Left: Baalbek, Temple of
Jupiter Shrine, Roman
Below: Temple of Zeus, Greek
Above: Lion Gargoyle at Dendera, Egyptian
Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, France
Construction started 1163, Opened 1345
You will be creating your own gargoyle, grotesque or chimera. You can focus on the face or the entire
structure of the animal/creature. If you imagine this piece as part of the facade of a building, your focus will
primarily be from one perspective. If you would like to include more of the body of the creature, think about
how your piece will be viewed in the round (from all sides).
Research some animals that you would like to base your design on. Do you want to combine animals?
Are there certain attributes of these animals that you would like to include? Is there a specific animal
you like or are drawn to?
Create a page in your sketchbook with images, sketches, notes and plans for your design. Explore
how you can change your image by altering a specific feature? For example, by just changing the
shape and size of the eyes, you can completely change the mood/expression of your piece.
Stylize the features. Decide which feature will be the emphasis of your piece. Will it be the
eyes, the mouth, another feature?
How can you use other elements to bring attention to your focal point? For example, folds
around the eyes will bring more attention to the eyes.
Build your base of your sculpture using newspaper and masking tape. You can also use pieces
of chipboard to add features.
Add celluclay to the surface of your base. You can sculpt the celluclay to further define the
When your piece is completely built and dry, add paint to emphasize the form of your sculpture.
Shades in crevices will help emphasize the depths and highlights on high points will also bring
dimension to the form.