SuperDad Stories


SuperDad Stories
Each week my daughters and my wife get to have a one on one date
with me where they get to choose the activity, this time gives me the
opportunity to see what gives them joy in their lives. Also we are able
to reflect on the things that we can improve upon in our relationships.
Giving my family time shows how important they are to me and by
showing them the respect that I have for each of them and their
mother will one day help them in choosing a companion that reflects
the values that I have exemplified in their lives. There is no greater
calling in my life than that of being a dad, each day I am blessed with
the joy of being a father and a husband to 4 beautiful smart and
talented women any other accomplishment in my life pales in
comparison to the success of my family!
Dave Anderson
Little did I know my little helper was going to
grow up to be ambitious cause I did housework...
Charles Chenard
My greatest contribution to my
children’s lives will be having surrounded
them with enough love that they truly
understand the power that it has and will
strive to do the same for their family in
the future.
Kelly Rudyk
Dad asked the girls to do their chores on a “perfect snow day”
and they challenged him to build a Mike Wazowski snowman
instead. Looks like the girls got out of doing chores that day!
Fresh air, exercise and fun … it was a good break! Monsters
University here we come! The kids grow up FAST! Teach them
to work hard BUT make sure to balance that with fun too!
Building memories, one snowman at a time!
Duane Rae
I like to think that the unconditional
continuous support I gave has made him the
wonderful gentleman he is today and that
any dad would be proud to say, "he's my son".
Tony Moratto
My best advice for other fathers:
Be there: You are an immense influence on another person’s whole life
and you are equally responsible for that person’s life. Your decision
to be a father requires your commitment for the rest of your life.
Listen to your child: Your child’s needs are a call to action from you.
You won’t find what to do on the internet until you have given the
time and truly communicated with your child.
Admit your mistakes: Sometimes you will be wrong – your child will be
right. That’s OK if you talk it over and say you’re sorry.
Take advice: Grandparents, aunts and uncles, friends and counsellor all
have experiences you may not have. Listen.
Enjoy your responsibility: Your job as a father is incredibly important
to everyone. Do it as best as you can 24 /7. But also take time to
enjoy the great privilege you have been given.
Ian Pregitzer
"My greatest hopes for my children's future
is that they learn to enjoy life and be open
to new experiences, that they remain open
and respectful to people from all walks of
life, and that they find fulfillment in their
work and personal relationships."
Kris Kasawski