What is the FE Offer?



What is the FE Offer?
Badminton England
FE Offer
Supporting your aims & objectives through badminton
Leadership &
Equipment &
What is the FE Offer?
The programme aim is to increase once a week participation through recreational
badminton opportunities in FE & retain students in the badminton pathway
Badminton England provide resources and support worth up to £400 free of charge:
Racket and shuttles kit bag
PlayBadminton framework, a menu of products designed to attract a different segments
License to deliver the FE Young Leaders award in house
Library of resources, templates and case studies
Optional enrichment opportunity for a student leader (2 x t-shirts available)
The College agrees to targets, based on delivery of weekly casual badminton
opportunities, increasing & retaining participants, developing leaders and data return
Equipment & resources:
What we offer:
 Free equipment- racket and
 Access to the ‘Moodle’
Resource bank
 Lots of case studies, ideas and
templates to support colleges
overcoming common barriers
Leadership & employability:
Over two-fifths (44%) of students participating in sport strongly agreed/agreed that sport had
helped them to develop employability skills*
43% strongly agreed or agreed that doing so “helps them with their college work”*
UCAS recommends ‘Employment or volunteering’ to be included in applications**
*Active Colleges student survey 2014 **www.ucas.com April 2015
What we offer: FE Leaders award
License to deliver the Badminton England FE Leaders award as often as you choose
Staff deliver in-house and have access to tutor notes & presentations online
Includes practical delivery element
Recruitment pack to help recruit a student badminton leader
Additional training opportunities for paid community delivery
Engaging programmes
•Options that appeal to range of students
•Variety sustains participation in uncommitted
student segments
•Offers something different from tradition
What we offer: PlayBadminton products, case studies & resources
Access to the ‘PlayBadminton’ products
Case studies, templates & support designed to reach specific student
Dedicated ‘Moodle’ resource page
•Whilst the activity may be sport, the
message is not
•Appeals to non-sporty segments
•Student led activity
•Social and relaxed
•Fits with student lifestyle
Badminton is the ideal vehicle for
offering enrichment & promoting
•Relaxed & social
• Team or individual
•Can be non-competitive
•Easy for beginners to get started
Get in touch:
Sandy Kurek: Project Manager -FE
[email protected]
01908 268437

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