our catalog in PDF format


our catalog in PDF format
“Rideout’s tone is pristine.”
-The New York Times
Scottish Fiddle
A Scottish Fiddle Collecton MM-306
For the first time on
one collecton, hear the
dazzling artistry of
Scottish fiddler
Bonnie Rideout with
fiery jigs, reels & ancient
Gaelic melodies.
Includes: music from
6 best selling CDs and top Celtic musicians on
Highland Bagpipes, Celtic Harp, piano, guitar,
percussion & more.
Scottish Reflections MM-225
A stunning collection
of Bonnie’s Scottish
fiddle solos performed
with Sue Richards
(Celtic Harp); Hesperus
(Early music ensemble);
Karen Ashbrook, Maggie
Sansone & The City of
Washington Pipe Band.
Gi’me Elbow Room MM-219
1998 Parents’ Choice
Gold Award. An introduction to Scottish
music & poetry with
Highland pipes & drums,
Celtic instruments & songs.
Suitable for all ages.
Songs include Scotland
the Brave, My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean,
Wee Willie Winkie.
Scottish Fire MM-222
Scottish fiddle champion
ignites the fire & passion
of Scotland! With viola,
Highland pipes, small
Kindred Spirits MM-214
pipes, guitar & cittern.
“Celtic Recording”
Includes Loch Ness,
WAMMIE Award* winner.
Lude’s Lament, The 156th
A musical portrait of
Brigade at the Battle of
Scotland’s women on
Scottish fiddle, bagpipes,
viola, harp, cello & guitar.
Includes My Love’s Like a
Red Rose.
Celtic Circles MM-209
Images of Scottish life
portrayed through the
Soft May Morn MM-208
cycle of a Scottish day.
A rare collection of
Performed on Scottish
Scottish melodies from
fiddle with Scottish &
the 15th century,
uileann pipes, guitar,
unearthed by Bonnie at
Celtic harp, & bodhran.
Scotland’s Armadale
Includes Flo’ers O The
Castle on the Isle
Forest, Gillie Calum.
of Skye.
*WAMMIE - Washington Area Musicians Association
Contemporary Acoustic Duo
“A caffeinated, jazz-spiked acoustic brew.”
-The Washington City Paper
Land of the Sky MM-233
Acoustic Journey MM-230
Acoustic groove music
The Southern
that sparkles & dances
Appalachian Mountains
in a brilliant convercome alive with original
gence of Celtic, country
& traditional mountain
& progressive bluegrass
melodies & 2 vocals
styles. Includes Desert
on acoustic guitars,
Dance/Mariposa, You
mandolin, Celtic harp,
Make Me Smile, Celtic
banjo, fiddle, bass &
Wedding jigs.
percussion. Includes Wayfaring Stranger,
Pretty Polly, Shady Grove.
Caledon Wood MM-217
Golden Wing MM-229
Amy White (vocals)
Celtic inspiration
& Al Petteway perform
and contempoary
traditional, Irish, Appalrhythms abound in
achian & original vocals,
Al’s most sophisticated
& instrumentals on
effort. With Titanic/
guitar, mandolin, bass,
Braveheart piper Eric
dobro, uilleann pipes &
Rigler & piano, mandolin
whistle. Includes Lagon
& percussion. Includes
Love, The Blackest Crow.
Sligo Creek, Sundog, Funky C, Funky Do.
Whispering Stones MM206
Midsummer Moon MM210
“New Age/Celtic
“Folk/British Isles
Recording” WAMMIE
Recording” WAMMIE
Award* winner. Hear
Award*. A gentle blend
Al’s guitar in a magical
featuring Al’s guitar with
sound-scape with sax,
flute, mandolin, piano &
didgeridoo, mandolin,
cello. Includes All
& percussion. Includes
Through The Night,
Wild Mountain Thyme,
North Country.
Wintertide, Phooka.
The Waters & The Wild MM205
A tribute to the beauty of our nation’s Chesapeake Bay
and it’s rivers, creeks & waterways with Al’s guitar,
pennywhistle, octave mandolin, piano, cello & bodhran.
Includes Seven Swans, Chesapeake, Cattail Waltz,
Accokeek Shore.
