ADVISOR`S CORNER.... from the desk of Kelly O`Donnell Calendar


ADVISOR`S CORNER.... from the desk of Kelly O`Donnell Calendar
Issue 3 - December 2011
The Executive Board and I would like to wish everyone
a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. The
holiday season is a very special time of year. For
those who have spouses deployed, please know
that you and your families are in our thoughts and
prayers both in this Christmas season and in the
months to come.
2nd Ornament & Basket Drop Off
11am - 1pm
Thank you to all who helped with the gate decorationsthey look fabulous! I would also like to thank everyone who
helped decorate the Trees at the O’Club; it was a fun night
filled with lots of laughs!
2nd HoHoHo Party, 6 pm, O’Club
21st Flight Line Dash
So far we have had a great start to
our OWC board year and
we are looking forward
to what 2012 will bring!
Happy Holidays y’all!
~ Liz Ritter, President
Happy Hr 6pm/ Board Meeting 7pm,
O’Club. Scholarship Apps Disbursed.
TBD MAG 16 Social
2011 / 2012 Board Members
Honorary Advisor................Kelly O’Donnell
Honorary President.............Dee Richie
Honorary Advisor................Tina Sturdevant
President............................Liz Ritter
ADVISOR’S CORNER.... from the desk of Kelly O’Donnell
Vice-President/Webmaster....Stevi Colby
The spirit of the holiday season is alive and well at the Miramar OWC.
Our ladies have come out in full force to decorate the base gates and
the Officers’ Club, making Miramar merry!
Treasurer............................Janice Bush
The HoHoHo party was a huge success this year, raising thousands
of dollars for charities. As always, it was also a fun night with friends
new and old. Thank you to all who had a hand in the decorating and
making of the baskets.
Parliamentarian.................LeAnne Floom
Happy holidays to all. I look forward to seeing you
all in January for our first annual Flight Line Dash!
Because I’m an O’Donnell, I’ll end with an Irish toast:
“In the New Year, may your right hand always be
stretched out in friendship, never in want.”
Kelly O’Donnell
Recording Secretary..........Jackie Maxwell
Corresponding Secretary.........Tiffany Satterfield
Golf Tourn Chair.................Stephanie Wolterman
Scholarship Chair...............Lauren Maschner
Philanthropy ......................Julia Edwards
Historian.............................Libby Leary
Newsletter/Membership.....Crystal Nieman
Flight Line Dash..................Julia Edwards
Marketing/Publicity.............Nancy Mettler
HoHoHo Party Chair...........Stevi Colby
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HoHoHo Party
Winners of Silent Auction Baskets:
The OWC HoHoHo Holiday Party was a wonderful success this year! We
had our traditional basket silent auction, ornament contest and gift raffle.
The event was truly a holiday party, with lots of laughter and joy!
1. Kallie Pitcock, Pack the Bar Cart Basket
2. LeAnne Floom, Beer Basket
3. Emily Cabana, Daddy Doll Basket
4. Kelly O’Donnell, Relaxation Basket
We had over 20 baskets made by several units and squadrons, almost
double from years past! I would like to thank you all for participating and
for your efforts, every basket looked so beautiful! We made
over $3,500 which will go directly into our ways and means
fund and will be distributed to charities at the end of the
fiscal year. The winner of the ornament contest was VMFA
~ Stevi Colby, Vice President
5. Rick Ludwig, Music Basket
6. Pam Davis, Sweets for the Senses Basket
7. Rebecca Schmidt, Temecula Wine Basket
8. Graham Mueller, Mexican Fiesta Basket
9. Renee Woodworth, Fishing Trip Basket
10. Waylan Cain, The Taste of Poway Basket
11. Leigh Watts, Girls Night Out/Deployment Survival Kit Basket
12. Ann DeCapite, Family Adventure/Excursion Basket
13. Aubrey Maher, Housekeeping Dream Basket
14. Melinda Bertrand, Holiday Entertaining Basket
15. Angela Powell-Woulfe, Pet Lovers Basket
16. Tiffany Satterfield, Family Game Night Basket
17. Jill Lindstrom, Golf Basket
18. Michelle Amthor, Coffee & Tea Lovers Basket
19. Leslie Henger, Mrs. Claus Gets Pampered Basket
20. Tina Sturdevant, Gift Card Basket
21. Ann Jansen, Lenox Holiday Basket
22. Lisa Finch, Cooking Basket
December Birthdays!
