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dreya weber - The Movement
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Dreya Weber’s storytelling is inspired by the beauty of the human in
flight. She choreographed aerials for all of Pink's record breaking
international tours starting in 2003. Dreya conceived the original
apparatus seen in Pink’s Grammy performances Glitter in the Air (2010)
and Try (2014). Kenny Ortega invited Dreya to join the creative team for
Michael Jackson's This Is It as aerial consultant and assistant
choreographer. Dreya co-produced and starred in feature films A
Marine Story and The Gymnast which won 48 international festival
awards including 7 “Best Actress” nods. Dreya recently co-directed,
wrote and starred in Raven’s Touch. Other credits include Lovely and
Amazing (directed by Nicole Holofcener), Everything Relative and
Driven. Her TV choreography includes I Can Do That (NBC), Pink’s Try
(AMA’s) Sober (VMA’s), Katy Perry’s Wide Awake (Billboard Music
Awards), 50 Cent (BET Awards), Kids Choice Awards, Cher’s Living
Proof (NBC), Secret Talents Of The Stars (CBS) and Pink’s Cover Girl
campaign. She choreographed for President Obama’s Inaugural Ball
(ABC) and is featured in all three P90X workouts, P90X’s iPhone app
and Xbox game. Her theater credits include North Netherlands Toneel’s
Divine Comedy, As You Like It, A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings
(CTG), Vivien Leigh in Orson's Shadow and A Midsummer Night's
Dream. In New York, she appeared in Comedy Of Errors (NY
Shakespeare Festival), Childhood (with Glenn Close), Inadmissable
Evidence (Roundabout), Angels Don't Dance and Macbeth (Circle in the
Square). Dreya has written, starred and composed original music for a
host of cirque/cabaret shows including Gangsters of Love (Teatro
ZinZanni, Seattle), Genie in the Martini (Palazzo, Amsterdam) and Le
Club Seduce (Los Angeles). Dreya directs and writes the original webseries Caesar’s World on Funny or Die.
Pink and Dreya Weber
2010 Grammy’s
“Dreya is one of the best things that happened to
my career hands down. She challenged me in a
way I didn’t know was possible and gave me a
love of this craft that has shaped my touring
experience with the world.”
-Pink for the Seattle Weekly
“ Te a t r o Z i n Z a n n i ' s l a t e s t d e l i g h t , t h e j a z z - e r a
inspired Gangsters of Love. Fast paced and
f r i v o l i t y f i l l e d … i s o n e o f t h e b e s t o f f e r i n g s Te a t r o
Z i n Z a n n i h a s s e r v e d u p i n r e c e n t m e m o r y. W e b e r
vocalizes and shows off her acrobatic agility with
equal panache.”
- Ta l k i n B r o a d w a y
“She sings, she acts, she flies. Though Dreya
Weber has choreographed aerial acts for some of
t h e t o p n a m e s o n t h e p o p c o n c e r t c i r c u i t - C h e r,
Madonna, Carrie Underwood and Michael Jackson
to name a few - Weber has returned to the
spotlight herself. She’s playing Cleopatra in the
cabaret-circus-dinner-theater event known as
Te a t r o Z i n Z a n n i . S h e s i n g s n o v e l t y n u m b e r s a n d
torch songs, performs a gorgeous aerial act that
feels more like a poetic ritual and wears skimpy
Egyptian costumes that show off her abs of cut
-San Francisco Chronicle
“ D r e y a W e b e r i s a s u p e r b a e r i a l i s t , a c t o r, s i n g e r
and choreographer who thrills with her feats on
the silk drops descending from the ceiling.”
-Theater World Magazine
“Weber recently has evolved a transformative
character who draws oohs and aahs when she
morphs from a sharp-witted, hobbling crone
swathed in dark lace into a high-flying bird draped
over a silken swing.”
-American Theatre Magazine
Genie in ! Ma"ini