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Star Struck
Why that Tower Shines
Featured in this issue:
Photo complimentary of RHSAA Board member Dean Stephens, ‘76
The Historical Committee of the City of Richmond plans to place a historical marker
in front of the high school in the near future honoring the remarkable architecture of
the building. There is also work in progress to place the site on the
National Historic Register.
Built in 1937-1939, classes were first held in the fall of 1939 with some areas still under construction. The first graduating class was the Class of 1940. The adjoining
McGuire Hall was completed and dedicated in December 1941.
It truly is an impressive landmark towering on the bank of the Whitewater River.
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Page 2
25th Anniversary Edition
From the
Mary Lou
Hello there!
It will be ten years in April that I have
been your RHS Alumni Executive Director. I had no idea what a wonderful
job this would become for me. To be
able to represent talented alumni from
around the nation, to get to speak and
meet them and hear their stories has
changed me.
That first year, with the duties loosely
defined, I began jumping in and learning as I went. Over time, the board
would listen as I began saying “I have
an idea.”
The 2015-2016 Alumni Board
(organized in 1990)
Sharon Sanders, ‘63, President
Nancy Wright Manning, ‘65 VP
John L Hitch, ‘56, Treasurer
Sandie Rans Rowe, ‘64, Secretary
Joyce Hill Owen, ‘55
Nancy Van Etten Cox, ‘56
Saundra Wiles Gore, ‘57
Doug Oler, ‘58
Bonnie McClain, ‘60
Duane Hodgin, ‘62
Debbie Hardman Ninde, ‘69
David Brumfield, ‘73
Pam Lawrence Hagy, ‘76
Dean Stephens, ‘78
Some of those ideas have put our name
out in the community as a group of people that gives back.
Sherri Dillon Bergum, ‘86
We held an Annual Banquet for five
years, awarded 37 diplomas to veterans,
created the Platinum Prom for our seniors of the area, and produced a magazine that emulates those of a college.
The Charter Members
Since 2000, more than $664,000.00 has
been given to 360 alumni in scholarships. We expanded the opportunity
from graduating seniors to alumni living
in the area, filling a need in the community.
Learning to partner with other organizations gave us credibility. We are known
to carry a project to completion.
The future of RHSAA is bright. The
office is full of history and accomplishments and memories. Just like you look
back on your time at RHS, I look back
and think “can it really be ten years already.”
I hope all of you find at least one article
in this issue that touches your heart and
makes you smile.
Jane Taube Niccum, ‘88
Andy Cecere, Richmond
Roger Cornett, ‘56, Richmond
Ron Cross, ‘65, Richmond
Ray Imperial, ‘46, Highland Beach Fl
James Kinnett
Paul Lingle, ‘59, Richmond
Lamar Lundy, ‘53 , Deceased
Barry McDowell , Deceased
Marshall Moore, ‘58, Silver City NM
Fred Powers, Deceased
Gene Spicer, ‘75 , Deceased
Art Vivian , Deceased
Dana Weigle , Eaton OH
Page 3
Our Mission Statement
“ The success of Richmond’s economic competitiveness and quality of
life depends, to a large extent, on the
quality and number of years of higher
education our young people receive.
Employers in our community require
employees that can not only read,
write, and solve problems, but also
communicate and demonstrate leadership skills.
Without skilled employees, Richmond’s economic future is uncertain.
To be an economic leader in our
community, state, and nation, we
must first be a leader in education of
our children.”
Programs created from the
Alumni office since 2005
2005—Review of investments with
Wayne County Foundation for Scholarship funds
2005-Changed newsletter to magazine
2006– All Class Reunion / Mortonite
2006– Alumni added to graduating
seniors for RCIP program
2006—donations of $20 for members
and $20 for scholarship began
2007 - Veterans Diploma Program
2007– Hall of Honor created at RHS–
office moved to larger room.
2007-2010– Annual Banquet
2008– RHS 100 years of Basketball
book produced
2008– Platinum Prom began with
RHS Student Council
2010—Saluting our Current Soldiers
and partnered with Pal-Item for In
Honor of Service column
2011—Welcome Home Vietnam with
local merchants and Veterans in area
2011– Back to School Rally
2012– full color magazine
2013— New Website with ability to
take charge card payments—posted
resumes for alumni
2014—Music Festival with Starr
Gennett, Earlham, IU East and RCS
2015- We will see what comes next.
To Catch a Falling Star
Thinking about stories we have presented in the Register, I wanted to choose the one that moved me the most.
I interviewed Charlie Crye about his work at Hills Roses. But this is ‘the rest of the story.”
Charlie Crye
2008 at his home
It was November and they slept in the cold
in tents. They were constantly strafed by
the German Air Corp.
One of Charlie’s brothers, Allen, ‘37, reported to the Army when Charlie did.
Charlie saw Allen in Africa. Allen was in
Intelligence and was able to find his big
brother after Operations Torch
(11/8/1942—11/11/1942) was won.
Sometimes Charlie Crye would take the
keys to his dad’s car after he had left for
work and drive himself to school, come
home for lunch, and get the car back before
dad came home.
Charlie enjoyed going to the YMCA especially on Friday and Saturday evening to
play basketball.
He had a paper route. His brothers had
given it up and he did too when he became
a senior, going to work for Jack Everly in
his shoe store.
Charlie liked to dance. He really liked Big
Band music. So did his friends Clayton
Bartel, Charlie McGuire and Julian Vigran.
They would take someone’s car and some
girls and go to Dayton to hear Benny Goodman or Artie Shaw. “At the Lakeside, you
could ‘come as you are’ and the Miami
Biltmore they asked you to wear a tux.”
He went to work at NATCO after graduation in 1935. There were 45 other engineers
and he was the youngest. This meant he did
not get an exemption when the war began in
August of 1941 and he was drafted into the
US Army.
He was part of the 62nd Coast Artillery
Battalion and was sent to Algeria– French
Morocco, Tunisia, and Sicily.
“I had never seen a corpse before going to
Africa; never been to a funeral. Seeing all
the dead and wounded makes one lose their
sense of reason, thinking that, there, but for
the grace of God, go I.”
They were given a new gun a 9mm that was
much better than the 3” guns that the Army
had been using.
From Africa, Charlie was sent to Sicily and
Operation Huskey. General George Patton
took over from General Eisenhower. Crye
saw Patton speak to the 7th Army. “I hope
you boys kill a lot of those …. Germans” ,
he told the men.
They fought Mussolini and followed him
to Italy. He was part of the Rom-Arno
invasion on the coast of Italy. The terrain
was rough and a lot of small battles made
this one of the hardest fought campaigns in
In August, 1944 he was sent to France.
They fought the Germans in France and
then into Germany. His brother Allen
found him again about 15 miles north of
Marcel France two days after the invasion
in 1945. They were the first Americans to
reach the Rhine River and fought a major
bloody battle in Alsace and Lorraine where
the 7th lost many men.
Perhaps the boy who had never seen a
corpse or war had seen too much.
Perhaps the song of his carefree high
school days took him back home too
Though he was not physically injured,
he suffered the mental anguish so
many in combat understand.
He came back to Richmond, got married and studied engineering on the GI
bill. He worked various jobs until
running into class mate, Joanna Hill
Mikesell and her husband Dick. They
offered him a job at the Richmond
plant of Hills Roses supervising 20
He shipped roses from the Depot and
traveled to the other 15 corporations
around the Midwest for the company.
He recalled his first trip by plane to
Chicago for Hills. He smoked cigarettes then.
“I lit a cigarette as soon as the pilot
said it was o.k. and before I could
smoke all of it, he came back on saying we were ready to land”.
Charlie has seven bronze stars standing for the seven big combats he
fought in the war.
He got ‘V’ mail. He was in Germany when
the war ended in May of 1945. He heard a
song playing on the radio. It was Catch a
Falling Star by Hoagie Carmichael.
He raised three sons: Don, Jack and
Berry who all live out west and whom
he rarely saw after divorcing their
“I remember hearing the first two lines
and I blacked out. The next thing I remember I was back in the US and sitting
on a train in Boston and a lady was leaning over me asking me ‘would you like
some chocolate milk and a donut?’”
He liked to draw cartoons as evidenced by his high school Pierians.
Mr. Holder was his homeroom
teacher. He was no nonsense.
I sat there in this little man’s kitchen and
watched his bright blue eyes that were
almost blind now tear up.
“I remember the train came through
Columbus OH and through Richmond.
Oh, I wanted so to get off the train but
had to stay on it until we reached Indianapolis and was later released. Do you
know I still don’t know where I was or
what happen those weeks.”
Page 4
“Boys didn’t attempt to roll any marbles on the floor in his class”.
He had fond memories of Morton high
school and his teachers and friends.
I have fond memories of that afternoon in the winter of 2009 when I got
to meet a true American hero.
Whenever I hear that song, I think of
Charlie Crye and smile.
