Jigoro Kano - IJF Backnumber


Jigoro Kano - IJF Backnumber
Jigoro Kano
No: 05749-0-00* AB
No: 05749-0-00* AC
No: 05749-0-00* B
No: 05749-0-00* A
No: 057490-0-00* CD
Akos Tamas – My thoughts during the making of the statue of Jigoro Kano san.
38 year now Im a lead porcelain designer at Herendi Porcelánmanufaktúra Zrt.
During my career I made multiple smaller and bigger even human size sculptures where importance was one the recognisability of the persons character,
face and all important features. That is why I was extremely happy to be asked
to make the sculpture of Jigoro Kano san. Back in 2003 I spent 3 magical
months in Japan with a state scholarship, where I made unforgettable memories with the kind people and great places in Japan. I learned and watched a lot
of the traditional Japanese arts such as Kabuki, No, Taiko theatres, also Koto
concerts and sport demonstrations such as Judo and Kendo. As a child I saw
how important these sports are for the legendary discipline of Japan also how
successful they are internationally in these sports.
For the making of the sculpture of Jigoro Kano san, I made deep research of his
archive photos, which helped me characterise his facial lines standing in the
traditional Judo suite. The first step was to make a plasticine sculpture made of
plaster model then, the statue will be divided into separate negative moulds
into which the porcelain sludge was poured. Afterwords, but still in the raw
state, we put together the pieces and then gave the sculpture its final touches,
just before we made precious porcelain on 1400 celsius degree.
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