2014 Annual Report - VinaCapital Foundation


2014 Annual Report - VinaCapital Foundation
The VinaCapital Foundation
Annual Report
Letter from the CEO
Impact Statement
Children have been saved
with a heart surgery
Pieces of capacity building equipment
to hospitals in Vietnam with a value of
over $820,000
Medical professional have been trained
Children received free health care
through outreach clinic
“It is not the strongest or the most
intelligent who will survive but those
who can best manage change”
Charles Darwin
Dear Friends,
The eighth year of operation for VCF was one
of excitement and challenges as our team was
forced to adapt to a changing world, increasing
needs, and greater competition for decreased
funding. If one considers impact and income as
criteria for successful adaption this last year, the
VCF team did very well.
• Building leadership capacity for disadvantaged
but exemplary ethnic minority girls with
scholarships and mentoring.
Although Vietnam has moved forward out of
“developing” to “emerging” status as a nation,
there are still 20 million very poor people who
need help, most in the western rural regions of
the country. The poorest of the poor, the ethnic
minority population, represents 13 Million
of these poor people. VCF is committed to
continuing our work here, especially in these very
poor regions of the country where access to any
health care is a monumental challenge.
• reaching the primary care doctors with
training and mentoring in Critical Response:
Emergency Care and Survive to Thrive Neonatal
• marching as fast as possible from saving 4000
to saving 5000 children with heart defects with
life saving surgery
• enticing other corporations to join Talisman,
HSBC, KY International, and VietNam Works
in funding college education for exemplary
ethnic girls and
• financing VCF’s efforts in capacity building
through training and equipment donations.
Our work will continue in our four areas of focus:
Children saved through the use
of crash carts
• Improving access to care for the underserved
which includes poor children with heart defects,
tumors and disabilities. We focus on cases
that need surgery and do not deny care to the
difficult cases- in fact, we fight hardest for these
unfortunate children.
• Increasing capacity for quality care in pediatric
specialties including pediatric emergency care,
neonatal care, intensive care and cardiac care,
through training and mentoring as well as
equipment donations.
• Investing in Impact.
The challenges in the coming year will include:
We are grateful for your friendship and support
and hope you will remain committed to the
work of VinaCapital Foundation.
All the best,
Robin King Austin
CEO, Director Executive
Have a heart, give a heart
With matching funds from provincial government organizations, and insurance
coverage, the cost to a donor to save a child’s life with heart surgery is just
Chronic diseases don’t observe the boundaries of geography or economics,
but the treatments often do. In Vietnam, where many families earn only a few
dollars per day, specialized pediatric health care is beyond their grasp.
Poor children in Vietnam suffer with no hope as their families lack funds
and access to medical care and the associated transportation. VinaCapital
Foundation is beginning to look at solutions for all chronic diseases in children,
but our focus since inception has been children with congenital heart disease.
Heartbeat Vietnam By the numbers
For just $1,000
you can save a
child and prevent a
needless death
The cost of heart surgery for a child in Vietnam
ranges from $1,000 for keyhole surgeries to
$4,500 for the most expensive cases. HBVN does
not discriminate against the expensive cases
and also accepts immigrant cases which have
provincial support, so we have many cases that
are high cost. However, over the last 847 cases
the average total cost was $2,230 per case.
Because of our zero overhead policy and
match funding agreements with our provincial
goverment partners, the cost per surgery to
a private donor is just $1,000. We partner with
Vietnam’s top hospitals and surgeons in Ho Chi
Minh City, Hanoi, Hue, and Danang to ensure
that the children receive the best care possible.
To date, Heartbeat Vietnam has saved over
3,800 children and aims to help over 6,000 on
our waiting list. Giving them a second chance
at life is only the first critical step in helping
them achieve a better life than was previously
imagined. Once a child has his or her health, a
world of possibilities opens up, and they can
finally start imagining a future that streches
beyond tomorrow.
