Mallomar Is One Tough Cookie



Mallomar Is One Tough Cookie
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Fall 2014
Mallomar Is One Tough Cookie
By Virginia Van Norden, Forgotten Felines Director
hen a former Forgotten
Felines volunteer looked out
the window of the bus she was riding
Mallomar when first rescued home from work one April evening,
she was stunned to see a small black
and white cat in the grassy area next to a Route 9 off ramp.
What would a cat be doing in such a dangerous place? How
did it get there? Despite the fact that it was raining, she saw
the cat in the same spot the next night and, realizing that it
needed help, called Forgotten Felines.
When I saw the cat’s location, I knew
the rescue would be challenging. Not
knowing its temperament, I couldn’t
tell if I would be able to pick it up and
put it in a carrier, or if it needed to
be trapped. Either way, if the cat got
startled when I approached, it could
run right into traffic.
biting into the tin to get to the food, which it couldn’t inhale fast
enough. While it was distracted eating, I was able to get it into a
carrier and safely to my car, where it ate another 2 cans of food.
Mallomar, as she was later named, was bone thin and covered
with fleas and ticks. She had a wound on her right front paw,
and was unable to put any weight on her left front paw. A trip
to the vet revealed that she was 5-10 years old and had a dislocated, fractured left elbow.
After a few weeks of nutritious food and
the peace of mind that can only come to
a stray cat once it is safely inside and not
on guard 24 hours a day, Mallomar was
like a new cat. She gained weight, and her
long fur became thick and luxurious.
Today, aside from a limp and a bit of an
attitude, you would never know how
much Mallomar must have suffered. I
wish she, and all of our cats, could tell us
With a carrier and a can of cat food,
Mallomar as she looks now after proper nutrition and vet care
what happened to them. I always wonder
I very slowly walked over to where the
they end up in such dire straits. Ulticat was sitting, beside the carcass of an unidentified animal. It
mately though, it doesn’t matter. Once they get to Forgotten
was obviously what it had been gnawing on to try to stay alive.
Felines, all they will know is unconditional love.
When I opened the can, the cat was so ravenous that it started
Forgotten Felines
needs shelter volunteers to help clean
and care for our cats.
Can you spare a
few hours a week to
make a huge difference in their lives? If
so, please call the volunteer line at 860669-1347, option 3, or send an email to
[email protected]
Forgotten Felines presents Dinner by
the Sea, a fundraising event on Friday,
October 3, from 6:00 – 11:00 pm at the
Westbrook Elks Club, 142 Seaside Avenue, Westbrook. Buffet dinner and silent
auction are included. Cash bar.
Tickets are $5000 each and must be
purchased by September 26. To purchase tickets, call 860-669-1347
(press 4) or email [email protected] Tickets can also be
purchased through the webstore at No
tickets will be sold at the door. Proceeds benefit the cats and kittens
at Forgotten Felines.
Thank You, Community Foundation
of Middlesex County
Forgotten Felines was thrilled and honored to receive a $5,000
grant provided by the Kitchings Family Fund at the Community Foundation of Middlesex County.
The Community Foundation of Middlesex County is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve the quality
of life for the people of the County, now and in the future, by
developing endowments, making grants that have impact and
assisting donors in meeting their philanthropic objectives.
Since its founding in 1997, the Community Foundation has
awarded 1,100 grants totaling over $3.3 million for the arts,
cultural and heritage programs, educational activities, environmental improvements and for health and human services.
This generous grant will go so far in enabling us to continue
our mission of helping the increasing number of cats in our
communities who are in dire straits and need us more than
ever. Thank you so much, Kitchings family and Community
Foundation of Middlesex County, for your extremely generous support of Forgotten Felines.
Theus and Mimosa, although not siblings,
are very bonded and playful together.
Theus is a gray male kitten and Mimosa is a
black female baby. They are so cuddly, love
to play, love people and when tired, will
curl up in your lap for a nap. These sweet
and purring babies are available for adoption as a pair. To adopt Theus and Mimosa
or any other cat or kitten, please call the
Forgotten Felines adoption line at 860669-1347 or apply online at
Lovely, Luxurious Lilly — Lilly came to our shelter
when her owner became ill and could no longer care for her.
She was very shy and withdrawn at first, but with the efforts of
our volunteers, this black and white girl is now very friendly
and will even sit on a lap or two when she’s feeling comfortable. She is very gentle and gets along with other cats.
Be Loved by Aiko — Aiko is a lovely girl with pristine
white and tiger markings. She feels just like a bunny and loves
to be petted and talked to. In fact, sometimes she even talks
back! In Japanese, Aiko means “beloved child.” You can be
loved by Aiko if she can be loved by you! She gets along with
other cats and would love to have a furever home.