(originally printed in the RHSAA Register
Nov,2009. Crye died May 27, 2011 and
was buried on Memorial Day.)
Veteran Stories
More than 6000 veterans reside in Wayne County. One alumni is documenting their stories.
Author Duane Hodgin, PhD ‘62
Book Celebrates Area Vets
Newest RHSAA Board member, Duane
Hodgin, ‘62 of Richmond has just completed his 3rd military book entitled
Wayne County Indiana-Veterans of the
Korea and Vietnam Wars- Forgotten
Warriors: Against the Odds.
The first two books featured stories of
area and statewide veterans of WWII.
This new book honors the sacrifice of the
Korean and Vietnam Conflicts.
Hodgin has served 43 yeas as an educator
and administrator with ten years at RCS.
He received his PhD from Miami University at Oxford OH. He and his wife Sandra Armacost Hodgin, ‘63, moved back
to Richmond last year.
Duane also serves on the board for the
Wayne County Historical Museum,
where one can order a copy of the second
two books. Cost is $32.10 and can be
purchased by check or card. (Shipping is
extra). It is available after April 1st.
All funds benefit the Wayne County
Historical Museum. To purchase call 765
-962-5756 at 1150 N “A” Street, Richmond IN 47374, or you can email [email protected]
PIO Gary Coleman ‘47
E-5 Steve Koger ‘67
From Gary Coleman, Richmond
From Steve Koger, ‘67 Richmond:
Gary Coleman graduated in 1947 from
RHS. He spend two years at Purdue before being drafted in February of 1951 for
the Korean War.
Gary is married to Betty Feining Coleman, ‘49. They are the parents of Carol
Coleman Mayberry, ‘72, David Coleman,
‘76, and Lisa Coleman Murray, ‘81.
Gary is retired from real estate sales with
Lingle Real Estate.
Steve Koger graduated in 1967 from
RHS. He lives in Richmond with wife
Kaye Alsop Koger, ‘74 who serves as
head of the RHS Math Department.
They are the parents of Aaron,Koger,
‘06 and Julie Koger Smith, ‘90.
“I served as a public information officer
“In one firefight, I was wounded when
shrapnel from enemy mortar fire hit me.
Thee were eight dead and twenty-seven
wounded from both of our platoons.
(PIO) My responsibility was to interview the
troops on the front lines and send their stories
home to the local newspapers. A combat
photographer usually went with me. I estimated that during my year in Korea, I interviewed more than one hundred combat
troops. Being so close to the front lines, I lost
eighty percent of my hearing.”
“there were many bloody battles in the Korean War. One time I was on a hilltop preparing for an interview and a captain came
up to me and told me to get my head down.
He said the North Koreans had high–
powered, long-range rifles. Needless to say, I
remembered to keep my head down.”
Supplied Photos from
Augustine Printers
Page 5
Steve retired from the Palladium Item
in 2013 after 45 years as their photographer.
“One day I received a letter from my mom
which included an article about a guy who
was killed in Vietnam. I had worked with
him in the mailroom at the Palladium Item
newspaper. He was Daniel Sinnott and in
my unit but I never say him. He was in
country for only a month and was returned
home and buried before I returned to my
“His death still haunts me today. I think
maybe if I had been there to help him, he
wouldn’t have been killed. From this time
on, ‘things went to hell.’”
“In another firefight, guys in the other
platoon had been hit with heavy machine
gun fire. Some were dead and others
were badly injured. One guy was in severe pain and we had to find a way to get
him out. Another guy and I ran back to
the tree and got the ladder and used it as
a litter to carry him. I later learned that
the injured soldier was Rocky Bleir, the
former All-American football player from
Notre Dame who played professional
football for the Pittsburg Steelers and
Cincinnati Bengals.”
The first book Duty-Honor-Country is
available from Barnes & Noble or at
The Cobbler’s Sons
The Italian Community grew on the North Side of Richmond. They came here to build railroads.
Once here, they become merchants and employers.
Their children, first generation Americans proudly served in WWII and beyond. Here is one story.
The Cobbler and his Wife
Louis (Luigi) and Maria Vecera were Italian Catholics living in the south end of Richmond in the 1930’s and 40’s.
Louis (Luigi Elia) was born 10-14-1895 in Peschici, Italy, the youngest of six children. He came first to Canada at
the age of seventeen and later came to Richmond to join his brother, Jimmy. They both worked for the railroad.
Maria Mitrione Vecera was born 6-11-1900 in the Province of Avellino, Italy and came to Richmond at the age of
fifteen. Her father worked for the railroad in Richmond and had come alone to the New World. He saved money
and sent for his family in 1915.
Louis and Maria were married
2-9-1916 at St Mary’s in Richmond. Louis was working for
the railroad and then moved to
New Castle with his new bride,
buying and selling lumber. A
KKK group chose to burn a
cross in their front yard, seeing
them as dark skinned. This
motivated the couple to move
back to Richmond.
They opened a restaurant where
Maria was known for her cooking. Once the children were
born, they closed the restaurant
and Louis opened a cobbler’s
shop. It was located at North
“E” and North 8th Street, close
to the Depot and in the bustling
manufacturing district. It was a
good spot for business, that is
until the day in the 1950’s the
train jumped the tracks and
plowed into his small shop. He
was able to recover his inventory but the shop was destroyed.
Louis then worked for a
brief time at the MotoMower plant on South 7th
Maria, a seamstress,
worked for Atlas Glove and
Nettle Creek Industries.
She was credited for designing a bedspread for
Bing Crosby while at Nettle Creek.
Louis became a citizen in
1941 and Maria in 1943.
Louis died in 1986 and
Maria in 1993, both living
into their nineties- Louis 91
and Maria 93.
They are buried in St Andrews Cemetery in Richmond.
(Photo from Buon Giorno,
Richmond, by Teresa
Bueme-Matson and Elizabeth Pappano Maddox.
Courtesy of Diana Vecera
Louis and Maria were the parents of four sons and two daughters; Carmella,(1917 - ) Gaetano “Guy”,(191911/28/1994) Edward Michael, (1921- 1/23/09), Louise, (1923 - ), Vincent(1928 - ) and Eugene (G 1940–
12/25/2003) .
Their children attended the Catholic school at St Andrews until eight grade. For high school they then attended
Morton and Richmond High Schools. The Catholic Church did not have a high school at that time. English was a
second language for them.
Upon graduation, Guy and Edward both joined the Navy. Along with Vincent, the three sons saw some of the worst
battles in WWII. Their stories offer a view of what the war was like for those that served. When old enough, youngest Eugene also joined the Navy.
Page 6
The Cobbler’s Sons (cont)
The movie, Pearl Harbor, told of the bravery of the men on the USS West Virginia at Pearl Harbor.
Two of the Cobbler’s sons were there.
In 2008, Edward sent the alumni office the historial information included here of his time in the war.
Gaetano “Guy” Vecera Q M 3c
1919 –11/29/1994
Guy and Edward Survive
Pearl Harbor Attack
An article in the Palladium on Dec 26,
1946, with a preface (“this has been
cleared through the Office of Censorship,
Washington DC”) told the details told by
Edward M Vecera about the attack on
Pearl Harbor and the hardships he and his
brother Guy endured. He had come home
on leave for Christmas.
Both boys were aboard the USS West
Virginia when it took hits from 5–
18” (457mm) Japanese aircraft torpedoes
on the port side and 2- 16” (406mm)
shells that hit the fins, one hit coming
from a Jap midget sub.
“I was at the wheel with the captain
when the bombs began busting everywhere” relays Edward. “The torpedoes
were hitting their mark on our ships.
Sr Chief Edward Vecera, ‘46
5/8/1921– 1/23/09
Captain Mervyn S Benton refused to
leave his ship and men. He strongly
protested, staying at his post. The Captain had been hit in his hip which was
badly injured, preventing him from using his legs. He, himself recoverd his
bowels and a medic placed a bandage
over his stomach, being told by the Captain to go and tend to the other men.
Captain Bennion finally allowed himself
to be carried to the deck by a cook
named Doris Miller.
Knowing that he was dying, Bennion
stayed with the ship through the first and
second attacks, more than an hour apart.
He led his men through the fire below
and then during the second bombing
encouraged them to stay with the ship as
they shot down 20 or more Japanese
planes in the second wave. For those
two hours, the captain hung on.
The boys were separated during the confusion of the attack.
The second wave stopped and twenty
minutes later, the Captain died, saying
“I’m gone.” He later was awarded the
Congressional Medal of Honor for his
“When the first torpedo hit our ship, it
knocked out our lights and the boys had
to begin using the emergency lanterns.
The captain started to find his way from
the wheel, and I followed but became
lost before reaching the conning tower.
Just as the captain walked out of the
conning tower, a piece of shrapnel hit
him in the abdomen, fatally wounding
The USS West Virginia was the newest
battleship in the US fleet, built in 1921.
