Sensory Friendly Screenings


Sensory Friendly Screenings
April 29 – May 8
The Montclair Film Festival and Montclair SEPAC
invite you to two FREE Sensory Friendly Screenings
Joe’s Violin + Family Shorts
An American Tail
Friday, May 6
Friday, May 6
4:15PM • Bellevue Theater
4:00PM • Bellevue Theater
In her beautifully crafted short documentary JOE’S
VIOLIN, Kahane Cooperman tells the story of Joseph
Feingold, a 91-year-old Polish Holocaust survivor who
donates his violin of 70 years to a local instrument
drive. When the violin lands in the hands of a 12-yearold schoolgirl from the nation’s poorest congressional
district, their lives intersect, changing both of them
forever. This special screening will feature Q&A with the
filmmakers, and a collection of live action and animated
shorts that are fun for the whole family!
When the Mousekewitz family— Mama, Papa, Tanya,
and Fievel— are forced by circumstance to leave their
native Russia behind, they decide to make their way to
the promise of the United States. But once they arrive
in New York City, the family is separated, leaving young
Fievel on his own to handle the challenges and excitement
of the new world. Can Fievel find his family and survive
the perils of the big city? Don Bluth’s Oscar-nominated
AN AMERICAN TAIL is a moving look at the American
immigrant experience, told for the entire family.
Runtime: 55 minutes • Recommended for children 8 and up.
Runtime: 80 minutes
To reserve a seat, please RSVP at
Wheelchair accessible • Lights up • Sound down • Free to be!