Genuinely Gentle Jeffrey — This boy has only grown
more handsome since he came to the shelter! He has a lush
gray coat and big furry jowls that just beg to be petted. Jeffrey is a sweet boy who would probably get along with a dog
in your home. Can you genuinely give gentle Jeffrey a great
To adopt a cat or kitten, please call the Forgotten Felines
adoption line at 860-669-1347 or apply online at The stories are by Laura
Stroehlein and the photos by Tracye Mueller.
We are in desperate need of short- and
long-term foster homes for our rescued
kittens, bottle fed babies, pregnant moms
and special needs cats. We simply cannot
continue to rescue cats and kittens if we
don’t have a place for them to go. Please
consider fostering, even for a short while,
to help alleviate our crisis situation.
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10. Indoor cats do not get diseases from
other animals.
9. Indoor cats do not get hit by cars.
8. Indoor cats are safe from predators.
7. Indoor cats are safe from human abuse.
6. Indoor cats do not get stolen.
5. Indoor cats do not get lost.
4. Indoor cats do not freeze in winter.
3. Indoor cats are not a threat to birds.
2. Indoor cats do not get fleas and ticks.
1. Indoor cats have a longer lifespan.
Bottom line, if you love your cats, keep them
inside to keep them alive!
Don’t Miss the
Find Your Match Adoption Event
Every Saturday from 11:00am – 3:00pm
153 Horse Hill Road, Westbrook.
Fall Wish List
B eech Nut Stage 1 baby food
jars: beef, turkey or chicken
Purina Kitten Chow dry food
Friskies classic paté
canned food
Friskies Party Mix treats
Scoopable & clumping litter
GOODbehavior Pheromone Calming Collars by Sentry
Feliway Plug-in Diffusers
Feliway Plug-in Refills
Advantage Multi
Greenies Feline Pill Pockets
Postage stamps
Stop & Shop gift cards
Staples gift cards
Dishwashing detergent
Canned tuna in oil for trapping
Paper Towels
Trash bags (13 gal. or larger)
Clear Plastic 9 x 11 Sheet
Nitrile Gloves
To find our new wish list on, search for “Forgotten Felines, Inc. of Connecticut” and see what our cats and
volunteers are wishing for.
Donate Your
Used Car!
If you have a vehicle you no longer need,
please donate it to our shelter. 100% of
the proceeds go directly toward the care
of our cats and kittens, and you can save
on your taxes too! Just call the fundraising line at 860-6691347, and we'll come take your old car away.
Our Mission
FORGOTTENFELINES,Inc. is a charitable, non-profit organization run entirely by volunteers and supported solely by contributions. Our mission is to stop the proliferation of homeless cats in
our community. At our humane, no-kill shelter, we provide rescued
cats with nutritious food, warm beds, and expert care, with the goal
of finding them permanent, loving homes.
All the cats we rescue are spayed or neutered, given thorough
examinations, vaccinated, and tested for fatal feline diseases. Feral
cats are released into managed colonies or barn homes, where
they receive food and shelter.
Thanks to all our generous supporters and volunteers, including
newsletter editor Carol Andrecs; graphic designer Ellie Gillespie;
the contributing writers; and photographer, Tracye Mueller.
Thanks also to Dr. Robert Fair and staff at Killingworth Animal
Hospital for taking such good care of our residents and new
rescues, and to Shore Publishing for featuring our cat adoption
stories, articles, and notices.
Special thanks to all our wonderful Volunteers!
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Fall 2014
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Friday, October 3
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Shelter Fall Cleaning Day
Sunday, September 21
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Find Your Match Adoption Event
Every Saturday
11:00am – 3:00pm
Forgotten Felines Calendars!
Our 2015 full color, 13-month calendars are available for pre-order. The calendars, which feature
beautiful pictures of our cats, will be ready for
shipping or pickup in December. Place your order
now to reserve a copy. Please include a check
for $20.00 payable to Forgotten Felines, along
with your name, address and phone number and
identify as “Calendar.” Deadline for pre-orders is
November 15. All proceeds benefit our cats and
kittens. For more information, call 860-669-1347.
Find Your Match at
Forgotten Felines
Forgotten Felines is holding an open adoption
event every Saturday from 11:00 am - 3:00 pm
at 153 Horse Hill Road, Westbrook.
Adoption applications will be accepted at that
time. For more information, please call the
adoption line at 860-669-1347, visit our website
at or email [email protected]
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