Kirby Arnold, Dec 1st
Leslie Henger, Dec 2nd
Trisha Pintek, Dec 9th
Jenny January, Dec 10th
Stevi Colby, Dec 10th
Kallie Pitcock, Dec 14th
Greta Bolton, Dec 24th
Shan Tyson, Dec 28th
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Upcoming Events
10K Run
5K Run / Walk
10K race begins at 8:00 am.
5K Run/Walk begins at 8:15 am.
Cost - $35 (after Jan 1st - $40)
Active Duty Military (with ID) - $25
Cost - $30 (after Jan 1st - $35)
Active Duty Military (with ID) - $20
This 10K is not for the light of heart!
Participants will be running on pavement
as well as off road, and will tackle several
large hills and turns! Look out for various
military aircraft parked along the edge of the
flight line, and view some of Miramar’s less
traveled open spaces and fish pond.
The 5K can either be run or walked
depending on your level. Participants
will be running a well-paved route
alongside the MCAS Miramar Flight
Line and next to squadron hangers. Look
out for various military aircraft parked
along the edge of the flight line.
1K Kids Run - The Aviator Scramble
The Aviator Scramble is a fun run, for kids of all ages! There will be some active duty
Marine and Navy Avaitors running with the kids and one speedy tyke will win a prize if
he/she can catch them! 1K Fun Run begins at 9:15 am.
Cost - $10
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Squadron News
The last few months have been busy for the 361 Flying Tiger Ladies. On November
11, 2011, we celebrated the 236th birthday of the USMC at the Hilton Bayfront in
San Diego. A great time was had by all: before tearing up the dance floor, we
were treated to a wonderful dinner as well as a speech by our honored guest,
Colonel James K. Lavine, USMC (RET).
One of our recent monthly socials was hosted at Poway Fun Bowl, and the OWC’s
own Corresponding Secretary, Tiffany Satterfield, won the night! Upcoming
events include our traditional annual ornament exchange and the squadron
Christmas party.
While we have been enjoying the holidays with our families, we are exceedingly grateful to be able to
cherish this time with our Marines. We are thankful for the many sacrifices made by our “Sister Wives,”
especially those who can’t be with the ones they love this holiday season.
From our Flying Tiger family to yours,
have a very Merry Christmas and a
blessed New Year!
Among the many important things
which men sacrifice in the armed
forces is Christmas at home. It is one
of the most difficult to give up. The
American family Christmas is one of
the great joys of life.
At the same time, it is one of the real,
tangible things for which we fight. Its
preservation is one of the essential
reasons for our being at war. Every
Marine who spends Christmas in
service away from home is actually
keeping Christmas in his home. He
is making sure that, when he returns,
he and his loved ones will be able to
enjoy Christmases for the remainder
of their lives in an era of peace which
he himself will have nobly won.
Alexander A. Vandegrift, LtGen., USMC
Commandant of the Marine Corps, 1944
~Bree Brown
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Squadron News
When November rolled in, the 225 girls were super excited to have a
ball at the Ball. Sure enough, we all did. Everyone was stunning and
had a really good time at Harrah’s. There was a hail and farewell
mid-month where we had to say goodbye to a pretty big group.
Luckily for the wives, most of them will still stay local. We are going
to happily hang onto them so they will still have a group to belong
to and continue being part of the Viking family while their guys
are away. A handful of us (along with the Raider ladies) did some
elf work making the entrances to the base look festive. Thank you
to Brie, Jessica C, Jess L,
Jackie P, and Jana S. Our girls took the main
gate on Miramar Road and after a morning
of work, we kicked back and had a great
sushi lunch. Our holiday party is at Seaworld
this year so I know that will be a great time for
the Marines and families. Our ladies have
been wonderful in support of each other and
the unit. Sending huge holiday hugs to all the
Viking Ladies.
Greta Bolton
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