Edward said this shows how unprepared
the US was for a naval war. She sat
between the USS Oklahoma that turned
over and the USS Arizona that blew up.
Shrapnel from the USS Tennessee that
was also nearby, struck many men including the captain of the West Virginia.
The ship was paralyzed in port.
“Perhaps I would have been lost at Pearl
Harbor, too, if I had stayed with the
Page 7
This poster of Dorie Miller
was used to recruit soldiers
and sailors for WWII
Nicknamed the “Wee Vee”, the
USS West Virginia was docked in
Battleship Row on the southeast
side of Ford Island. The Japanese
hit her with seven torpedoes on
Sunday morning around 8 am on
December 7, 1941.
Sixty-six men were trapped inside.
Their bodies were found when the
ship was pumped out on May 17,
A calendar found with three of the
men in the storage area showed
they had lived until Dec 23, 1941.
They survived on sea rations and
fresh water stored there. The ship
was eventually rebuilt and put back
into service.
The Cobbler’s Sons (cont)
Edward Vecera was born 5/8/1921, He went back to school after the war and graduated in 1946.
Doris Miller,
Cook 3rd Class
Doris Miller became the first African American in the US Navy to
receive the Navy Cross. (he was
portrayed by Cuba Gooding Jr in the
2001 movie Pearl Harbor).
Captain Mervyn S Bennion
received the Congressional Medal of
Honor from FDR. On July 7, 1943, a
destroyer was named in his honor the
USS Bennion. It was christened by his
widow, Louise Bennion died at age 54.
The Sinking of the
USS West Virginia
Doris Miller, (10/12/1919—10/24/1943)
was black. He was six foot tall and
weighed 200 lbs. He grew up in Waco,
Texas, played football in high school, and
enjoyed squirrel hunting. He dropped out
of school and in 1939, at age 20, he
joined the US Navy.
He was assigned to the mess crew of the
USS West Virginia in January of 1940.
After the ship was attacked in Pearl Harbor, Dec 7, 1941, Lt Doir C Johnson ordered Miller to assist him and carry the
mortally wounded Captain Bennion topside. His size and strength helped bring
the Captain to a safe spot. Then Lt Frederick H White ordered him to help load
an unmanned Browning 150 caliber antiaircraft machine gun. During WWII,
African Americans were not allowed to
operate guns. Upon loading the gun, with
no one else to do so, Dorie Miller decided
to shoot at incoming Jap planes that were
continuing to bomb the disabled ship.
Miller only stopped when the ammo ran
out. Then he was ordered by Lt Claude V
Rickets to help move the dying Captain
again to a more sheltered area by the conning tower. After moving the Captain, he
assisted other wounded men by moving
them to the quarter deck, saving many
lives while under fire. Edward Vecera
continued his memories:
“Finally word came around to abandon
ship as the ammunition magazines
where about to blow up. Someone
pushed me into a motor launch being
used to transport men to shore while
others dove into the sea or stayed with
the ship and went down with her.”
Chester Nimitz pins the Navy
Cross on Cook Third Class
Doris Miller aboard the USS
Enterprise on May 27, 1942.
Miller was KIA when the USS
Liscomb Bay sank 11/24/1943.
Edward Vecera also told of seeing his fellow
crew members in the water, attempting to
swim away from the spreading oil slick from
the USS Arizonia.
The oil was on fire and was covering the
bay. Many of the them were caught under
the burning oil as it became attached to their
skin and they drowned. He still had not seen
anything of his brother, Guy.
The attack was just the beginning of that
horrible day. A long day lay ahead as the
survivors had to find their way through thick
smoke, swimming in the water and wandering on the land. The next few days were
Brothers are Reunited
Edward and Guy had not seen one another
for three days after the attack, not knowing
if either had survived or was wounded. That
reunion was uplifting according to Edward.
Edward volunteered to help fight the fires on
the disabled planes. He worked eight hour
shifts. One can only imagine the smell of
the smoke, the sound of the ammunitions
firing from the heat, and the sight if the dead
everywhere. He said that one ship burned
for eight days before the fire went out.
“the great oil fire aboard the West Virginia
continued despite the best efforts of all the
nearly 30 hours during which time extensive additional damage was done… Working in relays, these sailors fought the
smoky flames into Monday, winning the
contest late that afternoon.”
“Quartermaster Edward Vecera ran up
battle colors with a new flag borrowed from
another ship.”
Edward and his brother, Guy both survived that day.
Nineteen days after the attack, he was placed
onboard a group of Japanese fighting vessels
that had been confiscated. He was later
transported by gunboat. His brother, Guy,
was put aboard a destroyer escort.
“The Japs had shown no mercy– Americans fleeing from burning and sinking
ships were strafed from the air.”
Edward Vecera received a letter for his gallantry “beyond the lines of duty” for his help
during the attack and the days after.
Edward also told of a gunner on the transport with him as they left the ship:
Eventually all the sailors that survived the
attack and were able to proceed, were assigned to new ships. Edward was sent to
New York to be re-deployed. The war was
now raging in the South Pacific and the US
sailors were needed.
“he buried his face in his hands, crying
in despair.”
Page 8
The Cobbler’s Sons (cont)
Vet Diplomas
Information came from first hand account by Quartermaster Edward Vecera, Wikapedia, & Destroyer
Squadron 61 Anti - Shipping Sweep by Bob Culver of the USS Samuel N Moore DD 747)
More Battles Fought
Edward was assigned to the USS
Brush for the duration of the war until
1946. The USS Brush, named for
Charles F Brush, an inventor, was
launched 12/28/1943 with Commander
J E Edwards. She arrived at Pearl
Harbor and departed port 9/8/1944,
escorting the convoy to the Ulithi and
Palau Islands. She helped provide air
cover while troops fought the Japs in
fortified caves.
From October to November in 1944,
the Brush launched air attacks at
Leyte, Samar, and Luzon which precluded the invasion of the Philippines.
These were the first battles where the
Japanese used Kamikaze suicide attacks.
The Brush returned to the Carolina
Islands for repairs and was fitted with
newly created radar equipment. She
patrolled the South China Sea until
Feb, 10, 1945. She then headed for
Tokyo with the 5th Fleet.
She was the ship that also took part in
the Nashi Shoto strikes in January of
1945, the Invasion of Iwo Jima, Feb
and March and then the Battle of Okinawa from March 17th to April 27,
1945. Edward Vecera tells;
The USS Brush was there at the surrender of Japan on September 2, 1945.
Edward recalls that the US did not trust
the Japanese to actually surrender and
feared they would send the USS Missouri for the ceremony into the bay and
into a trap. The entire 5th and 7th fleets
were in the bay as blockage but also as
support for the mission of the Missouri.
Received their
Diplomas from
Decreed by the State of Indiana, those
who attended high school in Indiana
and left during war time without receiving their high school diplomas, are
allowed to receive their diplomas.
The Surrender of Japan
They must have served during these
WWI between 4/6/1917—11/11/1918,
WWII between 12/07/41 –12/31/1946
Korea between 6/27/1950—1/31/1955
Vietnam between 8/5/1964—5/7/1975
Edward remembers seeing the US
planes fly over the ship as they flew to
Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6,
1945. They carried the atomic bombs
that ended the war.
Then on August 15,1945 the crew of
the USS Brush listened to Admiral
Halsey tell them in a broadcast that the
Japs agreed to surrender.
The Diploma List
2008-Roy L Burden, ‘14, KIA 12/9/19
2006 -Fred Adlesperger, ’38, now Deceased
2006-Donavan Blouse, ’47, now Deceased
2006- Robert Chasteen, ’46, now Deceased
2006-Chester Corder, ’46, now Deceased
2006-Ralph Hymer, ’44, Deceased
There were 100 or more men in the
2006-Alfred Phenis Jr, ’45, now Deceased
Tokyo Bay that day that had survived
2006-Robert Beach, ’44, Deceased
the bombings at Pearl Harbor. It had
2006-Eugene Bridgford, ’43, now Deceased
taken almost four years, hundreds of
2006-Glen Clark, ’46, Deceased
miles of ocean, millions of dollars in
2006-David Hoff, ’43, now Deceased
ammunitions and countless lives to
2006-Thomas Noe, ’44, now Deceased
come to that day of reckoning.
2006-Mark Salzarulo,’44, KIA
“The USS Brush had steamed 144,000 2006-William Weller Jr, ’46, Deceased
miles and burned 5,400.000 gallons of 2007-Albert L Albano, ’42, Deceased,
2007-John F Lopresti, ’43, Deceased
fuel in its travels.”
2007-Joseph F Lopresti, ’42, Deceased
She sunk 15 mines, rescued 20 pilots
2007-Joseph P McGill, ’42, now Deceased
and six crewmen only loosing four
2007-James P McGill, ’41, Deceased
crew members.
2007-Audrie Ross Jr, ’46, Dayton
2007-James C Stephens, ’44, Deceased
(from the Mountain State Battleship, USS
2007-Ransom Stigleman, ’44, Evansville IN
West Virginia by Myron J Smith Jr.)
