Dr.Chapas  Marie Claire April 2012



Dr.Chapas  Marie Claire April 2012
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By Fiorella Valdesolo
the unexpected zit
We've all been there: Go to bed with a clear
complexion, wake up with blemishes.
SHRINK AND DESTROY "Gently press an
ice cube over the pimple to reduce inflammation, then try a spot treatment with benzoyl
peroxide to dry it out and k' ll
While basic cosmetic derm treatments like
dermatologist Dr. Sapna
lasers and Botox and other injectables can
an aspirin tablet (it co t
be quick, easy, and, for the most part,
into a paste with water a
painless, the telltale bruising and rednessGET HIGH TECH The latest
which can last for a few days after-isn't
fix? At-home LED devices
exactly a pretty sight.
like Tanda Clear+ ($195)
TAKE ARNICA Dr. Anne Chapas,
~~,......, -.-..~ director of Union Square Laser
that use blue light and
sonic vibration to kill
Dermatology in New York City,
acne-causing bacteria.
recommends her patients take
the supplement orally (before
Dermatologist Dr. Amy
the treatment) and apply it
Wechsler insists that you
topically (after) to reduce
at least avoid using your
hands to do the deed.
"Apply a warm compress
foundation with yellow
for five to 10 minutes,
undertones to address
then tak~ two Q-tips and
redness or discoloration
use gentle, even pressure," she says.
until it fades.
"Then dab dry and apply a little
ZAP IT Patients who
antibiotic ointment."
demand a quick fix can slip in
for a V-Beam laser treatment.
C ECOMME OS: No! No! Skin
Acne Clearance System, $180;
"Just two millisecond zaps breaks
Soap & Glory Dr. Spot Invisible
up the bruise in 24 hours,"
Spot-Fighting Gel, $18.
Chapas explains.
der visit side
blotchy self-tanner
othing takes away from a golden glow
quite Like a streak or splotch.
PREVENTION IS KEY Exfoliate first to
create an even plane for the bronzer to
adhere to; moisturize thoroughly, concentrating on dry patches like elbows and
knees; apply bronzer with a mitt for the most
even results; wait until it's dry; and change
into loose cotton clothing.
ERASE MISTAKES Bronzing expert
and aesthetician Nichola Joss
recommends investing in a bottle of
St. Tropez's Tan Detox to
remove blotchiness. "It's a bath
oil with lavender, lemon, and
hazelnut oils," says Joss. "Soak
in it and massage your skin in
a circular motion with an
exfoliating cloth to help remove
buildup." Then steer clear of
self-tanner for at least 12 hours.
S· St. Tropez
C E 0
Tan Detox, $35; Jergens
Natural Glow & Protect
Daily Moisturizer gradual
tanner, $9.
ro en or chipped nail
One a I ut of daily computer duty:
a shortened manicure life.
DAMAGE CONTROL At the first sign of a
break, Creative Nail Design pro Roxanne
Valinoti advises clipping or filing to the broken
point if possible. "If it is a low tear, 'patch it'
with a few coats of polish, followed by a
topcoat, " she says. "If you don't have polish
at your disposal , anchor the nail for the time
being with a clear piece of Scotch Tape."
• BUFF IT If polish chips post-mani, Valinoti
suggests gently buffing out the nick, then
filling in with a thin coat ofthe
same color.
brittle nails tend to split more
easily, applying a nourishing
product, like CND's
SolarOil ($12), daily will
add flexibility and
prevent breakage.
And to avoid
future mishaps,
beauty insiders swear
by the company's Shellac
gel manicure, which resists
chipping for two weeks.
MC RECOMME OS Sephora Colorful
Nail Buffer, $8 for set.
anti-inflammatory like aspirin or ibuprofen,
apply a cool compress soaked in equal
parts milk and water, and dab on
a 1 percent hydrocortisone cream to
calm inflammation fast, advises NYC
dermatologist Dr. Heidi Waldorf.
COVER UP If staying locked up for a few
days isn't an option-say you 've got an
event to attend or, even more distressing,
a job interview-celebrity makeup artist
Andrew Sotomayor suggests camouflaging
redness with a creamy, yellow-based
liquid concealer to help minimize the
look of dry, peeling skin. Just "moisturize
like crazy" before you apply, says Miamibased derm Dr. Joely Kaufman-Janette,
who also recommends using a
green-tinted primer.
f or som , a blowout can endure nearly
a wee without any greasiness surfacing;
others can't count themselves so lucky.