*WAMMIE - Washington Area Musicians Association
Early/Traditional Music Ensemble
An Early American Quilt MM-235
Lively English, Irish,
Scottish, French &
Appalachian fiddle
tunes from 16th to
18th century on early
music & traditional
folk instruments
with recorder, viola
da gamba, lute, fiddle, guitar harp &
Celtic Roots MM-220
An expedition into
the roots of Celtic
music on recorders,
viols, Celtic harp,
cittern, hammered
dulcimer & Bonnie
Rodeout on Scottish
fiddle. Includes
The Choice Wife, Soldier’s Joy and Eileen
“Hesperus casts an unbroken spell with its
nimble balancing of fidelity & freedom”
Celtic Café MM-224
duo Karen Ashbrook
and Paul Oorts perform
elegant & lively Irish,
French and Flemish
music on hammered
dulcimer, flute, fiddle,
uilleann pipes, guitar,
mandolin & accordion.
-The Washington Post
Colonial America MM-227
In town, village, parlor &
ballroom, from the Appalachians to the great concert halls, hear early
American music at it’s
best. Includes lively
country-dance tunes, shape
note hymns, old time
Appalachian fiddle tunes & French cotillions.
Early American Roots MM-216
“Classical Recording”
(WAMMIE Award*)
Spirited sounds from
Early America! Includes
country dance tunes,
French cotillions and
shape-note hymns.
Hazel Grove MM-211
Celtic harp with
flute, fiddle, guitar,
button accordion,
bodhran & viola
da gamba. Includes
Da Day Dawn,
Morfa Rhuddlan &
O’Carolan’s Miss
“Karen has been something of a
heroine to me...Her style is at times
traditional, then moves surprisingly at
a tangent, making it more interesting
in an unexpected way. And her
whistle playing is excellent”
-Irish Edition, Philadelphia
Knock on the Door MM-212
The heart of an
Irish session :
hammered dulcimer
& Irish flute with
fiddle and Celtic
Hills of Erin MM-207
A sonic travelogue
of Ireland with
piano, hammered
dulcimer, percussion
& Celtic harp.
Hammered Dulcimer, Irish Flute
Celtic Ensemble
Celtic Harp
“One of the best musicians
on the Celtic harp from either
side of the Atlantic”
-Columbia Flyer
Morning Aire MM-204
“Album of the Year”
(WAMMIE Award*)
Music from Ireland &
Scotland with pennyGrey Eyed Morn MM-201
whistle, guitar, fiddle
Music from Scotland,
& viola. Includes
Ireland & Whales by
Haughs of Cromdale/
four-time Scottish
Sgian Dubh/ Cape Clear/
harp champion with
Monaghan’s Jig and
fiddle, hammered
Itchy Fingers.
dulcimer, guitar
and viola.
*WAMMIE - Washington Area Musicians Association
Women of Ireland MM-218
“Superb, highly-accomplished
“Irish Celtic Recording”
performers who know their music
(WAMMIE Award*)
inside & out”
Irish Gaelic vocals
-Baltimore Sun
(Connie McKenna),
flute, Celtic harp,
uilleann pipes, button
accordion, hammered
Silver Apples of the Moon MM-202
dulcimer, guitar &
Irish Gaelic vocals and
chamber folk arrangements for Celtic harp,
hammered dulcimer,
flute, fiddle, guitar &
Celtic Lace MM-203
bodhran. Includes Far
Away, Death of Queen
Hammered dulcimer
Jane & W.B. Yeats’
& harp ring with the
delicacy of hand woven Song of Wandering Aengus.
lace in traditional tunes
from Ireland &
*WAMMIE - Washington Area Musicians Association
Hammered Dulcimer, Fiddle
Journey to the Heartland MM-231
From the Appalachian
Mountains to the north
country of Canada, Quebec
and Cape Breton Island,
hear Celtic music that
swings. Hammered
dulcimer, fiddle, mandolin
and guitar.
soulfully beautiful.”
-The New York Times
Hammered Dulcimer, Piano
Cottage in the Glen MM-232
The best in contemporary and
traditional Celtic music - hear
the lyricism of traditional melodies,
the elegance of chamber music
and the creativity of original
compositions with award winning
Celtic musicians and two vocals
by Grace Griffith.
“Remarkable variety of
styles & textures.”
-The Washington Post
Music In the Great Hall MM-107
Music from the ancient
Celtic lands captured live
in the historic Great Hall
of St. John’s College!
With Maggie Sansone
& Bonnie Rideout.
