Make Your Drumming Rock Solid


Make Your Drumming Rock Solid
Make Your Drumming Rock Solid
Presented by Sean J. Kennedy
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Phone: 215-901-2090
I. Origin of drumset styles
- Brief history from New Orleans to Chicago
- What is the drumset player’s main job?
II. What is your primary job on drumset? – KEEP TIME!
- Who your favorite drummer? (this is vitally important to establish)
- Listen, Listen, Listen!
- Less is always more
- Developing kinesthetic freedom (and ergonomic set-up of drums/cymbals)
- Use what you know already
- Does grip matter?
- The drum chart...what to use...what to not use...and/or how to use it
- When to kick the band and when to stay out of the way
- How to get your heads out of the written part
III. What techniques can students practice to play more musically?
- Play with a conductor/arranger’s ear
- Styles all students should be exposed to, and understand the origins of: Rock,
Swing, Brazilian (Bossa Nova and Samba), Caribbean (Mambo, Soca, Cha Cha),
and learn to play shakers, tambourine, cowbells, clave, congas, bongos, etc..
in order to perform those styles more authentically
- What is a good fill?
- Good solo? Be accountable for playing musically when soloing!
(“Moon Dance” story…)
IV. Gear: What to buy... What not to buy
- Heads: what brands and models, coated v. non-coated
- Sticks: Wood tip sticks v. Nylon, sizes, and Brushes
V. Which instructional books/DVDs to use
- Stick Control - George Lawrence Stone
- Rock Solid: Drums – Liberty DeVitto and Sean J. Kennedy
- Brushworks – Clayton Cameron
- Advanced Techniques for The Modern Drummer – Jim Chapin
- Snare Drum Method – Benjamin Podemski
Special thanks to my friends and colleagues Doug Wilfert, Erin Stroup, Dave Champion, Rose Buetikofer,
Chuck Gottesman, Charlie Hutchings, and Jim Verdeur…for keeping me on target and focusing on the
essential items band directors really want to know about drumset.
Rock Solid
by Liberty DeVitto and
Sean J. Kennedy
CF00001 - $19.95
• An easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide to improving
not only your drumming, but your overall
musicianship too!
• Also contains play-along tracks featuring a real
band, with over five hours of music, tips, and
suggestions on the MP3 disc, performed by
Sean Kennedy and Liberty DeVitto
• Topics include: drum rudiments, effective
listening, reading music, improving coordination,
narrowing the gap between ‘strong’ and ‘weak’
hands, learning essential rock beats and fills, and
creating the most effective drum beats for songs
• Suitable for all levels, the Rock Solid techniques
will allow drummers to expand their creative
potential and be ready to rock in no time!
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