IRTI E-Learning Program



IRTI E-Learning Program
IRTI E-Learning Program
Islamic Finance and Banking
IRTI E-learning Program In
Islamic Finance and Banking
IRTI started a new learning initiative to support the development
and dissemination of knowledge in the field of Islamic economics,
finance and banking. Under this initiative, the support from
IRTI to member countries’ academic institutions wishing to be
partner in this program include:
• Designing Curriculum and courses,
• Providing digitized ready Course packs to support curriculum,
• Providing academic and technological support.
The content is developed to support purely online learning
and various types of blended learning. Academic institutions
wishing to be part of this initiative may:
• Use course packs to support an existing or to establish a new
• Work to accredit the program and Submit to IRTI regular feedback
from instructors and students on course packs.
The first program under this initiative is a Master`s Program in Islamic
Finance and Banking. The curriculum of the program has been
designed in collaboration with Insaniah University College (IUC) and
is fully accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education (Malaysia).
IUC Master’s Program In
Islamic Finance and Banking
The IUC Master’s Program would comprise 42 credit hours with
eight taught courses of 3 credits each and dissertation work of
18 credit hours.
Courses Required
Islamic Financial System
Principles and Practices of Islamic Banking
Fiqh for Islamic Banking & Finance
Maqasid Shari`ah
Management of Zakat, Waqf and Sadaqah Funds
Islamic Capital and Financial Market
Research Methodology
Principles & Practice of Islamic Insurance
Admission Requirements
• A bachelor`s degree in a related discipline with a good Cumulative
Grade Point Average (CGPA) from Insaniah University College or other
institutions approved by the senate, or
• A diploma in a related discipline with five (5) years of experience in a
related discipline, or
• Other qualifications equivalent to a bachelor`s degree and also
possesses other qualifications or experience approved by the senate.
Language Requirement
• An applicant is also required to possess sufficient level of English
language proficiency.
Estimated Duration
• 18 - 24 months
For more information about IUC program visit the following
The Islamic Research and Training Institute (IRTI)
was established in 1401H (1981) to help the Bank in
discharging its functions in the fields of research and
training assigned to it by its Articles of Agreements.
IRTI`s objectives are to undertake research and provide training
and information services in member countries and Muslim
communities in non-member countries to help bring their
economic, financial and banking activities into conformity with
Shari`ah and to further accelerate economic development and
enhance cooperation amongst them.
INSANIAH was established fifteen years
ago as an institution of higher learning
specializing in Islamic Religious Knowledge
with links to Al-Azhar University. INSANIAH
has since developed into a full-fledge university awarding its
own degrees at undergraduate and post graduate levels, with
disciplines ranging from multimedia, engineering, medicine,
nursing, economics, business, and accounting, while retaining its
strengths in Islamic religious learning. It has built international
linkages with other academic institutions, such as universities
in Indonesia, Thailand, Yemen, Turkey and Sudan. Its campus
currently boasts a fairly recognizable international student
population. INSANIAH looks forward to the new decade with
hope and aspiration to pave the way for the development of a
university for the benefit of the Ummah.
For more information :
Dr. Khalifa M. Ali
IRTI Learning Programs Coordinator
e-mail : [email protected]
Phone : +966 2 646 6226 Fax : +966 2 6378927