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by Mazurkas Travel - Mazurkas Travel Poland
Only Women Voyage
to Poland
by Mazurkas Travel
feel the difference… travelling in a small, intimate group of other ladies
No matter whether you are a hard working business woman, a carring and loving wife and mother or devoted
and beloved grandmother. At least once a year forget about all these obligations: high heels, marketing plans,
shopping lists and making the world perfect. Just make a perfect time for yourself!
Enjoy new destinations, let yourself know unique cultures, taste delicious cuisine specialities, discover tradition
and modernity closed in the frames of world famous paintings, oustanding architecture and unforgettable
music. Feel the green grass under your feet, listen to birds singing on the roofs of old churches or read a
forgotten book at the charming cafeteria.
Feel that you are the one who is taken care of! All by dedicated staff of Mazurkas Travel.
forget about the diet…
…with a visit to one of the renowned spa centers
We will invite you to one of the best Spa & Wellness Institute by dr. Irena Eris. Resorts designed by dr. Eris
are lands of beauty created for those who are looking for a luxurious place to regenerate their bodies and
their powers, as well as to soothe their senses in conformity with nature. Enjoy your time in one of her resorts
and have a chance to try carefully selected treatments, both for body and skin, and try the best cosmetics.
During lunches and dinners we will make you taste all the typical Polish specialities, that you will not find
anywhere else, such as famous Polish dumplings (pierogi) with different stuffings, delicious fermented rye
soup, excellent smoked sausages, ginger bread, Warsaw doughnut cake (pączek) or Krakow bagle.
You will also enjoy an authentic ambience of the typical Polish restaurants and meet with a great personality
of Polish cuisine, a lady that made the cooking a way of living and a piece of art, Ms. Magda Gessler – the
owner of the best restaurants in Poland. Have your private cooking lesson!
meet the famous ladies of culture…
… while visiting museum, galleries and places of spiritual inspiration
From various museum and galleries that present unforgettable and unique collections of art, we will select
those which present „women faces” as reflections of changing fashions throughout the ages, world’s science
achievements and spiritual inspiration. We will also invite you to a fascinating lecture: „Inspiring Women of
Poland” where we will present the portaits of:
Maria Sklodowska Curie – a Noble Price Winner in Science; „Lady with the Ermine” – a Leonardo da Vinci
mysterious inspiration; Helena Rubinstein – a woman that makes our look perfect; Agnieszka Holland – a
world famous film director, Pola Negri – the first European film actress that became a Hollywood star and
Magdalena Abakanowicz – a famous sculpturer.
meet the women of success…
… that devoted their life and work to change the world for better and by being helpful for the others
Representative of Jolanta Kwaśniewska’s Foundation „Communication without barriers” - the main
massage of the Foundation is facilitating the ideas of making life opportunities equal, in particular with
respect to all disabled children and people severely experienced by fate;
Irena Koźmińska, the President of „All of Poland Reads to Kids Foundation” - the purpose of creating the
Foundation was to support the emotional health of children and young people in Poland through
educational, organizational and promotional activities, as well as lobbying;
Representative of the Polish Women League that works for real, not only formal, equal status of women
and men within social life and family. To improve women situation through providing them with equal
chances in education, employment, cultural advancement and their participation in all levels of
governmental authorities and self governments.
feel the rythm …
…while having a journeys throught Polish music traditions
After all, Poland is a birthplace of Frederic Chopin and Krzysztof Penderecki. A country of still-alive folklore
and jazz traditions. You can either enjoy a private piano concert or a chamber music recital. Whatever you
choose, we will make it an exceptional music experience and an interesting meeting with great personalities
of Polish music: Hollywood film music writer – A.P. Kaczmarek, Frederic Chopin – the world famous
Romantic Pole, contemporary music composer and director Krzysztof Penderecki. We will also present you
the mixture of other music cultures that inspired Polish composers with a klezmer music concert, recital of
Yiddish songs or an orthodox choir concert.
You can also learn typical folk dances with the group of Polish highlanders, learn to sing Polish traditional
songs with a folk group or spend an unforgettable evening in one of the leading Polish operas.
be a fashionable woman…
… with special fashion day
We offer a meeting with one of the leading fashion designers that will show its latest collection and present
the tendences in Polish fashion style.
Visit the atelier of Gosia Baczyńska, a designer whose clothes are appreciated by Polish celebrities. She
was also announced one of the most influential women in Poland and announced the „Designer of the year”
by Polish edition of Elle Magazine.
Her latest 2012 collection was also awarded by the title „Perfection of Fashion 2012”.
Enjoy the your fashion day!
find your own place…
… in unique, charming, boutique hotels
While in Poland you can choose one of the world-famous chain hotels, such as: Hilton, Intercontinental,
Sheraton on Radisson Blu, but you can also look into the smaller, boutique hotels that will enchant you with
its unique charm, carefully designed rooms and a friendly atmosphere.
In Warsaw:
Le Regina Mamaison Hotel *****
Le Royal Meridien Bristol Hotel *****
Polonia Palace Hotel ****
In Krakow:
Stary Hotel *****
Copernicus - Relais Chateaux Hotel ****
Pod Różą (Under the Rose) Hotel ****
Wojska Polskiego 27
01-515 Warsaw
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