Key Feature s - BeneDirect



Key Feature s - BeneDirect
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Key Features:
Expert Assistance
Expert assistance is always simply a click
Manage Your Profile
away. If you have additional questions about
Update your personal information
your COBRA coverage or Benefits Continuation,
Report status changes
you may access frequently asked questions via
Update your password
the site, or send an email message to an ADP
Benefits Continuation Specialist. Access expert
assistance at
Review and Elect Coverage
Review plan information
Determine current coverage
Evaluate new elections
Change existing elections
Waive coverage
Make Payments
Determine paid-through date
View amount currently due
Make online payments via
e-payment or credit card
Receive payment confirmations
Review payment history
ADP BeneDirect Benefits Continuation
Manage Your Benefits
With The ADP BeneDirect
Continuation Website
Get Assistance
Access common questions
Download forms
Contact a service specialist
Automatic Data Processing, Inc.
One ADP Boulevard
Roseland, NJ 07068
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Manage Your Benefits Online
The ADP BeneDirect Benefits
Continuation website allows you
to manage your benefits account
online, anytime, anywhere.
1 Personal Information
The Personal Information page provides you
with the ability to review and manage your personal information. You can also administer your
account name and password and get assistance if
you have forgotten your password. You would use
this page when you first access the system, or
when key personal information has changed, such
as when your street address has changed.
The valuable tool was created to provide a
flexible way to evaluate and manage benefit
elections, and to make premium payments. The
website is located at
The website allows you to manage your
account profile, review and elect or waive
coverage, determine your paid-through date
and if a premium payment is due, and to make
premium payments online via ACH (direct debit
from your bank account) or using a credit/debit
2 Summary Details
The Summary Details page provides you with
a complete snapshot of the plan information
available to you. You can review when you
received key correspondence, when billing will
start, current benefit elections, and the benefit
alternatives available to you. You will also have
the ability to accept or waive benefit coverage.
card. You can also obtain information regarding
your plan, access commonly asked questions,
get the forms you need and contact an ADP
specialist to assist you.
Access your account right now at!
3 Payments
The Payments page will allow you to determine you current paid through date, how much is
due, and provide you with three ways to pay your
premiums. You may choose to pay your premiums
the traditional way via check, or you may opt to
make a premium payment online via e-payment
(direct debit) from your bank account or with a
credit/debit card.

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