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31, 2012
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Sing Out
Think You
anthony mcmillan
backpage editor
Match the teacher with
their unusual experience.
1. This teacher has never
been to a McDonald’s
2. This teacher won
first place in a figure
skating competition at
age 9.
3. This teacher was
classically trained in
ballet up until junior
year of high school.
4. This teacher is a pretty
decent ceramic artist.
5. This teacher is a rabid
Portland Trail Blazers
6. This teacher has been
in five car accidents, all
of which while going in
7. This teacher likes to
knit animal scarves.
8. This teacher can do
round-off back tucks.
Teacher word
Mr. Simon Pollack
Ms. Amanda Ward
Mr. David Layton
Ms. Kimberly Kooistra
Ms. Charisa Moore
Mr. Tom Zuzelski
Ms. Janet Neuhauser
Mr. Larry Holland
Halloween Costumes
Anna Cinamon
Staff Writer
1. Black Swan- To do a fun spinoff of Natalie Portman’s scary
role in The Black Swan, you will
need black and white face paint
and bright red lipstick along with
a black tutu, black leotard or tank
top and pink ballet tights.
2. Zombie Bride/Groom- To add a
scary twist to a traditional costume
you will want black face makeup,
with possible touches of green and
white, and fake blood.
3. Vampire- Similar to the zombie look, you will want lots of fake
blood in addition to white face paint
and fangs. You can always add the
classic high-necked cape to this, or
go on a less traditional route with
sparkles and a v-neck shirt.
4. Pirate- Eyeliner and wild hair
make this look complete, but you
may also want a loose long sleeve
shirt, a leather vest, and boots.
5. Where’s Waldo- Classic white
and red striped t-shirt, red hat and
6. Clown- To do a scarier version
of this costume you will need blue
makeup in a V shape on the tops
and bottoms of your eyes, white
face paint, big lips, and the traditional red nose. Don’t forget the
huge shoes and crazy shirt!
7. Captain America- Red, white
and blue everything! The shield can
easily be made out of cardboard or
painted on top of a garbage can lid.
8. Buddy the Elf- Green jacket,
green hat, and yellow pants along
with black shoes and a black belt.
9. Black Widow- A full-body black
suit and belt, along with a short red
wig (optional)
10. Spartan- To represent BHS on
Halloween, wear a toga with a red
cape and gladiator sandals or tall
boots. Spear and shield are recommended!
»» Like to sing? Here’s a special chance just for Island students to
sing with one of the world’s best choirs – and they don’t use any
sheet music!
»» Pastor Patrinell “Pat” Wright and Seattle’s world-renown
Total Experience Gospel Choir will be hosting a workshop on
Saturday, Nov. 3 from 1 to 5 PM in the BHS Commons. Thanks
to help and generosity of Island Schools, the Bainbridge School
Foundation, the BHS and Woodward Choirs, BHS’s United Brothers
and Sisters, Multicultural Advisory Council and Sing Out Singers,
admission is simply a food donation to Helpline.
»» Singers are requested to sign up at the main office. The
workshop is limited to the first 100.
»» Expect fun, joy, American musical and African American
cultural history told through stories, song and enthusiastic
singing in the Black-gospel-style is – full of hope, faith and
inspiration. Wright may teach work songs, spirituals, freedom or
civil rights songs, gospel songs, hymns or anthems. These served
many purposes and helped communities where often few knew
how to read or had songbooks.
»» So, singing is taught in the oral tradition: There’s no sheet
music to read! And you must pay attention to the director or
respond to a singer’s call of words. A spirited song might not be
sung the same way each time.
»» About “Total Experience”: Pastor Wright founded The Choir 39
years ago. Over the years, Choir faces and voices have changed.
Spirit, joy, enthusiasm and love continue! It’s one of our state’s
most active and well-respected musical groups.
»» They’ve sung for two Presidents, world leaders, legislators,
disenfranchised and homeless on the streets; in the finest
symphony halls and most-hardened prisons; in grand
cathedrals and neighborhood storefront churches; in
synagogues. Longhouses, temples and the Lincoln Memorial; at
Disneyland and juvenile detention centers; at Martin Luther King
Jr.’s Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta and were the first African
American choir to sing in the Mormon Tabernacle.
»» They’ve sung on four continents and in many states
and countries. They’ve helped rebuild hurricane-destroyed
communities, open Iron Curtains, end a civil war, been to Japan
eight times, three times to Ishinomaki, north of Fukushima – once
since quakes and tsunamis struck. They won a world competition
in Sydney’s Opera House and the Pacific NW A Capella Harmony
»» Three of their singers sang in American Idol’s finals. Their
popular, Seattle, month-long holiday run of Langston Hughes’
gospel musical, “Black Nativity,” is in its 14th year.
»» Where: 7823 Westerly Lane NE
»» B. Is., WA 98110
»» When: November 3, 2012
»» More Information: call : Gerald Elfendahl, 842-4164
Service | Amigos De Las Americas
continued from page
a community leader and my host mother was known as the best cook in town.”
Weber first heard of the Amigos program
in middle school, but did not become involved with the Seattle Chapter’s training program until she was a junior in high
school. Year-long training sessions prepared Weber for her trip to Honduras
over the summer, where she helped reconstruct a school kitchen. “I came away
from that summer with proficient Spanish, invaluable training in leadership and
community organizing, and many humbling and eye-opening lessons,” said Weber, “which all influenced my decision to
return the following summer to Amigos
as a veteran volunteer, and the summer
after as a member of Project Staff.”
During Weber’s second summer with
Amigos, she worked with other volunteers and locals to build a community library in Nicaragua. “That project was a
bit bigger,” said Weber, “because it in-
hat erous s”
“ Te dang xide i
how on dio
volved not only constructing a building
but also finding books and figuring out
a system for book loans and security.”
Weber even worked with a girls folkloric
dance group, and started a reforestation
project. “It is neither a ‘volun-tourism’
nor ‘development’ organization,” said
Weber, “but instead offers an impressively immersive experience that promotes
critical thinking, meaningful cross-cultural relationships and partnerships, and
grassroots methods of community organizing.”
“My three summers with Amigos had
a huge impact on my life,” said Weber.
“Amigos was incredibly difficult but
equally rewarding and transformative.”
Remaining close with the people she’s
met through Amigos, Weber has contacted her Nicaraguan host family at least
twice a month for three years, and is currently planning a fourth trip back to Nicaragua to visit them. “They inspired me
to become involved in immigrant solidarity work and other social justice issues in Seattle and Montreal,” said Weber, whose work with Amigos landed her
several college scholarships and lead her
to major in International Development
Studies. “Community engagement... is
incredibly important in order to better
“No, you can REALLY
die from farts”
“It’s so cold out, my nose is
forming snotsicles”
“Harriet Tubman? Of course I know who that was.
She was American’s first black president! ”
“‘Just pull the fire alarm.’
‘No they’ll catch my DNA...’”
understand the impact our actions have
on the people around us and how we are
part of broader structures of oppression,”
said Weber. “It’s a way to hear the stories
of those we live with and interact with
while checking our own privilege and expanding our understanding of the world.”
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