82Mercer - MondoMusica New York


82Mercer - MondoMusica New York
April 10-12, 2014
82Mercer: Mondomusica New York
2014 in the heart of Soho
The second annual Mondomusica New York will take place at
82Mercer, in Soho. A former manufacturing facility, 82Mercer still
retains some of its original 19th century details, including cast iron
columns, 14-foot ceilings, hardwood floors, and brick archways.
This perfect location will combine easy accessibility and efficient
services to both exhibitors and visitors, and will give
Mondomusica New York the right touch of class & charm!
April 10-12, 2014
How to get there
From Penn Station
Downtown C/E Train to Spring St. Station, then walk
six blocks east.
From Union Square
Downtown N/R Train to Prince St. Station, walk two
blocks south and one block west to Mercer St.
From Grand Central Station
Downtown 6 Train to Spring St. Station, walk three
blocks west to Mercer St.
From Port Authority Bus Terminal (42nd St. & 8th
Downtown C/E Train to Spring St. Station, walk six
blocks east to Mercer St.
April 10-12, 2014
82Mercer - 82 Mercer Street NYC 10012
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Sales information rest of the world
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Event management USA
Susan Carmichael - Cell: +1.914.232.0748
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Press office
Paolo Bodini - Phone: +39.0372.598206; Cell: +39.345.258.6239
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April 10-12, 2014
April 10-12, 2014
The High Value
At Mondomusica New York,
Business and Culture Go Hand In Hand of Prestigious and
There will be many exclusive events at Mondomusica New York
Effective Partnerships
2014, thanks in part to the high-profile individuals and collaborators
The Finest American Exhibition
for International Violin Making
Last year we launched Mondomusica New York, an exhibition for the very best in
contemporary violin making so that we could:
Create a never-before-seen large-scale marketplace and exhibition in
the U.S.A. for stringed instruments, accessories and specialized
publishing companies.
Establish a quality venue dedicated to the community revolving
around violin making and great music.
Support a rich environment of cultural and artistic programs related
to violins and other stringed instruments.
The positive feedback received from the first Mondomusica New York exhibitors
confirm that our objectives were on target and well met:
Dmitry Badiarov - Badiarov Violins (The Hague, NL)
“Mondomusica New York was a great success and I’m very glad that I
had the chance to be a part of it!”
Who Comes To
New York?
involved. Our rich and interesting programs are certain to draw a
varied public composed of both professionals of the violin making
and music industry as well as music enthusiasts. Some of the events
and themes to be discussed during the 2014 show will be:
Taking care of fine instruments
Research into string acoustics
Choosing the right instrument
Understanding the relationship between sound and design
Investing in stringed instruments
Master classes with renowned American musicians
Violin donations to youth organizations in New York City
In addition to those who are looking
to purchase their next fine
instrument, Mondomusica New York
attracts highly qualified professionals
from all areas of the music industry.
In 2013 we had 2,537 attendees:
Christopher Germain - Germain Violins (Philadelphia, PA)
“It’s wonderful to take part in this historic event. The importance of
having Mondomusica in New York lies in the fact that we are now
fortunately able to bring great violin-making to the American public,
who can see our work, meet master violin-makers and learn about the
great tradition of our craft.”
Christopher Reuning - Reuning & Son Violins (Boston, MA)
31% Musicians
23% Instrument makers
22% Distributors,
and buyers
17% Music
and students
4% Collectors
3% Others
Wolfgang Stegmüller - Geigeinbau Stegmüller (Munich, D)
“We’ve had many contacts with professional musicians, some of them
great soloists. We’ve also had excellent coverage in the media,
especially Japanese and German TV networks and also important US
dailies such as the New York Times. The organization was impeccable.”
Giovanni Colonna - Tone Wood International (Cremona, I)
“Mondomusica New York was a positive experience for us,
developing a new virgin market and an opportunity to meet potential
distributors and expose our products to violinmakers and
professionals in the trade.”
The U.S. has never before had an event of this
size dedicated to the world of violin making
164 exhibitors from 14 countries!
Europe (Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Germany, Italy,
the Netherlands, the UK, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain)
Mondomusica New York
Offers Individual Exhibitors
Cross-Marketing Opportunities
We developed the Mondomusica New York communication program
to give our exhibitors an unparalleled opportunity to communicate
with thousands of potential customers through our extensive
database of industry participants. By collaborating together, we will
have a collective marketing communication tool for the entire violin
making industry which will enhance the profile of all individual
Last year our communication efforts reached:
1,613,000 musicians
247,600 dealers and buyers
192,200 music teachers and students
12,000 international journalists
In the United States, Mondomusica New
York has the support of the top two industry
associations: the Violin Society of America
and the American Federation of Violin and
Bow Makers. Italy, Mondomusica New York
can count on the support and patronage from
the ministries most closely connected to art,
craft, culture, and economic development, as
well as from national and local institutions.
This extensive network allows
Mondomusica New York to bring together
the right partnerships for promoting new
business and new artistic and cultural
2,537 visitors:
“It is a real pleasure to welcome Mondomusica to New York. The US
market for handcrafted musical instruments is perhaps the largest in
the world so it is appropriate to introduce these international
craftspeople with this new venue”
The success of the first Mondomusica New
York event was based not only on a
professional and efficient system of
organization, but also on the valuable
support and contribution, in terms of cultural
values, from the most highly qualified
associations and institutions operating in the
world of music and violin making.
(2013 figures)
Asia (Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore)
(2013 figures)