Liz Knowles-fiddle, viola
Debra Nuse- Scottish small pipes, fiddle
Sue Richards-Celtic Harp
Carolyn Anderson-Surrick-viols
Sarah Weiner-oboe, tin whistle, recorder
A Celtic Fair MM-112
America’s premier
hammered dulcimer
player performs on a
festive gathering of
-Jam Magazine (FL)
Celtic and Renaissance
tunes & innovative
Wind Drift MM-114
arrangements with
Drifting like the wind
fiddle, flute, soprano
at early dawn sets the
sax, woodwinds, guitar & percussion.
mood with Celtic and
new music in an inno- Mystic Dance MM-111
A sparkling tapestry of
vative fusion of sounds
sound from 13th century
on hammered dulcimer,
medieval music to jigs
with Al Petteway on
and reels from the ancient
guitar, Robin Bullock
Celtic lands featuring
on cittern & mandolin,
Bobby Read on woodwinds, keyboards and
hammered dulcimer,
accordion, and Matt Bell on bodhran, djembe
Persian santur, woodand cajon.
winds & percussion.
“A rich and intoxicating blend of contemporary instrumental rhythms and traditional
Celtic styling...rich in colorful tradition,
it’s world fusion of the highest caliber.”
Celtic Meditations MM-302
A Traveler’s Dream MM-110
Gentle, quiet Celtic
A fusion of Celtic
moods for meditation,
melodies & world influrelaxation, bodywork
ences in a new music
& the healing arts with
ensemble of hammered
hammered dulcimer,
dulcimer, woodwinds,
flutes, strings, woodstrings & percussion.
winds & guitar.
Inclides Farewell to Nigg,
Bear Dance & original
compositions The Seeker & Dervish.
Dance Upon the Shore MM-109
Also see: A Winter’s Night & Ancient
Noels under “Holiday Classics.”
Guitar, Cittern
Midnight Howl MM-213
Between Earth & Sky MM-221
A celebration of Celtic
A Celtic stew of hot
roots and the wild Amerreels & jigs, lovely
ican spirit in traditional,
airs and dynamic new
Irish and old-time music.
music on cittern and
Includes Carickfergus,
guitar. Includes The
Jaybird Suite, a medley
Rakes of Clomel and
of Irish & American tunes
Carolan’s Quarrel
and The Ashgrove.
with the landlady.
Hammered Dulcimer
Traditions MM-104
A cool Celtic voyage
on hammered dulciMist & Stone MM-106
mer with woodwinds,
“Celtic Album of the
sax, Irish flute, fiddle,
Year” (AFIM* Indie
guitar, harp & perHonorable Mention).
cussion. Includes:
Celtic tunes on hamGet Up Early &
mered dulcimer with
Breton Set.
harp, violin, guitar &
A lively collection
of Irish, Scottish,
North American &
tunes on hammered
dulcimer, guitar, harp,
fiddle & bodhran.
Includes Irish Washerwomen, Greensleeves & Dill Pickles Rag.
*AFIM - Association for Independent Music
Maggie is the founder & CEO of Maggie’s
Music, located on the western shore of the
Chesapeake Bay in Shady Side, Maryland.
An independent record label, it features over
twelve recording artists and fifty CDs distributed worldwide. The host of NPR’s Thistle
& Shamrock, Fiona Ritchie, praised the label
as “a gathering place for much Celtic-rooted
& inspired acoustic music in the USA.”
Scottish Rant MM-223
World champion City
of Washington Pipe
Band & Scottish
fiddle champion
Bonnie Rideout join
together for a rousing
good time on pipes,
drums and fiddle.
Includes marches, Irish & Scottish reels, competition medley’s and Amazing Grace.
Celtic Tapestry MM-410
A 2-CD collection by
TimeLife containing
32 tracks from the some
of the best Maggie’s
Music artists playing
contemporary and
Carolan’s Gift MM-304
traditional Celtic music.
Beautiful Irish melodies
composed by Turlough
O’Carolan (1670-1783)
Celtic Mist MM-301
performed solo & in
emsembles on Celtic
The most peaceful &
harp, Irish flute, fiddle,
relaxing music from
hammered dulcimer, viola
various artists from
da gamba, guitar & piano.
Maggie’s Music label.
Includes Skye Aire,
Da Day Dawn &
Wild Mountain Thyme.
Maggie’s Music Celtic CD Samplers - $5 each.
The best way to hear our music!
Each sampler is 75 minutes long and includes
1 complete tune from over 20 CDs.
Sampler I MM-300
Sampler II MM-305
Includes complete
tunes from the first
20 CDs featuring
10 recording artists
from Maggie’s Music.
This companion
sampler includes
1 complete tune from
the second 24 CDs
on Maggie’s Music.
