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Deputy Content Director
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The Absolute Radio family of stations is
made up of Absolute Radio, Absolute
Classic Rock, Absolute Radio 60s,
Absolute Radio 70s, Absolute Radio 80s,
Absolute Radio 90s and Absolute
Radio 00s.
From landmark documentaries to intimate
live sessions, from festival exclusives to
specialist programming, Absolute Radio is
commercial radio’s most ambitious and
innovative brand.
It’s also famous for beind the home of
Wrighty’s Rock ‘n’ Roll football, Frank
Skinner and the No Repeat Guarantee.
We champion the very best in rock music,
from breaking new acts such as George Ezra
and James Bay to favourites such as Coldplay
and Foo Fighters, along with the best of
legends like The Beatles, Bon Jovi and Queen.
We don’t do plastic pop pap – we do real
guitars, real drums and real singers.
Absolute Radio. Where real music
Growing up is an attitude. It’s about being
serious, boring and restrained. That’s not us,
nor is it our audience. Our listeners might have
grown-up responsibilities like a mortgage,
family and career, but they’d still jump at the
chance of letting their hair down. We call them
‘reluctant adults.’
Ambitious, fun-loving and always keeping up with
trends, you’d never hear them say: “I’m too old
for this”. They’re the ‘go-to’ people for advice –
the type of people who manage to never read
instructions but always get the job done. It’s this
cheeky, natural know-how that’s got them where
they are today.
We like to keep things fresh with
our No Repeat Guarantee, which
means you’ll never hear the same
song twice between 10am and 5pm,
7 days a week.
Every weekday, our audience enjoy
listening to UK radio’s first ever tailored
music service. Ground-breaking technology
allows listeners to choose the music they
want to hear on the Christian O’Connell
Breakfast show.
You still get the live, engaging and
compelling content, but now you can
choose the music that accompanies it.
From Absolute Radio 60s to 00s and
Classic Rock, you’ve got seven options.
Put simply, Christian fires one button and
seven different songs play across the
stations. Each is matched for duration,
mood, artists and tempo, meaning that
when he re-opens his microphone, there’s
no jarring and all of the services unite for
the link.
Absolute Radio boasts a wealth of award-winning comedy
talent. We are the home of Frank Skinner, breakfast show
host Christian O’Connell, Rob Beckett, Geoff Lloyd and star
of the The IT Crowd, Matt Berry, who is the voice of
Absolute Radio. We have pioneered ad-funded comedy
programming too, producing ‘Masters of Man Time’ in
association with Just For Men and hosted by Danny Wallace, and ‘The Alternative Vote’ panel show with Matt Forde.
We also produced the ‘David Bowie Is’ documentary with
the V&A Museum, which was fronted by Tim Minchin. If that
wasn’t enough, we have thousands of hours of on-demand
comedy programming in our podcast channels with four
million downloads each year.
Absolute Radio account holders hear
50% fewer adverts, compared to
listening through a normal radio. This
InStream technology ensures users
get more songs and allows
advertisers to target ads based on
age, gender and location.
We put digital innovation at the heart of what we do
and in 2014 we overhauled With a
completely refreshed and sleek design, the site is fully
responsive for every screen size and is focused on
driving listening.
The Absolute Radio home page is a continuous scroll of
information, putting all decade stations at the forefront
along with a Listen live button. The No Repeat
Guarantee and Rock ‘n’ Roll Football also get featured
positions on the main station home page. The menu has
been stripped back to just five options - Schedule,
Playlists, Competitions, Tickets and Register.
From the Isle of Wight to Abbey Road, from Hyde Park to the Houses of
Parliament, from St Paul’s Cathedral to an exclusive Soho club, Absolute Radio
Live is responsible for some of the most spine-tingling live music moments in
modern memory.
Elbow played in front of Admiral Nelson’s tomb at St Paul’s and Elton John,
Florence + The Machine, Noel Gallagher, Biffy Clyro, Lenny Kravitz and Kasabian
have all performed at gigs in out-of-this-world places for us. It’s not just these
landmark events where we excel though. We’re also the official radio partner for
the Isle of Wight festival, Calling Festival, Let’s Rock and On Blackheath where
we’re on-site with exclusive interviews, live tracks and uninterrupted stage sets
from star-studded line-ups.
Sometimes, there’s no place like home. We open our doors for intimate sessions
from stars such as Ben Howard and The Vaccines to Paul Weller and Blondie.
Absolute Radio is proud to support both established legends and the future
superstars of music.
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