How to Register Online for WSCGA Tournaments Step 1: Make sure


How to Register Online for WSCGA Tournaments Step 1: Make sure
Women’s South Carolina Golf Association PO Box 2436, Mount Pleasant, SC 29465 (843) 757-­‐4653 [email protected] How to Register Online for WSCGA Tournaments
Step 1:
Make sure you have already created an account. If you have
not, please see our How To Create an Account on the WSCGA
website,, under One Day Tournaments.
Step 2:
Log into your account with your ID and Password. You can do
this in two places on our website, as shown on the below image.
A new webpage will open. Please give it a minute to load.
Step 3:
Select the check box for the tournament you would like to
register for. You may have to scroll down the page. Only open
events will have check boxes available. Once you check the box,
the tournament you selected will be highlighted in yellow.
Step 4:
Select Register for Selected Events at the top of the page.
This will take you to the landing page for the event, which list
more information and has links to important documents.
Step 5:
Select Register for this Event at the TOP of the page. Yes, this
is a redundant step, but we want to make sure you really,
really want to play in this tournament.
Step 6:
Now we triple check that you want to register for this event. If
you are sure you want to play, click Next.
Step 7:
Click the box to accept the terms and conditions, and then
select Next.
Step 8:
Fill out all areas highlighted in yellow, then click Next.
Step 9:
If you are registering for a team event, you will need to add
each team member. You will need each person’s GHIN
number and last name. Once you add all the team members
click Next. You will then be taken to the
payment page.
If you are registering for an individual stroke play event, you
will be taken directly to the payment page.
Step 10:
Input your credit card information and billing information for
your card.
You MUST check the box for Save Credit Card Information
for Future Use. We do not process your card immediately, so
the processor needs to save the information so that we can
process you card at a later time when we accept your entry.
If you do not save your card, you WILL NOT be registered for
the event.
Select Finish.
You will immediately receive an email stating that you are on
the Wait List for the event. All players are placed on the
waiting list until your entry is processed.
Once you are accepted into the event you will receive another
email stating you have been accepted!

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