2007-Paul A Umstead, ’46, now Deceased
(from Memoirs supplied by EdVecera)
2007-Robert L Wolfe,’46, now Deceased
Alumni Veterans that
2008-Rodney Dunham, ’44. Deceased
“All I can say of war is I hate it like
nobody would ever believe. It is the
stupidest thing we have ever done.
Surely, someday we will find a way to
avoid another”.
On July, 1, 1945, The USS Brush
bombed the Japanese mainland and by
July 23rd she was sweeping the Tokyo
Bay for mines. Two enemy ships were
sunk. For seventy-five days she remained off the coast of Japan.
They qualify if they left due to enlistment or draft.
If the veteran is deceased, the diploma
is awarded to a family member. If the
note says “now deceased” at the right,
the veteran has died since the diploma
was awarded.
Please See list at the right.
Page 9
2008–William Dale Lewis, ‘44, Deceased
2009-Paul Bradbum Sr, ‘42, Deceased
Korean War
2009-James Henry Phenis, ‘47, now Dec
2012–Herman Fluellen,’53,Las Vegas NV
Vietnam Conflict
2008-Darrell Hoskins, ‘68, Richmond
2008–Paul Powell, ‘73, Carmel, IN,
2008-Terry Wiles, ’66, KIA 6/18/66
2008-Jon Vannatta, ’63, KIA 8/18/65
2009–Mark Layman, ‘66, Richmond
2009–Danny T Smith,’70, Peoria AZ
2012-Roger Runyon, ‘68, Richmond
If you know someone that did not receive
their high school diploma due to service
during these time frames, please contact the
alumni office to see if they qualify. They
can be living or deceased, living anywhere.
We need to know their date of enlistment or
draft, their date of discharge, their rank at
discharge, and that they left service with an
honorable discharge, KIA or MIA.
Even if they completed a GED after service,
they can still receive their RHS diploma.
1965 ~ 50 Years of Memories
Vietnam, Vatican Council II, Gemini 8, Willie Mays, “My Fair Lady”, “Wooly Bully”,
Pop Tarts, SpaghettiOs, EPCOT, “Lost in Space”, Voting Rights, March on Selma,
Anti War protest march Washington DC, MLK and LBJ all part of their history.
The Class of 1965
Went to War
Page 10
Amos Abney
Ron Amyx
Jerry Bolt
Raymond Brown
Richard G Brown
Louis Bullock
Charles Chamberlain
Michael Conti
David Dice
John Eadler
Price Faulkner
Richard Foreman
James Gross
Terry Hall
Mark Hamilton
George Hasemier
James Hayden
Stan Juerling
Jimmy Johnson
Donald Jones
Robert Kenworthy
Jay Martin
Clayton Maxwell
Joe Pappano
Danny Parrett
Donald Ponder
Bob Rosa
Ron Robinson
Larry Shipley
Marc Skinner
Richard Snarr
Richard Tegeler
Jim Thornburg
Tom tiemeyer
Curtis Walker
Doug Walkey
Steven Wright
George Zurwell
SgtThomas Dietemeyer
KIA 2-12-1967US Army
Shining Stars
These Alumni have been recognized for their outstanding abilities and “Giving Back” to others.
Rob Quigg
to IU
Harold Jones ‘58
(Pictured while
speaking at
McGuire Hall in
2013 )
(IU Supplied
Richmond resident, Robb Quigg, ‘88,
was elected to the Indiana University
Foundation Board in September, 2014.
The Foundation, which began in 1936,
states, “we are thrilled to welcome an
executive of Rob’s commitment to the
foundation board.” Board president
Dan Smith also stated “his passion for
supporting higher education as a means
of creating future opportunities for
those in his region makes him a crucial
addition …”
Rob has served as treasurer of his family– owned business, The Richmond
Baking Company since 2002. He currently serves as VP of Accounting. Rob
and wife Kelli are involved in many
philanthropic efforts including director
of the Quigg Family Foundation, which
contributes to several other organizations in the local area.
In 2007, Quigg received the prestigious
Philanthropy Cornerstone Award for his
part in the $2.1 million Campaign for
Community which supports nursing and
scientific laboratories with scholarships
and a new Center for Entrepreneurship.
Rob graduated from IU in 1993 with a
bachelor’s degree in history. In 1997,
he also earned a certified public accountant certificate from IUPUI.
He has been instrumental in fund raising for the new athletic hall for the IU
East campus.
The Quigg Family Foundation has
benefited the Jeffers Unit Girls and
Boys Club with a library, Reid Hospital
Nursing with a Simulation lab and Earlham School of Religion with the Quigg
Room to name a few of their projects.
(information from9/29/14 news release from
Indiana University)
at the
Jazz Drummer, Harold Jones, ‘58 of Los
Angles CA, is no stranger to the spotlight. Singer Tony Bennett and Lady
Gaga performed with Jones on stage at
the 2015 Grammy Awards. The group
received a standing ovation for the song
“Cheek to Cheek”, also the name of the
collaboration album that won for best
traditional pop vocal category.
The “Cheek to Cheek” world tour found
Harold in Florida the week of Valentines
Day and then to Hawaii the following
week. When he texted your director, she
commented he was pretty smart to be in
the warmer climates during this recordcold winter. “It’s because of all those
hours in McGuire Hall” texted Jones
The tour will take Jones to the Hollywood Bowl, Radio City Music Hall, The
Royal Albert Hall in London, and the
Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland.
This is not the first Grammy-winning
album that has included the talents of
Harold Jones. “Unforgettable with
Love”, and “Still Unforgettable” with
Natalie Cole, : “Warm Breeze” by Count
Basie, “Gershwin Live” by Sarah
Vaughan, “Live at the Appollo” by B. B.
King and “Duets: An All American Classic” and “Duets II” by Tony Bennett
have all led to a Grammy for Jones.
This year’s Grammys also saw RHS
Alumni Jeff Hamilton in attendance for
his drumming on “The L.A. Treasures
Project” nominated for best jazz ensemble album. Hamilton’s group, The Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra did not
receive the award; it going to “Life in the
Bubble” by Gordon Goowin’s Big PHat
(Information from Palladium Item article and
personal interview)
Page 11
Wayne Stidham ‘34
50 years of
Service in
(JA Supplied
On March 19th, 2015, The Junior
Achievement of Eastern Indiana,Inc
honored Wayne Stidham as an outstanding businessman.
As one of our eldest Morton Alumni,
Wayne Stidham, ‘34 is still actively
working to benefit others. As a contributor to the soon- to-be-built Cope
Environmental Center, he is engaged
with the community, just as he was in
his younger years.
His work ethic came from his parents as
he grew up during the Great Depression. The youngest of seven children,
he went to work at a grocery store at the
age of 13. He graduated from Morton
and went to work at Second National
Bank. His career, interrupted by his
service in WWII, spanned more than
fifty years from 1936 to 1987.
Wayne attended Richmond Business
College, Earlham’s Institute for Executive Growth in 1957 and graduated from
the University of Wisconsin’s School of
Banking in 1959. He also completed
courses at the Commercial Bank Management School at Columbia University
in 1963.
Constantly, throughout his life he
showed great leadership in fund raising
for the rebuilding of Downtown Richmond after the explosion, keeping
Wayne Works from leaving, and the
Townsend Center. His passion for education was seen as he helped create the
college campuses on Chester Blvd,
helping to bring Ivy Tech, IU East and
Purdue Richmond to the area. He is the
father of John,’58, David, 59, and Susie
Ferrell Stidham, ‘65 and resides at
Friends Fellowship in Richmond.
Distinguished Alumni
The Rosa Family
2015 Reunions
Four people of one family are being honored this spring as our 2015 Distinguish
Alumni. Together they have continued a
strong local business, strengthened the
area Chamber of Commerce, built the
Girls Inc. strong, served our country,
served our school, taught our children and
exemplified the idea of “Giving Back”
that the RHSAA champions.
Bob Rosa Sr ‘37
Distinguished Alumni Award 2015Academic Excellence program at Civic
Hall Friday, May 8th at 8 pm.
Bob Sr and Becky, parents, were high
school sweethearts. In 1937, the Morton
Pierian says of Bob Sr, “girls secretly
sighed over him, but Bob had two main
interests—sleeping & Becky.”
In 1938, it speaks of Becky, as “is the
perfect example of friendliness, pep, winning personality, combined with executive ability.”
Class of 1951—Annual Lunch– The date
of Sat, Sept 18th –MCL Cafeteria. For
more information, contact Ben Kovach at
[email protected] or call at 765966-1880.
Becky Hudelson Rosa ‘38
Becky studied nursing at Reid Memorial
Hospital before she and Bob Sr married in
1939. Together they owned Rosa’s Office
Supply from 1951-1982, with Bob as
President and Becky as Secretary. They
attended the Lutheran Church, raised two
children; Bob Jr and Jo Ann Rosa Lucas,
served the Wernle Home, The Boys and
Girls Club, and Girls Inc.
