Your Marriage Can Last A Lifetime!


Your Marriage Can Last A Lifetime!
Pete and Bev Caruso
During fifty years of marriage,
including thirty-five years as senior
pastors, Pete and Bev Caruso
have learned vital principles of
relationship. They’ve shared these
principles in many countries and
have seen that God’s pattern for
marriage works in every culture.
Learn to be best friends
Communicate effectively
Improve your lovemaking
Understand your differences
Get your needs met
Get past the past
Have fulfilling prayer together
Finally a book about marriage by authors who actually live it out
in front of us—and in their home.
Ray & Patience Gifford, Portland, Oregon
I’ve learned from you to live the truth of the Word; it has
changed me from the inside out.
Donna (and Pete) Peterson, St. George, Utah
We especially enjoy the way you two look
at each other adoringly and are still so in
love; it is something to aspire to. Thank
you from the bottom of our hearts.
Sapphire & Jonathan Hall. New Zealand
With so many troubled marriages, even among Christians, this
book is a must read. The Carusos’ teaching has proven effective
among our congregations. Marriages have been healed,
restored, and enriched.
Henry and Jeannie Lein,
Overseers of many Hispanic Churches in Southern California
KEEPING IT FRESH – A Love that Keeps on Growing
Your Marriage Can Last A Lifetime!