hafco rock dusters


hafco rock dusters
Hafco Rock Duster are a very cost-effective and safe method for
the application of rock dust in coal mines.
Economically priced, Hafco Rock Dusters operate using existing
compressed air and require no permits, certification, approval,
logs, etc. Hafco’s Rock Dusters have no moving parts.
Dust application rate is variable, making a Hafco Rock Duster a
perfect solution for both trickle and bulk dusting operations.
Custom configurations are available, though most mining
customers choose either a 55 gallon drum model (~550 lbs of
Rock Dust capacity) or a Hand-held model for insertion into a
bulk supply bag.
Hundreds are now in use throughout WV/PA/VA
Hafco Foundry &
Machine Company, Inc.
301 Greenwood Ave
Midland Park, NJ
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(201) 447-0433 (p)
(201) 447-1065 (f)
• Compresed air requirements as low as 20 CFM
• Portable design built around a 55 gallon drum
• Capacity of over 500 lbs of Rock Dust with total clean-out
• Discharge rates from slight mist to 10 lbs/min
• Over 400 feet of discharge hose
• Patented air-jet design
• Stock item, made in the USA