TESTIMONIAL New Haven Food Truck Festival


TESTIMONIAL New Haven Food Truck Festival
TESTIMONIAL New Haven Food Truck Festival
The festival drew over
20,000 people in
attendence, raising more
than $50,000 for local
small businesses.
A digital campaign ran for 2 weeks on one
of the market’s most popular locations,
rotating between 11 different images, each
representing a local musician to perform at
the festival.
Media Mix
Digital Bulletin
New Haven
The goal was to create awareness for this first-time event,
encouraging residents and friends to support Connecticut’s
small businesses, have a great time, eat some amazing food and
enjoy the city’s company at a beautiful waterfornt venue.
In addition to promoting the food trucks and full carnival,
the digital billboard OOH campaign focused on the diverese
array of live musical performers to communicate that
the festival would be a lively event for attendees of all
This was the first ever Annual New Haven
Food Truck Festival, organized by the
Small Business Service in conjunction with
local R&B/oldies radio station, 94.3 WYBC.
Proceeds from the weekend’s $5/ticket
revenue went towards micro loan programs
helping small business entrepreneurs in
New Haven.