SHAMPOO SMARTER "Concentrate the
shampoo at the roots, behind the ears, and
at the nape of the neck where there is
the most oil production so it doesn't bleed
through the hair," explains hairstylist Rodney
hair therapy
Cutler. "Massage with the
balls of your fingers in a
circular motion, but don't use
nails because it will create
~RESH +c are
breakage at the roots."
DRY OUT When oil makes
a midday appearance, flip
hair upside down and
generously douse it at the
roots with a dry shampoo.
"Another option to try is
witch hazel on a cotton pad
tapped onto your scalp,"
adds celebrity stylist Jenny Cho.
• GO WITH IT Sty Iist Theodore Leaf suggests
embracing the oil. "Create a deep side part
and pull into a tight, low ponytail, then use
hairspray [like Suave Professionals Touchable
Finish Extra Hold Hairspray, $3] to clean up
flyaways and make it shine," he says.
MC R 'COMMENDS Dove Refresh+Care
Invigorating Dry Shampoo, $4.
no ·ceable sweating
Gene lly, the tendency toward excessive
sweating (aka hyperhidrosis) is an inherited
trait, but it can also come on suddenly.
using an over-the-counter, clinical-strength
antiperspirant twice a day.
SEE AN M.D. "A doctor can prescribe
a pill to reduce sweating [Robinul, an
anticholinergic] to be taken daily or before
a big event, " says Westley.
"She can also make
sure there is no issue
with your thyroid, other
hormonal conditions,
or diabetes."
"Injections can make a big
difference for underarms,
palms, and soles,
reducing sweating by
75 percent, with results
lasting up to six months. "
MC RECOMMENDS Degree Women Clinical
Protection With MotionSENSE, $11.
crooked or
too- ort bangs
A 't,.overzealous with the shears
during your DIY trim?
HIDE THE EVIDENCE "Try pulling from a
farther-back section to cover up the too-short
bangs and, depending on the length, sweep
them to the side or braid in short pieces with
longer hair to mask the problem, " advises
Bumble and Bumble stylist Roz Murray.
SWITCH YOUR PART If bangs are uneven,
this move will camouflage your mistake.
GET ANOTHER CHOP Cutler suggests you
simply trim the rest of your hair to match.
"If the fringe is crooked , make the rest of
the hair layered and choppy," he says. "Then
the bangs will match. "
overplucked brow
Bringing arches back from dangerously
t ~ n territory requires a two-step approach.
REBUILD The latest generation of
brow-enhancing serums can help with
regrowth: Anastasia 's Brown Enhancing
Serum Advanced ($45) uses a peptide
formula that, according to the brow guru
herself, strengthens sparse brows and
prevents fallout.
FAKE IT Soul Lee, grooming specialist
at Manhattan's Spa 1851, suggests filling
in with a shadow for extra control of color
and blendability-find one that matches
your brow color or is one shade lighter, never
darker. " Brush the brow with a clean
mascara wand to expose the line, then
begin filling in with light, short strokes and
spread color evenly,"
says Lee. "Finish
with clear mascara."
Laura Mercier
Brow Powder Duo in
Auburn, $24.
under-eye circles
Sometimes it's not just late nights
hat-are to bl me: Eye-rubbing, allergies,
and genetics can also be culprits.
histamine induces edema under the eye and
dark circles, " explains derm Dr. Zoe Draelos.
"An over-the-counter medication such as
cetirizine may reduce them."
makeup artist Ka ra Yoshimoto Bua advises
hydrating the area with a non-oily cream
(try Chane! Ultra Correction Lift Total Eye
Lift, $100). "Use lightweight, pigmented
foundation to cover inside along the bridge
of the nose and under eyes, blending out to
cheeks," says Yoshimoto Bua. "Then use a
highlighter on darker areas under bags and
blend by dotting with ring finger. For very
dark areas, use a more pigmented
concealer and dot and blend again. "
there is an indentation in the tear trough
area under the eye, and a dermatologist
can inject Restylane filler to help,"
says Wechsler.
Aveda Green Science
Firming Eye Creme,
$45; Maybelline
New York Dream Lumi
Touch Highlighting
Concealer, $8. me
For information on wh ere t o buy, see Shopping Directory.

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