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Prayer Night
Scripture implores us to “pray unceasingly”. Many of us pray as we begin and end
our day, as we grocery shop or put gas in
the car, and while we do a myriad of other things in our busy lives. Other than
Sunday mornings, we don’t often get a
chance to sit down, study the word, lift
our voice in song, and spend time in
prayer together with other believers.
Consider joining us at prayer night every
other Tuesday at 7pm for one hour in
the Life Center. The next gathering is
Tuesday, July 9th.
July 10 Harvey Salems
July 13 Jeanne Yowell
July 13 Annabelle Nissen
July 13 Clarence Borre
July 13 Nancy Hoffmann
WEEK AT A GLANCE Deadline Tuesday at noon.
Send to Pam Pearson [email protected] or
call her at 224/387-3828.
Last Week $38,191
Fiscal Year $38,191
Generation Next
The LCMS 2013 National Offering
Your gifts for the LCMS National Offerings will be collected at all services this
weekend. There are extra envelops in the
Narthex. Gifts can be made by cash,
credit card or check and will be used to
support our Synod’s mission and ministry.
The Truth Project Bible Study
We will be on hiatus during the month of
August and will return to the chapel
9:00am and 10:30am on Sunday, September 8th.
Weekly Giving Update
Want to Become a Member?
If you are looking for a way to get connected at St. Peter, now is your time! It’s
time for New Life! @ Saint Peter. Starting
Sunday, September 15 at 9;00 am in
Bartz Hall. A registration brochure is
available from the Welcome Table in the
Narthex or you can go online.
July 6 & 7, 2013
 June Ayers
 Chuck Bach
 Joyce Bertermann
 Gloria Chaveriat
 Elvera Dorsch
 Lenny Enz
 Phyllis Hagedorn
 Mary Ann Hildebrandt
 Shirley Jacobson
 Jim Ritter
 Paula Ulreich
 Terri Wentz
 Andrew Zint
“The Truth Project”
Leaders: John Sommerfeld &
David Keller
Time: 9:00—10:00am
Location: Chapel
The Book of “Acts”
Leader: Dan Bendixon
Time: 10:30-11:30am
Location: Lower Level Sec.
“Faith Building Discussions”
Leader: Kay Hermann
Time: 10:30-11:30am
Location: Room 65
Leader: Cheryl Bokelman
Time: 10:30-11:30am
Location: Board Room
“The Truth Project”
Leaders: Jim Carter and Bob Vossel
Time: 10:30 –11:30am
Location: Chapel
• For the family of Bill Luettschwager who
passed away July 5, 2010
Call Committee
The Associate Pastor Call Committee has
begun searching for candidates for the
Life. The job description is available in
the church office. The members of the
committee are:
Jean Mau [email protected]
Eric Born [email protected]
Brad Rukstales Rukstales
Gary Grom [email protected]
Jim Homoly [email protected]
Pastor Greiner [email protected]
Phone: 847-259-4114
• Lana Fuller (adult Baptism)
Youth Usher Supervisors
Adult supervisors are needed for this year’s youth
usher squads. If you possibly could help, please
contact Ginny Schroeder in the church office at
847/259-4114 or email [email protected]
Ride Needed
A member who lives in Arlington Heights
(downtown area) is looking for a ride to the weekend worship services at St. Peter. If this is a ministry you would like to help out with please call Janet
Fischer in the church office.
Community Threads Needs You!
There is not a summer vacation at Community
Threads! Remember you can help in a variety of
ways . . .please consider. . .
1) Volunteer. . .try it out, take a friend and enjoy
2) Donate items as you clean out during the summer; let garage sale people know there is a
place for their leftovers.
Your help is needed. God is blessing the effort tremendously; we need each and every hand possible! If you would like to volunteer please call Community Threads at 224-676-0221.
Senior Ministry:
You Won’t Want to Miss This
This...just happens to be a Brown Bag Lunch with
Bingo and Bunco (if time permits) in Bartz Hall on
Thursday, July 18 at 11:30 am. Pack your favorite
lunch; beverages and dessert will be provided.
Please call Carol Miersch at 847-259-5781 to reserve your spot no later than Monday, July 15th.
Future Events
Your Senior Ministry also has a summer picnic, a
Lutheran Home festival visit and a fish boil in WI on
the planning board for future months.
St. Peter Mission Team for South Africa
We are blessed & excited to have three staff members, Ms. Stellwagen, Ms. Hartmann, Mr. Rudi, a
school parent, Mrs. Jen Klein and four 8th graders,
Gracie Scannell, Jodie Hermann, Kayleigh Padar &
Bridget Meyer going to our sister school in South
Africa this summer. Please lift prayers for their
safety and outreach to the children, staff, and families of the school & church.
Parents Day Out
Do you know a neighbor, friend, and/or family member with a 2-5 year old who might be interested in
the new St. Peter Parents Day Out program? Brochures are available from the church & school office
that can assist you in sharing information about this
new family-flexible early childhood program. Posters are also available to use to hang up in some of
your favorite businesses, apartment complexes, and
area community bulletin board locations. Help us
spread the word about this new program through
sharing and posting this information.
Saints Basketball “Skills and Drills” Summer
The Saint Peter Athletic Department will be hosting
seven different basketball skills sessions throughout
July and August for all area students going into 5th –
8th grade. Sessions will feature instruction from
guest high school and college coaches from the area. This is a great way for any basketball player to
improve their skills! For more information and the
list of instructors, please pick up a flyer in the church
lobby or contact Zach Bickel ([email protected] / 224-387-3893).
St. Peter School Award Winners!
Congratulations to the following 8th grade students
who received awards at our recent graduation service:
Matthew Hoffman
Jake Ringstrand
Lisa Gresens Award
Jake Ringstrand
Jean Runge Award
Alex Nickens
St. Peter Scholarship Alyssa Zuercher
Citizenship Award
Jake Ringstrand
Judy Satikas Award
Grace Picchiotti
Fred Martin Award
Matthew Hoffman
Helene Bartz Art Award Matthew Jo
Scholar Athlete Award Kaleb Scharman
Scholar Athlete Award Grace Picchiotti
Band Award
Matthew Hoffman
Choir Award
Katarina Meikrantz
St. Peter Art Award
Casey Bergman
Faithful Church
Kate Morris
Today, Tomorrow and Forever…
LIFE INSURANCE: You probably own life insurance to protect your loved ones or a business interest you own. As your children grow up, their
need for protection changes. Your life insurance
can be an excellent way to include an affordable
gift to the Lord’s work or coordinate with your
charitable objectives in your estate plan.
Your gift can be made by simply including St. Peter Lutheran Church and its Endowment Fund and
other ministries that you support as a beneficiary
on your life insurance. By making a charity the
owner of the policy, you may also benefit from
some income tax savings now.
If you are interested in including a gift to the Lord’s
work using the tool of life insurance, please contact Ray Pagels, our Christian Gift Planning Counselor at 224-387-3857 or email [email protected]

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