Winter Tidings MM-234
Merrily Greet the Time MM-228
An Appalachian
Sue Richards & Maggie
Christmas by Al Petteway
Sansone. Seasonal music
& Amy White, with
from Autumn Equinox
seasonal favorites, Celtic,
to New Year celebrates
original & traditional
music from Ireland,
mountain melodies on
Scotland, Wales & other
acoustic guitar, mandolin,
Celtic lands. Recorded
banjo, piano and song:
live at the studios of
XM Satellite Radio.
Roving on a Winter’s Night.
A Scottish Christmas-MM215
A Winter’s Night-MM226
Celtic Christmas in the
Bonnie Rideout, Maggie
Great Hall with Ensemble
Sansone, Al Petteway,
Galilei. Includes ChristEric Rigler (pipes) &
mas favorites, Celtic
Abby Newton (cello).
carols from Galicia,
From across the highSpain, Ireland, Scotland,
land moors, into the
midieval and renaissance
castle drawing rooms
dance tunes, & 17th
and out in the village
century English carols.
squares, celebrate the many moods of a
Scottish Christmas.
Ancient Noels-MM108
A Scottish Christmas-DVD
Maggie Sansone &
Ensemble Galilei. AFIM
Features Bonnie Rideout,
finalist for “Best Seasonal
Tony Cuffe, The City of
Album of the Year”!
Washington Pipe Band,
Ancient carols, renaissance
Jery O’Sullivan, Maggie
rhythms & haunting
Sansone, Paddy League,
midieval hymns bring to
Jen Schoonover and
life images of desert
Robert McOwen.
landscapes, stone monasteries & the origins
of Christmas.
Sounds of the Season II-MM105
Sounds of the Season I-MM103
(AFIM nominee for
Deck the Halls, Lo, How
“Best Seasonal Album
a Rose E’er Blooming,
of the Year”): Coventry
Wexford Carol, Gower
Carol, Holly & the Ivy,
Wassail, Joy to the World,
Lord of the Dance
Christmas Eve Reel,
(Simple Gifts), We
Personent Hodie, God
Three Kings, Away in
Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen,
the Manger, Silent
Il Est Ne on hammered
Night, Jingle Bells, The First Noel, on hammered
The following include music transcribed form the recordings by the
same name with chords and in keys that are also suitable for other
melody instruments.
MAGGIE SANSONE - Hammered Dulcimer
Maggie’s Big Book of Celtic Tunes
BK 100
115 tunes from Maggie’s recordings
BK 302
Celtic Meditations
BK 110
A Traveler’s Dream
BK 104
BK 103
Sounds of the Season
BK 105
Sounds of the Season II
BK 108
Ancient Noels
BK 215M $10
A Scottish Christmas
BK 217
Caledon Wood
BONNIE RIDEOUT - Scottish Fiddle
BK 514
A Scottish Fiddle Encyclopedia
BK 222
Scottish Fire
BK 214
Kindred Spirits
BK 209
Celtic Circles
BK 215B $10
A Scottish Christmas
SUE RICHARDS - Celtic Harp
Music for the Heather Folk - (Music from
BK 503
Grey Eyed Morn & Morning Aire)
HESPERUS - Early/Traditional Ensemble
BK 216
Early American Roots (violin edition)
BK 216R $13
Early American Roots (recorder edition)
KAREN ASHBROOK - Hammered Dulcimer
Playing the Hammered dulcimer in the Irish Tradition - (Includes CD
of the tunes & ornamentation examples)
You Can Teach Yourself Hammered Dulcimer
(A beginners guide with scales and standard & old-time favorite tunes)
100 Essential Irish Session Tunes
(The most widely known jigs & reels)
O’Neils Music of Ireland
(Over 1850 Irish Aires, jigs, reels & hornpipes)
Maggie’s Music T-Shirt
Complete your Maggie’s Music collection with our top quality, pre-shrunk
100% cotton blue & green, printed on purple, dark green and navy.
T-Shirt displaying our logo, an original Celtic design by Ben Crenshaw,
silkscreened in blue & green, printed on purple, dark green & navy.
Sizes: medium, large, extra large
Celtic Sarong
Folk artists in Indonesia pay tribute to Celtic art & tradition in colorful handmade sarongs,
which are large scarves with a thousand uses including: wall art/tapestries, covers for musical
instruments, table/desk covers, or wrap-around beach wear and cover-ups.
44 in. x 64 in., 100% rayon.
Contact Maggie’s Music for an up-to-date list of books and more merchandise which can be
seen on our website at www.maggiesmusic.com.

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