“Buy Local” can always be associated
with Bob Jr. Education with Jane.
Young Bob followed in his father’s footsteps both at work and marriage. After
serving in the US Army during Vietnam,
he attended Purdue and Indiana University, studying engineering. He married his
classmate and high school sweetheart,
Jane. He took over the family business in
Bob Rosa Jr ‘65
Class of 1960—55th - The dates of Sept
11– Little Shebas and Sept 12th– Tarrium
Shrine Club with a possible golf outing on
Saturday. For more information, contact
Bill Brandenburg at [email protected] or
call at 765-962– 7232.
Class of 1965—50th—The dates of Friday, Aug 7th and Sat Aug 8th have been
chosen. Friday is at Little Sheba’s and Sat
at Forest Hills Country Club. For more
information contact Nancy Wright Manning at [email protected] or 765-2770461 or Gary Wiggans at [email protected] or 765-966-2258. Also
see the Facebook page at The RHS Class
of ‘65 Richmond IN.
Class of 1973 - Turning 60 Birthday
Party. Plans are just beginning– for more
info contact Diana Bennett DeSonie at
[email protected]
Class of 1985— 30th—The date of Saturday July 25th at the Elks. For more information, contact Rachel Vincent Etherington at [email protected]
Both Bob’s had two children; Sheryl Rosa
of Chicago, Illinois, and Jill Rosa of Portland, Oregon. Jane, the teacher for RCS,
saw her daughters receive both their Masters and Doctorate degrees.
Bob died in 2011, after selling the family
business in 2006. John Hauptstueck, current owner, commented “there was a
painted statement on the wall that read
‘We Support Academic Excellence in our
Schools’ when I got here.” The Distinguished Alumni Award will be presented
to Jane and family as part of the Academic Excellence program at Civic Hall
May 8th at 7 pm.
The Platinum Prom—Sat April 18th at
the RHS Cafeteria 6:30—9 pm— open to
anyone 60 and older. Free gift from RHS
Student Council. Rush County Big Band
live music. To make a reservation please
contact RHSAA office at 765-973-3338 or
[email protected] by April 11th.
Class of 1995— Plans just beginning.
For more information contact Jenny Dillon at 317-523-7695.
Jane Bell Rosa ‘65
Page 12
Class of 2005—10th—Plans just beginning. For more information contact Clark
Jordan at 765-993-3950 or Rhett E
Schroeder at 765-914-7398 or [email protected]
RHSAA Scholarship Funds Report for 2014
(Richmond College Incentive Program)
Art Vivian challenged others to
match is $50,000.00 contribution.
Other early contributions include:
Ray Imperial $50,000
Margaret Pearce
Frederickson $50,000.00
Michael Holthouse $50,000.00
Bill, Alan and Dave Mercurio
Tom Raper $50,000.00
C Allan Rosar $50,000.00
George Clinton $200,.000.00
Ann Bockhoff Ellis $75,000.00
John K Merrell and Family
Fred and Patty Powers Trust
George Reller $6,000.00
Zella Etchison $5,641.00
Class of 1949 $7,000.00
Class of 1944 $5,000.00
Dudley & Ruth Johnson $6,970.00
Since 2005 these have been received
and added to the RCIP:
Uldeen Christenbury Estate
2006- $19,847.18
Patricia Ann Noper Estate
Leonard W & Catherine Lee
Rockwell, 1936 Fund
2011— $12,000.00
George Rohe $12,000.00
Dils Fund
transferred to RCIP in 2014
Fred and Patty Powers Fund
Annual gifts of $2,500.00
Those pledging future contributions:
Marshal Moore $5,000.00
Jane Youngflesh Vincent $10,000.00
Ron Cross $25,000.00
Ray Imperial $50,000.00
Paul Lingle Family $100,000.00
1995—2005 Creation of RCIP
At the Wayne County Foundation
Principal Balance - $656,984.47
Balance as of 12/31/14—$873,958.33
The following funds that are
Separately Held from RCIP
Thomas N Coffin Fund
(created by will and received 1999)
At the Wayne County Foundation
Principal balance—$132,681.87
Balance as of 12/31/14 - $144,954.12
Edward Fath Fund
(created by will and received 2001)
At the Wayne County Foundation
Principal balance - $235,694.85
Balance as of 12/31/14—$264,595.88
The Philip and Eleanor Starr
(created 12/24/14)
No distribution until 2016
Dr J Warren Perry
Valedictorian Scholarship Fund
(created 2000 to 2004)
Held by RHSAA @ West End Bank on
Balance as of 2/1/15—$13,132.73
$1,000 is given each year.
$17,000.00 has been given to
22 seniors
The following funds are from scholarship donations from all alumni and
given In Memory of others:
Liquid Scholarship Funds held by
Scholarship money held in a Money
Market account at West End Bank
as of 2/1/15
Scholarship money received in 2014
held at West End Bank in the
checking account
Stephen J Warner $500,000.00
Page 13
(RCIP, Fath, Coffin)
Year # given
(*spring only)
Total Awards
$ 9, 198.40
Total awards given:
Total of all Scholarship
Available for 2015-16 from
Wayne County Foundation
Fath Fund
Coffin Fund
$ 6,848.00
$ 8,284.00
FOR 2015 / 2016 AWARDS
* The Wayne County College Fund
belongs to WCF and is divided
among all the schools in the county.
RHSAA monitors the RHS portion
The RHSAA is a 501 ( c) 3. All contributions are tax deductible. We are
audited yearly. Taxes are prepared
by Webb & Associates of Richmond.
Inspiring Scholarship Donations
Correction from
Fall Register
A Gift Every Month
From WWII Veteran
Now and Later ~
Two Plans of Giving
In June, Eugene Bahlman, Class of
1945 of Neenah IL gave a memorial
donation of $500.00 in memory of his
brother, Jack Bahlman, Class of 1944
who died June 15, 2014. We failed to
acknowledge his wonderful contribution in the fall Register. Thank you,
Eugene. The fall edition is on line at
Ralph Miller, ‘45, Dallas TX, contributes $100 a month to the RCIP.
In 2014 he contributed $1200 and
plans to do the same this year. Ralph
lost his wife of 63 years on Dec 26th.
His challenge has encouraged others
to give annual gifts. His hope is that
his monthly gifts will inspire others.
1958 alum, Stephen Warner of West
Palm Beach FL, gave the RCIP a
donation of $4,000.00 in December.
In 1995, he announced that he would
be remembering the RCIP in his will
with a donation of $500,000.00.
Stephen has also been giving an annual year-end gift for many years.
The Philip and Eleanor Starr
Endowment Fund gives
$550,000.00 for Scholarships.
William Starr, ‘44 of Richmond gave
a Christmas present to the students of
RHS with the creation of a scholarship fund in memory of his parents,
Philip Starr, and Eleanor Starr both
of Morton. Philip, at one time,owned
a grocery and later the Mathers
Brothers Coal Company. Son William served in Germany during the
Korean War Conflict . He returned to
Richmond and purchased the Olive T
Node Company which shipped Bakelite violin chin rests and ukulele pegs
from NY and CA.
The long-time resident of Richmond,
who never married, will bless children of the community for many
years to come as his own.
The Fred and Patty Powers
Family Foundation Giving
Each December, Jon and Beth Powers Macke, ‘60 and Trey and Marta
Magaw Powers, ‘87 and ‘84, and
Granville F Powers III, all of Newman GA provide a scholarship donation of $2500.00 to the RCIP. Fred
Powers was a charter member
of the Alumni Association and,
though not an alumni, believed in
the mission of the organization.
Before the development of the
Wayne County Foundation, Fred
Powers handled the investments for
the RICP fund. To date the donations total $31,500.00.
The Class of 1949
Gives Back
To Scholarships
Challenge by the
Class of 1959 Turns $100
Into $1000
In December, the Class of 1949 contributed their remaining funds in the
reunion account after holding thier
65th reunion in Sept at the Olde
Richmond Inn. Fifty classmates attended many with their spouses or
family members.
As the Class of 1959 turned 70 this
year, they celebrated with a get together at Chuck’s Sport’s Bar in
Richmond, owned by classmate,
Chuck Wellings. The class donated
$100 to the RCIP scholarship Fund
from their reunion account.
Colleen Blickwedal Warner, Richmond, class treasurer, sent a check of
$412.75. The class also provided the
office with a copy of their 65th and
another copy that was included in the
time capsule at RHS. They also send
a check for $5 as each classmate
passes. The following were remembered this past six months: Betty
Ridge Martin, Suzanne Beeson Hymer, Louise Davis Bennett, Janet
Shepman Beck, Dick Smith, Ruth
Thornburg McConnell.