In a partnership with Ho Chi Minh City
Television (HTV), “Connecting Love”
HBVN’s television show airs one episode
every week featuring the families and
beneficiaries of our Heartbeat Vietnam
Tune in every Sunday at
10:30 AM to HTV 9 or
Monday at 9 AM on HTV 7
to view the program and to
learn about our grassroots
outreach to help the
children far away from the
city center, still in need of
treatment for a healthy
“There are thousands of children that have
congenital heart disease in every country
of the world. With this coverage on Ho
Chi Minh City Television we hope that
rural families in remote areas throughout
Vietnam can understand that congenital
heart disease is a serious health issue
and that we at VinaCapital Foundation,
are here to help,” said Director of External
Relations Nguyen Thi Bich Chau.
Ms. Chau also noted that the television
episodes are a chance to let generous
sponsors who fund these surgeries
know that their donations are being put
to good use because they are reaching
hundreds of children annually.
But she also pointed out, “This is still a
call for help. Ultimately our efforts will
continue until we can delete the long
waiting list of children who need a lifesaving surgery and we have a lot of work
to do until then.”
Connecting Love crew recording in Tra Vinh
“Connecting Love” HBVN
Coverage On Ho Chi Minh City
Television Network
The “Connecting Love” television
series covers the issues of
Vietnamese children suffering from
congenital heart disease but cannot
afford the cost of surgery. The
series was first broadcast on April
27, 2014 on the Ho Chi Minh City
Television Network in collaboration
with VinaCapital Foundation,
an American 501(c)3 non-profit
organization based in Ho Chi
Minh City which provides medical
and educational funding and
opportunities to improve the lives
of poor, at-risk children throughout
Heartbeat Vietnam
Hope never fades
We gain strength and courage from hope. For those who believe, hope gives us the power
to work harder for the day when things will become better. Having a child with a congenital
heart defect creates a heavy burden for a poor family, financially and emotionally. But for a
family who has been faced with two children who suffer a congenital heart defect, the pain
and heartache forced upon them is almost unimaginable.
We would like to introduce to you
a mother whose hope has kept her
pursuit for a better life going. Mrs.
Dieu sadly has had two children who
suffer from congenital heart defects.
Seven years ago Mrs. Dieu left Ca
Mau province in Mekong Delta for
Ben Cat town, Binh Duong province
in search of work. Mrs. Dieu married
and gave birth to her two sons, with
the hope for a happy future with her
Tran Tien Dat and his
mother standing before
their rented house
Mrs. Dieu had no idea of the painful
events that she and her family would
experience following the birth of her two
sons. A short time after Mrs. Dieu’s first
child was born, he was diagnosed with
heart problems that were too dangerous
to treat, resulting in the disease stealing
his life at the young age of five. Mrs.
Dieu, still grieving over the loss of her
son, was hit with another blow when her
second child, Tran Tien Dat was taken
to hospital and admitted one month
after his brother’s death. Dat was also
diagnosed with a congenital heart defect
called Univentricular Heart, Pulmonary
Stenosis and right Pulmonary Arteriosus.
At that time, Dat was just 17 months old
and still didn’t know how to sit, stand or
talk. Dat’s growth was slow compared
to other children his age, and his heart
situation was very dangerous, much like
his brother’s. Dat’s father abandoned the
family when he was made aware of Dat’s
heart disease.
Mrs. Dieu as a single mom worked for
an electronic company in Binh Duong
province. She earned around 4 million
VND a month (USD $200) if she worked
all month and extra hours. Most of her
income was used to cover the cost of the
accommodation, food and the trips back
and forth between home and the hospital
for her sons. Since losing the first son,
Dat has become the one special thing
in his mother’s life. She tried her best to
give him medical treatment but always
brought him back home right after he felt
better. Dat could not live long without a
surgery his mom could never afford.
