LEDs Buyer`s Guide



LEDs Buyer`s Guide
10 Tips
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LED lighting will significantly reduce lighting and maintenance costs for your business.
In some cases, an LED installation will add thousands of dollars to bottom line
performance. Regrettably, the ever-increasing number of products combined with
complicated technical and regulatory requirements makes the upgrade process difficult.
As with any investment decision, research is important. With this in mind, LEDified has
condensed the top 10 Tips you should evaluate when upgrading your business to LED
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1. Qualified Eco-Smart
Electrical Contractors
2. Warranty
3. Government
A licensed A-Grade Electrician
must install new light fittings,
associated transformers and
guarantee a safe installation.
A warranty reflects a
manufacturer’s confidence
in their LEDs’ quality. It should
cover the product and its
installation, so check for a
warranty statement.
Some states provide a
Government incentive saving
of up to 50% on installation
costs. So make sure your
provider is accredited to
offer this incentive.
4. Full Service
5. Accreditation
6. Diversified
Simplify switching to LEDs
and engage a full service
provider who takes care of
the entire upgrade process.
Your LED provider should be
a member of the Lighting
Council of Australia. Also,
ensure the lighting design
team has proven design
capabilities to meet your
new lighting needs.
Look for a proven record of
successful installations across
various industries. Ensure
their fulfilment model suits
your needs and keeps the
process simple.
AFL House
VACC House
7. Lighting Design
8. Energy Savings
9. Funding Options
A good lighting design gives
you the comfort of knowing
your business complies with
the relevant Australian
Standards, which reduces
your OH&S risk.
Quality LEDs reduce energy
consumption and
maintenance costs whereas
poorly engineered LEDs can
cost more in the long run.
An LED specialist should
stand behind their energy
saving forecasts.
Make payment easy with
Rent-To-Own or
On-Bill-Funding. This allows
businesses to make
repayments over a fixed
term. Repayments are designed
to be lower than energy savings
or cash flow positive.
CRI: 80-90
CRI: 70-80
CRI: 50-70
10. Product Quality
Look for the following criteria
to validate product quality;
an LM80 ageing test, a TM21
Insitu Temperature Measurement
projection report, an LM79
performance declaration test
and an Australian Regulatory
Compliance Mark (RCM).
RCM mark
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