That donation was quickly increased
by another $400 contributed by Pat
Corsi, Indianapolis. And then Paul
Lingle, Richmond said ‘lets just
make it $1000.00” and pledged another $500.00. Turning seventy was
fun for the class and great for our
scholarship recipients.
Gift for Scholarships
from the Class of 1950
The Class of 1950 contributed the
remaining funds in their reunion account to the Alumni office in November. Larry Crockett, long-time chairperson of the reunion, sent us a check
for $277.84. Other members of the
reunion committee include Evelyn
Wilson Smith, Richmond, Bev Baker
Volkman, West Lafayette, Sue Gray
Thomas, Centerville OH, Don
Moore, Richmond, Maryane Krone
Greulich, Richmond, and advisors
Jane Raisor Williams, Richmond and
Coach Jerry Bartz, Weslaco TX.
Page 14
Rohe Family Donor Advised
Fund Supports RCIP
George Rohe, Class of 1960, annually has given the RHSAA a stock
certificate to liquidate and place in
the RCIP fund. Annually, it is done
in memory of his father, John William Rohe, ‘37 and his first cousin,
John Bartel Weston, ‘62. This
$1,400.00 contribution brings his
contributions to more than
In Memory of Another
A memorial donation of $60.00 was
given by Carol Wagers Creech, ‘69,
of Plano Texas in memory of Frazier
Fulton, 1962. Gerald Blossom,
Knoxville TN donated $50.00 in
memory of Frazer Fulton, ‘62 also.
Scholarship &Membership Donations
Fall 2014
Attending IU East
Emily O’Brien, 2011
Kim Sharits Smith,1998
Marc Steenkamp, 2014
Lorraine Burwell Woodruff, 2010
Aaliyan Brown, 2014
Jessica Cordell Baker, 2012
Cameron Gibbel, 2013
Brittany Lodge, 2014
Ashley Michael. 2009
Sunny Allen, 2013
Sydney Townsend, 2014
Gary Yontz, 2014
Korey Mathena, 2008
Katie Stoenbraker, 2013
Zachary Madden, 2007
Attending Earlham
Kendall Baker, 2014
Ashley Trede , 2012
Attending Ivy Tech
Dylan Arnold, 2012
Shannon Stump. 2014
Jordyn McDaniel, 2012
Tyler Blevins, 2013
Spring 2015
Attending IU East
$2,000 scholarships each:
Cameron Gibbel, 2013
Sunny Allen, 2013
Brittany Lodge , 2014
Zackary Madden, 2007
Emily O’Brien, 2017
Kim Sharits Smith, 1998
Lorraine Burwell Woodruff,’10
Attending Ivy Tech
Tyler Blevins, 2013
Jordyn McDaniel, 2012
Scholarship Donations
$50 ~$200
Scholarship Donations
Up to $50
1942 Rex Slick
June Darland Slick
1945 Carolyn Ashby Hughes
Mary K Zurwell Armes
1947 John Knapp
1948 Barbara Kelley Knapp
1950 David Igelman
Georgia Adams Steen
1951 Phyllis Mills Summers
1952 Kenneth Street
1953 Marie Kettleforder Garske
Elizabeth Powell Owens
1954 Gayle Buroker
Suzanne Hackman Clark
Richard Ikemann
1955 Beverly Hawkins Linderman
1956 Elizabeth Lindley Slabaugh
1957 Julie Puckett
Moore- Maxeiner
Marietta Hollingsworth
Lois George Pye
1960 Joe Thurston
Jack Oberholtzer
Rebecca Martin Edmonds
Janice Rivir Wilson
1962 Judi Schuberman
1964 Elizabeth Fueglein Long
1965 Susan Bayer Conti
Michael Conti
1967 Larry Cook
1968 Marcia Collins Hofman
Patrick Tiernan
1969 Ronnie Kutter
Patricia Larsh Kutter
Ron Brinker
Merry Lee Oliver Monroe
1970 Rick Niersbach Jr
1971 Ann Klute Brinker
1975 Peter E Gieger
1986 Ronnie Steir
1988 Anthony Neff
Scholarship Donations
$50 ~ $200
1946 Thurman Wright
1948 Billy Hollingsworth
Walter Rieen
1949 Ernest Olson
Helyn Bang Riesen
1950 Doris Dillman Fickler
1952 Robert Kinsey
1953 Max Evans
Carol Wilson Caplinger
1950 Bev Baker Volkman
Doris Dillman Fickler
Carol Belcher Hippe
1954 Marilee Jackson Thomas
1955 Robert Thomas
1956 Duane Roland
1957 Judy Riggleman Roland
Betty Spalding Hendrix
P Michael Conti
1958 Sue Ann Keenan Hoch
John Preble
John Bowen
1959 Don Blanton
Class of 1959
Lawrence Owens
David Goldenberg
1960 W Leroy Robbins
Judy Fox Reynolds
1961 Paul Paradiso
Paulette Baker Paradiso
Gerald Blossom
1963 Curtis Putoff
1964 Sandra Clark Rowley
1965 Ted Abney
1967 Rae Ferriell-Woolpy
1968 Jim Richwine
Larry Edwards
1969 Sharon Githens Enright
Carol Wagers Creech
1971 Sue Hill Pajakowski
1980 Stanley W Ogborn
Mark Oler
1986 Ronnie Stier
Scholarship Donations
$200 ~ $500
1939 Tracy Clark
1949 Class of 1949
1950 Class of 1950
1954 Carol Wilson Caplinger
1959 Pat Corsi
Paul Lingle
1960 W LeRoy Robbins
Scholarship Donations
$600 ~ $1000
1945 Ralph Miller
1960 Bonnie McClelland Sampsell
Scholarship Donations
$1000 ~ $5,000
1959 Stephen Warner
1960 George Rohe
Fred & Patty Powers Fund
Page 15
Membership Donations
Up to $49
1936 Carl Posther
Elizabeth Selig Brown
Paul Kuchebuch
1937 Lavaughn Engle Douglas
Paul Wiesehahn
James Clark
1938 Ray Chalfant
1939 Rosemond Lahman Murphy
Ruby Harrell Wood
1940 Ana Lawrence Posther
Betty Harvey Thorman
Jo Ellen Rodefeld Chenoweth
Marion Burg
Florence Welder Lawson
1941 Barbara Shultz Quick
1942 Rex Slick
June Darland Slick
William Dailey
1943 Ellen Mann Guthrie
Ruth Ridge Krupa
Byron Park
R Noah Berry
1944 Betty Lou Monroe McQueen
Barbara Duvall Kanost
William Misner Jr
1945 Carolyn Ashby Hughes
Joan Schoemaker Bey
Elizabeth Mills Park
1946 Thurman N Wright
Stanley W Ross
James Anderson
Ambrose Svarczkopf
Henry Werner
Patricia Bailey Maddock
Nancy Cutter Turula
Rosalie Duning Geiger
Anna Schroeder Brinker
1947 Charles Hodson
John Knapp
Gene Bahlman
Donna Turner Ryan
Mary K Bulach Bertch
Mildred Juerling Phelps
Barbara Hilling Frueauff
William Borden
1948 Walter Riesen
James Chamberlain
Betty Throckmorton Huneryager
Norman Van Voorhis
Doris Morgan Anderson
Mary Potter Roberson
Margaret Suesy Penland
1949 Helyn Bang Riesen
Raymond Birsco
Alberta Campbell Burton
David Sherick
Colleen Blckwedel Werner
Winifred Timins Weiss
Margaret Williams Svarczkopf
Richard Herz
Joan Robbins Ripley
Earnest Olson
Frank Martin Jr
Membership –Office Fund 9/1/14 ~ 3/1/15
Basic Membership for 2015
1950 Tom Spalding
Linda Siebert Spalding
Marcia Romer Kinsinger
Martha Luerman Dickman
Pat Chasteen Trocano
Kenneth Street
Jane Anne Sisk Brinley
James Brinley
Jack Cartwright
Donna Thistlethwaite
Jacqueline Miessler
Georgia Adams Steen
David Igelman
Doris Dillman Fickler
James Peters
1951 Carol Hammon Rice
Carroll Kinsinger
Gordon Wanninger
Geroge Sax
Ben Kovach
Maryann Denning Rogan
Helen Miller Edginton
Evelyn Sauer Crane
Phyllis Mills Summers
Dean Smith
Bob Sickman
1952 Marge Mercurio Borros
Norma Heistand cole
Diane Strahan Verellen
Nancy Dickey Cooper
Gloria Gunnoe Rice
Alvin Karn
Raquel Ravinet Scotten
Nancy Brown Brown
Carmen Keefer Lawrence
Robert Kinsey
Wilbur Clark
Barbara Reimer Edwards
1953 Marguerite Phillips Watins
Elizabeth Powell Owens
Angela Hoch Swanson
Reed Adelsperger
Emory Jeffers
Max Evans
Robert Woodward
Katherine Dunn Caudle
Paul Weeghman Smith
Elsa Wuerteberger Catey
Mary Gahre Klute
Marietta Kettleforder Garske
Norma E Watt
Bobbie Parker Gegax
1954 Nancy Wills Sharp
Patrick Sharp
Carolyn McGrew Smith