Heartbeat Vietnam received a call from
University Medical Center when Dat was
in the emergency room. Immediately, we
understood that we had to work fast. Any
further delays could make the situation
worse, especially for such an urgent case
like Dat. He was operated on soon after
with the help of Heartbeat Vietnam on
June 11, 2014. His case is complex and
still needs one more surgery when he
gains 20kgs but for now his situation is
getting better. We cannot imagine what
would’ve happened to this poor mom if
there was not an urgent call on that day.
Saving him means we saved the last hope
of this poor mom.
Heartbeat Vietnam
A child saved by chance
It was a very lucky day for Bui Hoang Duy’s life when
the heart program found him. We believe that this
was a miracle for his family.
The burdens of life and the difficulties Duy’s family
have to deal with caused his parents to work all day
in order to support themselves. Due to the amount
of work Duy’s parents were doing, it wasn’t until
the age of three that they found out that their little
boy had an unhealthy heart. No one knew that Duy
needed heart surgery and now they did, his family
still couldn’t provide him with the operation needed
because they couldn’t afford the medical bills.
This is a special case at Hoc Mon ward in Ho Chi Minh
City. Recently Connecting Love television show was
recording a child’s case in the neighborhood where
Duy and his family were living. Duy is one of those
children whose curiosity and liveliness are shown
through his full eyes, as he watched the people
around him and the camera crew. Although Duy is
3 years old, he could not play and be as active as the
other children in the neighborhood. He was sitting
in his father’s arms, who looked very old and somber.
Duy raised his bright eyes and looked at everything
with curiosity and innocence. Recognizing the
weakness of the little boy, Dr.Le Minh Khoi (working
at Cardio Central – University Medical Clinic) asked
the father about Duy’s health. After some basic
checks, the doctor told the father to take Duy to the
hospital as soon as possible for a detailed check-up.
At Ho Chi Minh Unversity Medical Clinic, Duy’s
family was informed that their son unfortunately
had congenital heart disease, and heart surgery was
required. However, the surgery cost more than 3,000
USD, which is an impossible amount of money for
his family to obtain.
Bui Hoang Duy before surgery
Fate has comes to Duy’s family. Without Connecting Love’s trip to Duy’s next-door
neighbors, no one would have known about this little boy’s serious heart disease
and Duy’s life may have been cut short. Duy has undergone a successful heart surgery
and recovered perfectly, and his heart will be strong again. The load on his father’s back has
now been relieved, and he hopes that one-day when Duy grows up, a brighter life and a good
future is awaiting him. We pray for that day that wealth comes to his family just like the lucky
day magic came and healed Duy’s heart.
The Family’s main source of income is through
sewing, however, it is only Duy’s father who has
some form of income. Duy’s mother is not in
very good health so she is just in charge of doing
housework and taking care of the children. All of
the daily living expenses are dependent mostly
on the 2 old sewing machines. Duy has 2 older
brothers who are students, so their school
fees must be paid for them to continue their
education. Low income and high cost of living
puts them financially in dark times and creates
more serious difficulties, when the family is
trying to pay for their own sons survival.
Bui Hoang Duy and his “Scar of Life”
after the heart surgery
2014 Outreach Clinics
4,168 Children received cardiac ultrasound
864 Children were found with heart defects
Children who can be saved
426 with heart surgery
Children given free diagnosis, screening
post-op checkups in outreach clinic
Outreach Clinic
... An unexpected chance
for a healthy life
On a rainy afternoon in the Quang Nam
province, lovely, little Chau Thi Na and
her parents came to an outreach clinic
taking place at Nui Thanh district’s
medical clinic. The little girl looked at us
with her beautiful and innocent eyes. She
could not understand that she was just
diagnosed with congenital heart disease
called Patent Ductus Arteriosus. Na’s
family are Vietnamese ethnic minorities,
so her mother could not understand
Vietnamese and only spoke her ethnic
language. Luckily, Na’s father could speak
a little Vietnamese, so he was able to
explain his family’s situation to us. Even
though they live in Nui Thanh district,
Na’s family traveled almost 30km from
Tam Tra ward to the outreach clinic in Nui
Thanh district.
