September Incentives


September Incentives
Take a Minute Monday (Tuesday) for
Your Business
October 3
November 7
November 28
Home Consultant
September Business Cycle
• Consultant should have in hand…
- October Flyers
Incentive earned if applicable
Current campaign flyer - September
Featured samples
October booking driver – future business
• Book parties for October campaign from September Business
• Attend Your Team Meetings!
– Planning Business for October
• Customer/Host awareness for hosting in October
• Distribute Host packets on site ($5+savings to consultant)
• October campaign mailing go out to customers around 3rd or 4th week
of September, you know best where your business is to date
Make It A
Other Suggested
September Bundles
$59 @ ½
price =
Based on a
$350 party!
to Host
= $58
$37 @ ½
price =
to Host
plus tax & Shipping
$15 Round Pie Basket
Protector apply to Host
Dollars = $10 balance
A Tisket, A Tasket…
Carry Your Pie in this Basket!
• Stationary handle gives it balance and makes it easier to
• Carry Grandma Bonnie’s Pie Plate
• Carry 8x8 Baking Dish
• Stack/Store dinner plates
• Soup/Salad Bowl in center with spreads, dips and
surrounded by chips, crackers, breads
• Holds 4 dessert bowls for sundae, baked potato, taco bars
• Paper Plates storage
• Grab n Go Snack Holder on Counter
• Serve bake goods
• Host an “I sPIE” party…
(Note: This is your new normal “Longabergerized” Pie Tasting
– Schedule your party
– Invite friends, family and customers to bring their favorite
recipe prepared in a Pie Plate
• Must bring recipe to share with all guests
– Put on your consultant hat and educate guests on these
products and they will buy them ALL 
Round Pie Basket
Grandma Bonnie’s Pie Plate
Silicone Cover
Pie Server
Bless You for Lovin’ Longaberger
Just in time for the runny noses that just won’t quit. Grab you a
Family Tissue Basket ‘cause a Big, Big Box will fit!
 Two different Lid Options ~ Slotted Lid or Solid Lid ~ $30
 Large Box of tissues
 Roll of Garbage/Kitchen Bags
 Yarn so it will not roll all over the floor
 Baby Wipes
 Dryer Sheets
 Paper Plates, napkins and Cups Caddy without lid
Cover your Clutter
Store small recipe books
Pampers, wipes and powders
Hand Towels
Store extra TP on the toilet tank
Family Room Games
Kleenex Cube & Air Freshener
Add some sprinkles to your order!
Ring Around the Rosy…Pick this Vase
Full of Posies!
• Encourage customers to purchase FOUR
– One for every season!
Fall Mums
Winter Poinsettias
Spring Daffodils
Summer Geraniums
Ring Around the Rosy…Pick this Vase
Full of Posies!
• Kitchen Utensil
• Fireplace Matches and Candles
• Silverware wrapped in Napkins, luncheon
• Dryer Sheets, stain stick,
• Kitchen Mitts, pot holders
Scare Up Some Boo-kings!
Let’s Crow
Collectors Club
• Four new reasons to become a CC Member
– Collectors Club Sunflower Basket Set
– Free Shipping on the Blanket Basket
– Free Shipping on the Buffet Basket
– Free Shipping on the Large Picnic Basket
Collectors Club
• Buy Sunflower Basket Set for $109
plus $15 shipping…
• Join the Club and buy Sunflower
Basket Set with FREE Shipping?
– Plus more benefits throughout the year
Which offer makes your flower bloom?
• Launched as a National Campaign by Food
Allergy Research & Education (FARE)
• Google Teal Pumpkin Project for details
REMINDER: September is the last
month Customer can purchase
the SMALL Bentwood Pumpkin
After September ONLY available
in the Fall/Winter Wish List Host
Pumpkin Patch!
• Refer to you’re the
Club Connections
for some pictures
shared how to use
your Bentwood
Pumpkins created
by Executive Leader
Vicki Tummel
Who ya gonna call?
Corner Stand #77456
Bookcase #70368
Leaning Bookshelf #71517
Special Order WoodCrafts
Expect Delivery February, 2017
Bottom shelf of Small Bakers Rack is the same shelf
that fits the 5-Level Basket Rack.
Small Bakers Rack #71641 & 5-Level Basket Rack #76805
Reference Page 7 of your September Flyer
– lower right corner!
Top Shelf of 3-Level Organizer can create a second
shelf for you on the Trestle Table.
3-Level Organizer
This was originally
offered with the top
Go to BUSINESS TOOLS > Mailing List > Create Mail List > add
Product # and Search Criteria
4 years of Information
Wall File #71508
Spice Rack #71702
Sold October, 2014
Organizational Unit
Be In-The-Know!
Can be found under
September flyer Facts!
48909 $39
Step it Up Basket
Product Status Sheet
Pay close attention to the Status Sheet now that
we are in our busiest selling season and your
customers are shopping for Christmas!
Eggplant and Paprika Ball Pitcher
Expected delivery JANUARY
This information is posted on your website when your customer
shops on their own; however, it’s important we’re on
top of our game this holiday selling season!
August $10 Coupon Clarification
• Can be attached to Parties through an online
• Cannot be entered in Party Central
• Redeemable September 1-30
• $10 Coupon Earned from purchase of Bring
Along Basket Sets August 1-31 (including
those purchased with Host Rewards)
• Earners will receive an email
How can the 25%
Labor Day Sale Help
YOU in your future
Business Activities?
• Organize a Road Trip with a few of your customers
• Vendor Events Scheduled?
• Buy for Cash and Carry
• Create Gift Sets under $20
• Upcoming Holiday Open Houses?
• Customer amenity for attending
• Promote Bookings at your Open Houses with a special gift
• Customer gifts when they bring a $150+ Order to you
Here are a few examples:
2008 Tree Trimming™ Little
Shopper Reversible Drawstring
Liner Holiday Botanical:
Your Cost 45 cents
Fill with Holiday Candy, Ornament, Gift Card,
Create a Gift Certificate to spend with you in
Wrought Iron Ornament Holder
Your Cost $7.50
Tag it….”Thank you for being Hooked on Longaberger”
Display our 2016 Holiday Tie-Ons during your parties and events
for October
• Appreciate your
• Reward your
hosts for
• Help hosts get the
Santa’s Belly won’t be the only thing
• Get all THREE baskets
for only $83 plus
shipping and tax!
– Everyday Essentials
Basket – ½ price =
– Tall Tissue Basket and
Lid Set – ½ price =
– Treats Basket – Host
Dollars = $3 (when $50
Host Dollars applied)
– Or Elf… host another
party or purchase the
fourth from a party that
books from you!
Take Credit for Your September Sales!
 $350 or more in September Sales (Points) =
$15 Just for Business Credits
 $500 or more in September Sales (Points) =
$25 Just for Business Credits
$1000 or more in September Sales (Points) =
$60 Just for Business Credits
Where to Monitor Your Sales
of this Kit
Hit a Career
What do you bring to
the TEAM?
Are you resourceful, creative,
collaborative and energetic? If so,
get off the bench and join the first
string today!
Let’s Hit
September out
of the Park!