Tom McKee
Joe Beckner
Eleanor McManus oberle
Betty Danels McKee
James Bonner
Ken Paust
Molly Morrison
Patricia Bolling McCoy
Robert Mills
Basic Membership for 2015
1954 Carol Wilson Caplinger
Carol Foley Cartwright
Richard Klemann
Charlotte Sweet Morstad
William McDonald
Karen Brehm Lafuse
Donald Leisen
Kent Bowen
Elizabeth Vance Frydell
Max Gray
1955 Gayle Buroker
Suzanne Hackman Clark
Carl Owen
Joyce Hill Owen
Basic Membership for 2015
1959 Nancy Crandall Frazer
David Goldenberg
Larry Tracy
Bunny Ahaus Fielder
Mary Tomlinson Henkenhine
Carol Truitt Jeffers
Frieda Newton Butt
Dorothy Wiggs Smoker
1960 Julia Kilgus Whitesell
Dave Hart
Joe Thurston
James Keelor
Winifred Meuser Jenkins
Brian Blue
Beverly Hawkins Linderman
Elizabeth Puthoff Giarratan
Phillip Hirchfeld
Fay Duke Minton
James Youngflesh
Jen Buske
Susan Pinkerman Frazier
Ted Lee
1955 Carol Hamilton Evans
Beverly Dunn Lee
Thomas Weaver
Rebecca Martin Edmonds
Robert F Hughes
James Wilson
Elizabeth Marshall Keelan
Donna Daggett Culler
Robert Johnson
Jack Oberholtzer
Marietta Hollingsworth Klapper
Janice Rivir Wilson
John Ross
Judy Fox Reynolds
Jerry Horney
1961 Rebecca Horton Kennedy
Terry LaFuze
Jim Kennedy
Verl Lantz
Elsa Effman Golts
Phillip Monger
Linda Backmeyer Paust
Shirley Skaggs Yeager
David Runyon
1956 Kim Cornelius
Phyllis E Wray
Stephen Chase
Elaine Parshall Michael
Carol Robson
Paul Paradiso
Mary L McQuiston Wade
Patrick Jenkins
Jim Fryman
Jack Robertson
Nancy Hieger Dailey
Sharon Thornburg Trucks
Richard Rivir
Sherry Perry
Richard Hieger
Doris Hapner Decker
Donald Atkins
Ellen Sells Tate
Janice Sherrow Bohlander
Paulette Baker Paradiso
Elizabeth Lindley Slabaugh
Joe Clements
1957 Duane Roland
June Tolliner Clements
Judy Riggleman Roland
Mary K Brenizer Rench
Terry Whitesell
1962 Robert Hampton
Janet E Spencer Cowen
Gerald Blossom
Mary Ann McNutt Kritsch
Mary Beth Brooks Dinardo
John M Ross
Barbara Ahl Flatley
Nancy Lowdenslager LaFuze
Darlene Hodge Keelor
Lois George Pye
Judi Schuerman Klemann
Julie Puckett Moore-Maxeiner
William Vance
Shirley Skaggs Yeager
George York
Betty Lou Davis York
Janice Tatt Hirchfeld
Myrna Knoll Peters
1958 Mary K Stier Chase
Wayne Watkins
Sharon Tuttle Mills
Max Moss
Alice Jones Rees
Michael Hinshaw
Barclay Erk
Richard L Lehman
John H Sweet
Carol KleinknechtMcCleary
Curtis Puthoff
MarilynWerner Adkins
Barbara Brown Behrman
1963 Jane Harlan Gasch
Marilyn Shears Fancher
Karen Thorman Chock
Thomas Bricker
George Davis
Keith E Thornburg
Jay Klehfoth
Dianne Duncan Mansfield
Jim Puckett
Kay Fleisch Edmonds
1964 Phyllis Koehring Hein
Elizabeth Koehring Hein
Page 16
Basic Membership for 2015
1964 Rachel Foster Stella
Gary D Pettibone
Vickie Roby Mann-Puckett
John Eggemeyer
Anthony Michael
John Mullins
Ann Coble Voss
Jerry Newman
Tim Kauper
Marcia Carter Reineking
Sandra Clark Rowley
Jane A Mendenhall Sowers
Linda Gennett Irmscher
Gary Pettibone
1965 Sherry Bruck Puthoff
Ted Abney
Larry Cook
George N Duncan
Diana Peacock Shelley
Alice Rohe Smith
Janet Blossom Lussier
Susie Mader Borgmeier
Julie Corsi Homyak
Mary Keen Raymond
Michael Conti
Susan Bayer conti
1966 Jon Carrico
Gary D Siders
Suzanne Morgan Siders
George N Sauer III
Stephen Fulton
Linda Henry Harkleroad
1967 Jayne Jones Barstow
Suzette Slagle Pfeifer
Mary Ellen Rupe Cain
Ron Hill
Suzette Cahoon Hll
Maracia Collins Hoffman
Marilyn Fannin Green
Steve Koger
Francine Slagle Lacy
Elaine Gandolph Hendricks
A Duane Strunk
Margie Fueglein Boes
1968 George N Mosey
Janie Holliday Mosey
Linda Hensley Goldsberry
Donald Litton
Pamela Henry
Karolyn Hays Edwards
Stanley W Ogborn
Carol A Bucher Stump
Karla Shultz Carrico
Tim Brokamp
Linda Lamb Sittloh
Jim Richwine
Sue Himebaugh Osborn
Patrick Tiernan
Bonnie Watson Gilson
Jerry Rench
1969 Patricia Larsh Kutter
Ron Kutter
Jim Ballard
Mary Louise Beede Bates
Membership –Office Fund 9/1/14 ~ 3/1/15
Basic Membership for 2015
1969 Linda Waddle Randall
Merry Lee Oliver Monroe
Carol Wagers Creech
Mary Louise Beede Bates
Joseph Bates
Gail Koncz Wise
Ron Brinker
Joseph Bates
Nancy Wettig Zimmerman
Kenneth Love
Jim Higgs
Gretchen Niersbach Murray
Mary L Saylor Hall
1971 Lisa Kiser
Kevin McClure
Ann Klute Brinker
1972 Max Bailey
Mary Barnhart Ball
1973 Terri Wise Bauer
Eva Tischuk Bailey
Tim Cahoon
Sarah Erbse Hellrung
Jane Mikesell Love
Larry Harter
1974 Kathy Brown
Vicki Benton Cahoon
Kay Alsop Koger
1975 Peter E Gieger
1976 Robert Bartlemay
Pam Lawrence Hagy
Lynn Zaleski Miller
Michael Miller
Tim Love
Mary Beth Tyndell
Julia Caudle Carlton
1977 Terry Stephens
Robin Henry
1978 Dean Stephens
James Beckman
1979 Bob Berheine
1980 Jeff Wolfe
Mark Oler
Susan Witte Mahoney
1981 Derek Rehmel
David Lydick
Beth Mills Lydick
Marcia Prosser Cumer
1982 David Gardner
1983 Natalie Brown Gardner
1988 Anthony Neff
David Crumbaugh
Nancy Graf Million
1995 John Sowers
Non Joe Moerhring
Non June Salzarulo
Non Aileen Githens
Non John Catey
Membership $50~ $100
1934 Adrian Minnick
Wayne Stidham
1938 Thomas A Klute
Irene Kaucher Klute
1941 Ruth Ann Graf
1942 Marilyn Schuerman
Franklin D Kanost
1943 Archie Simonson
1944 Earl Dale Duval
Membership $50~100
1945 Mary K Zurwell Armes
1947 Nancy Shelly Schaenen
Jim Hardman
1948 Billy Hollingsworth
Richard Clay
Norma Bailey Shinness
Richard Wissler
1949 Henry Tilmans
Audrey Jelly Tilmans
1950 Bev Baker Volkman
Ann Candler Adelsperger
Ruth Ann Hennigar Martin
Sue Romey De Witt
Mary Byrum Clark
Carol Belcher HIppe
Larry Crockett
Marna Ashman Moorhead
1951 Jon Igleman
Ross Deardorff
Arend Pete Reid
William Knodle
Gerald Mendenhall
Gerald Stevens
1952 Bill Taube
Linda Lane Bowker
Edward Baumer
William Logue
1953 Vivan Snyder Purkhisr
Carol Kaeuper Deardorff
Shirley Dunnington Warth
George Peters
Henry Christmon
1954 Roger Scott
Marilee Jakcson Thomas
Carolyn Petry Peters
Ron Bass
Robert E McLear
Ruth Ann Whaley Waugh
1955 Beverly Bennett Rexrode
Richard Ammon Jr
Robert Thomas
Lucinda Lee Evans
Stanley Thomas
1956 Joyce Mendenhall
Barbara Shawhan Harper
Joyce Mills McLear
Virginia Jackson Hapner
James Rodefeld
Ruth Osborne Rodefeld
1957 Betty Spalding Hendrix
P Michael Hoch
Jerry Dils
Phillip Monger
Aileen Hamilton
1958 William Bass
John Preble
Teresa Matson Braun
John Bowen
1958 C Fred Risgsby
Doug Oler
Numon Johnson
Brenda Beach Oler
Sue Ann Keenan Hoch
1959 James Hotopp
Paul Flatley
Frederick Bragg
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Membership $50 ~ $100
1959 Chuck Wellings
Peggy Habing Nicholson
1960 Pat Boswell McBride
Janet Belt Breedlove
Judith Manlove Hazelton
Sally Kercheval Conley
Sarah Powers Johnson
Joe Thurston
Becky Thatcher Wagner
Ken Jordan
Paula Flatter Raper
1961 Lissa Ahl Barrett
John Soper
Susie Wright Wilson
Pam Feldhaus-Mills
