
way, ensuring that each piece of jewellery
reflects your individual style and personality.
Ariane prides herself in paying attention to
the possible additions of subtle details that
have sentimental and hidden meaning that
will make your piece of jewellery one of the
most important pieces of jewellery that you
will ever own.
Ariane Rocher Jewellery can add that
“something special” to your wedding
jewellery by using the lace from your
wedding dress or veil to create a sentimental
lace imprinted piece of designer jewellery
that will capture the elegance of your special
Turning your jewellery into a true family
heirloom to be passed on for generations
to come. If it’s not the lace from your own
wedding dress, perhaps it could be the lace
from your mum or grandmother’s wedding
A love of tales from One Thousand And
One Nights and all things Middle Eastern
was the inspiration behind Ariane’s Rocher’s
latest collection, Les Milles Et Une
Nuits (Arabian Nights).
Each piece of jewellery within the collection
combines this dazzling centre-piece with
its own unique features to create an eyecatching range evocative of the mystery and
glamour of the east.
This exotic new addition to the French
jewellery designer’s growing portfolio is
based on the use of striking oxidised silver
beads encrusted with diamonds; every one
catching the light to stunning effect.
Designed to ensure that the wearer stands
out from the crowd at even the most
glamorous of occasions, this collection adds
sophistication, individuality and sparkle to
any outfit.
The Spring Collection is an innovative
and original idea where you have the
opportunity to create your own designer
pendants, rings or necklaces. Using old family
stones, birth stones, pearls, diamonds and
just about any gems you could imagine
We have a wide variety of colourful stones
and charms already designed for you to
choose from and have fun with. The beauty
of this collection is its eclectic nature, a
design that you can add to, take away from,
change and re-arrange as often as you
would like to.
Collect pendants for your birthday,
anniversary or any special occasion. Add
the birth stone of those dearest to you. Redesign the look of your ring as often as you
want, the possibilities are endless.