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Kulturskolan - Hylte kommun
Welcome to
in Hylte!
Welcome to Kulturskolan - the Culture Centre in Hylte
At Kulturskolan, you can develop your artistic talents in lots of different ways. Why not learn to play an instrument, make movies or
even sing in a choir? Apart from the fact that you can develop your
talent, studying the arts encourages development on apersonal level
learning skills which we need in our everyday lives, not least building
self-confidence and most importantly having fun together.
Group activities
Some group activities take place after school hours at Kulturskolan.
Working with different techniques and materials. Drawing, water
colour and acrylic painting, pastels, glass painting, plaster, decoupage, sculpture etc. Groups are formed with age and experience in
New! Choir singing
Open to students aged 10-12 years.
We learn everything from the basics to more advanced forms and
techniques. The course is practically orientated giving students
”hands on experience” with many opportunities to express themselves through images, cutting, storytelling, directing, acting and group
work. Groups are formed with age and experience in mind.
You’ll learn the basics of tap-dancing.
Courses to choose from:
Fiol i grupp (6-8 år)
/ Violin group (6-8 years)
Bild & Form (7-12 år)
/ Art (7-12 years)
Årskurs 3 / Class 3
Blockflöjt eller fiol / recorders or the violin
Ämne fr.o.m. årskurs 4 / Class 4 and older
Fiol / Violin
Blockflöjt / Recorder;
sopran, alt, tenor, bas
Tvärflöjt / Flute
Klarinett / Clarinet
Saxofon / Saxophone
Trumpet, horn / Trumpet, Horn
Gitarr / Guitar
Ukulele / Ukulele
Elbas / Electric bass guitar
Piano / Piano
Slagverk / Percussion;
trumset, marimba, klockspel
Körsång / Choir
Film / Film
Ämnen fr.o.m. årskurs 7 / Available from class 7 upwards
Solosång / Solo singing
Elgitarr / Electric guitar
Steppdans / Tap dancing
Musikteorim / Music Theory
Musikdatorn / Music PC;
ljudteknik och inspelning
Låtskrivarverkstad / Song writing
Playing in an ensemble
Pupils who play an instrument are strongly encouraged to join an
ensemble; rock band, wind orchestra, string group, percussion group to
name a few.
Rent an instrument
The following instruments can be hired: flute, clarinet, saxophone,
trumpet, horn, carillon and violin. We are also happy to help with tips
and advice regarding the purchase of instruments.
Welcome to try instruments!
Are you unsure what to choose? During the spring term we arrange
an evening where students and parents can come and try different
instruments and at the same time meet the teachers.
Some rules and practical information
Kulturskolan follows the school term, i.e. no lessons on school holidays.
Teaching takes place both in groups and individually, mainly during
school time, but even after school. Ensemble, art, film, and other group
activities are mostly after school hours.
Kulturskolan guarantees a minimum of 25 lessons during the school
year. Lessons which are not carried out because of the student’s absence
or even schools sports days will be forfeited.
Tuition fee per subject: SEK 300/term
Maximum tuition fee per family (children 6-18 years): SEK 1500/term
Adult students (aged 19 or older): SEK 1100
Instruments rent: SEK 260/term
Copying costs: SEK 22.50/term
Materiel costs as books and strings will be added
The fees are charged twice a year. Spring and autumn. Beginners have
three lessons for free before. If the fee is not paid within the specified
time the students will lose their place.
Application to activities must take place by June 10 for the coming
academic year (autumn and spring). Registration is easiest done by
e-service on hylte.se/kulturskolan, or via the form. You can print the
form from the website or get it from the Kulturskolan.
We apply a queuing system for subjects with many applicants. Notice of
admission is given shortly after school starts in August.
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