James Lawler
1962 Amie Maiden Starr
David Lasley
Duane Hodgin
1963 Felice Walker Gavin
Michael Allen
Nancy Nickell Best
John Dintaman
1964 John W Keates
Ricki Steinbrink Lasley
Rick Boston
Victoria Wilson
Sidney Lakes
Thomas Herrman
Sandie Rans Rowe
Jane Bell Rosa
1965 Phoebe Maximiac Crane
1966 Nancy Gossett
Carla Commons McBride
Kenneth Briggs
AnnMcKee Coffin
Nancy Conyers Church
1967 Rae Ferriell Woolpy
Robert Coddington
Annette Cahoon Greene
Gary Kreider
Michael Williams
1968 Terry Ferguson
Larry Edwards
1969 Rebecca North
1970 Jack Armbruster
Carol McCafferty
Rick Niersbach Jr
Robert Wilson
Susan Sauer Geesa
1971 Michael Hachey
Sue Hill Pajakowski
Tom Beckman
Jeff Hamilton
1972 Ron Hughes
Rae Wohlhueter Maier
Beth Wiechman Schilling
Brent Smith
1973 Stephen Giannini
Sarah Erbse Hellrung
1975 Joe Carroll
Pat Clifton Smith
1977 Pamela Peters Maddox
Jill Toschlog Powell
1979 Rene Holthouse Chroenert
Mark Maddox
1980 Debbie Benton Kitchin
James R Smarelli
Patricia Beane Ferreira
Membership Contributions of
$50 ~ $100 for 2015
1981 James Thompson
David Lydick
Beth Mills Lydick
1982 Phillip Dickman
1984 Millicent Siebert Dickman
1986 Ron Stier
1991 Ryan Christopher
Non Rachel Hughes
Non Ronda Christopher
Membership Contributions of
$100 ~ $200 for 2015
1943 Archie Simonson
1944 Jeanne Hodgin Meador
1947 William Denny
1948 William Mitchell
John Sauffer
Bill Hollingsworth
1949 Cynthia Olson Smyth
Carl Wilson
1950 Larry Crockett
Richard Stadelmann
Don E Moore
1954 Richard Bodiker
Ann McBride England
1956 Robert Hodgin
Charles Placke
Lamont Davis
1957 Davie Allen Chapman
Joyce Zimmer Hintson
Saundra Wiles Gore
1958 Robert Welker
Larry Parker
Carl Osborne
Jere Behrman
1959 David Stidham
Carla Coble Stidham
O’Dell Lakes
Robert Jefferies Jr
1960 Robert Hudson
Bonnie McClelland Sampsell
Thomas Everett
1962 Dixie Moore Robinson
Dottie Clackum Toney
Patricia Kanke Farmer
1963 Michael Sonsini
Sharon Sanders
1964 Tala Smock Meyer
Mila Placke Serve’
Jim Adney
1965 Richard Alexander
1966 Barbara Scott
1969 Sharon Githens Enright
1977 Larry Blanford
1979 John Wolfe
1986 Sherri Dillon Bergum
1988 Rob Quigg
Membership Contributions of
$200 and Up for 2015
1955 Roger Cornett
1958 Nancy Patterson Cornett
25 years & counting
Membership, Scholarship and The Office Fund
This year, 2015, is the 25th anniversary of the RHS Alumni Association. In celebration of this anniversary, we are asking you to consider
1) renewing your membership for $30.00 per member at the beginning of the year, and
2) we ask you consider a one-time gift to the office of $25.00 or more.
3) make a donation for the scholarship program
For the first time in ten years we are raising our basic membership from $25 to $30 and for couples
from $40 to $50.
You have been receiving our RHS Alumni Register magazine. But in the fall of 2014, we faced a shortfall in the office budget and were not able to print the magazine, choosing instead to put the fall edition
on the web page. (go to www.rhsalum.org)
If you are a member who sent a donation in 2014, please consider renewing for this coming year now at
the $30/ member level or more. If you became a life-time member 25 years ago, please consider a donation. If you are not a member, and would like to continue receiving the magazine, please consider
becoming a member.
On behalf of the board of directors, thank you for your past support and we look forward to hearing
from you.
____Yes, renew my membership for $30 per person ___$50 per couple ___$ 0ther amount for 2015
____Yes, I would like to support the office fund with an anniversary gift of
___$ other
____$ donation for Scholarship
My Name_________________________________________ My spouse__________________________
I graduated _______________
My spouse graduated RHS ____________ __ Not an RHS Alumni
My phone # _____________________
My email address ___________________________
My address __________________________________________________
___ Check enclosed
___Charge my ___Visa ___Master Card #
Expiration Date _________________
VIN number __________
Amount total on charge_________________
My signature ____________________________________________________________
RHS Alumni Association
Please return this form to the office at
380 Hub Etchison Parkway
[email protected]
Page 18
Richmond IN 47374
We are a 501 ( c ) 3– your donation is tax deductible
In Memory Of….
The following deaths have been reported to our office since our last newsletter. If you know of an alumna who
has died, please contact us at [email protected] or by mail at RHS Alumni Association,
380 Hub Etchison Parkway, Richmond IN 47374.
Morton High School
Richmond High School
Richmond High School
Harold W Hunt
9/4/14 Richmond IN
Frank McKay
10/10/14 Auburn KY
Danita Washington
11/20/14 Phoenix AZ
Frederick J Adelsperger
11/23/14 Richmond IN
Patricia M Ary Ferreri
10/13/14 Durant OK
Thomas Lee Kelly
1/1/15 Richmond IN
Ruby Seed Vecera
10/18/14 Richmond IN
Gene C “Mike” Minor
Richmond IN
Rev Steve Lunsford
1/6/15 Richmond IN
Richmond High School
Larry Fox
11/14/14 Richmond IN
Rusty Hollingsworth
11/2/14 Richmond IN
Julia A Okel Hamilton
10/18/14 Richmond IN
Thomas Alvin Johnson
8/11/14 Richmond IN
Eugene Spicer
11/12/14 Richmond IN
Elizabeth Bullerdick Wiggans
Richmond IN
John H Thorman
9/23/14 Palm Bay FL
John D Morris
1/15/15 Williamsburg IN
Marjorie C Winget Lock
Richmond IN
Jane Bickel Drake
1/8/15 Richmond IN
Bradley L Bragg
12/31/14 Richmond IN
Rita C Pfeiffer Rohe
Richmond IN
Sandra L Chamness Hasse
1/30/15 Richmond IN
Debra Ann Moore
2/13/15 Richmond IN
Alan C Lahmann Sr
1/10/15 Richmond IN
Pamela J Beckman
1/2/15 Indianapolis IN
William Randy Griffin
11/17/14 Richmond IN
Melva Shepard Brown
1/17/15 Oxford OH
Robert K Murphy
1/23/15 Richmond IN
Cynthia D Mounts Clay
12/7/14 Richmond IN
John Scott Minner
Indianapolis IN
Jane Burnell Thornburg
Darla L Jackson Hill
10/12/14 Richmond IN
Joan Daugherty Foltz
November 2014 Unknown
Larry Harkleroad
Syracuse IN
Tony Lee Parker
1/20/15 Richmond IN
Richard W Brangan
Greenwood IN
Shelia Gobel Greulich
10/5/14 Richmond IN
Sgt Cody Hampton
William N Jackson
2/13/15 Richmond IN
Roberta Niewoehner Rossi
12/7/14 Richmond IN
Phillip K Hardwick
1/18/15 Indianapolis IN
Michael Amburgey
1/12/15 Unknown
Page 19
RHS Alumni Association
380 Hub Etchison Parkway
Richmond IN 47374-5339
Return Service Requested
The official publication
of the
Richmond High School
Alumni Association
At Left: Aerial view of RHS in 1962 when the
“new edition was under construction., doubling
the size of Morton Hall area. No more bicycle
racks or Home Economic Cottage.
Above: Logo for the Starr Piano Company circa

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