After having a check-up, the doctor
diagnosed Na with congenital heart
disease, and he informed her family that
heart surgery was absolutely necessary.
Na’s mother and father burst into tears.
They could not believe that their baby
had heart disease. They cried because
they knew they could not afford surgery
for Na. At the beginning, when the
family heard about the clinic from local
government in Nui Thanh district, they
thought it was for vaccinating children.
Thanks to her parents misunderstanding
about the clinic, Chau Thi Na was found to
have heart disease. If her parents did not
travel to the clinic, we would have never
known what would have happened to
the little girl with a lovely face.
“We never thought our daughter was suffering from
a congenital heart disease”
*Chau Thi Na and her mother in the outreach
clinic in Quang Nam province
Since 2007, Outreach Clinics for Cardiac Care have seen 33,255
children in 28 districts and 36 provinces offering free diagnosis including
18,759 cardiac ultrasounds, 1,880 post operative checkups and counseling
finding 6,919 children suffered with CHD and 5,131 children who need
heart surgery, most who had never been diagnosed.
3,000th child with VCF Funded
Heart Surgery, Receives Knee
Operations for Complete Health
“ I can
stand on
my legs
“I like going to school but I cannot
ride a bike as I did. My school is
10km for from home. My mother
and my grandparents have to take
me to school. If they are busy, I
have to take off.”
The boy who marked such an important
journey for the VinaCapital Foundation
has never found things easy in his young
Hieu, 14, lives with his grandparents in
the Khanh Hoa province and depends
on his grandmother who makes a
small income of $3.50 USD per day as a
street vendor and his mother works as
a garment worker making less than $7
USD per day. With all efforts combined,
and Hieu’s mother living away from
home near the factory in Ho Chi Minh
City, Hieu’s family struggles to pay for
his medical expenses. Hieu’s father has
never supported his son’s treatment after
leaving when Hieu was just six months
old, and his grandfather suffers from old
age with no stable income.
Hieu, despite his serious heart disease,
determined to have a normal life, has
attended school as often as possible and
continues to receive the award and title
of “Best Student” year after year. He has
completed the 8th grade.
Do Trong Hieu after surgery on
his right knee in FV Hospital
Hieu’s surgery for bi-lateral dislocation
of the knees had never been done in
Vietnam, and VCF was told by doctors
in USA and Australia that it could not be
done. Thankfully a Vietnamese German
surgeon at FV Hospital was motivated
to figure out a solution for this special
young man. He flew to his professors
in Germany and they devised a surgical
plan. The surgeries were both a success
and after extensive physical therapy Hieu
can walk upright now like a normal child.
The mission of VinaCapital Foundation
does not stop with a heart surgery, we
follow-up to ensure that each child
has an improved quality of life. With an
operation on Hieu’s knees he may have
the chance to receive a college degree
and work to support himself and his
This is our dream, and we hope it
is yours too.
Capacity Programs
Survive To Thrive - Neonatal Care
Critical Response - Emergency Care
Telemedicine - Pediatric Specialty Education
Tumor & Disabilities - Surgeries & Training
Capacity Program
Exxon Makes a Difference In 2014
ExxonMobil’s belief in VCF’s mission,
along with its generous donations
to our capacity building programs
allowed VCF to continue to expand
its reach into some of Vietnam’s most
troubled areas during 2014. Thanks
to the generous support we received
from Exxon, VCF was able to change
the lives of 1,250,264 children and
their families, bringing the nation one
step closer to achieving the Millennial
Developmental Goal #4 – reducing
infant mortality rate by more than twothirds.
In 2014 contributions from Exxon
were distributed across programs
designed to effectively provide medical
treatment in the early stages of a
child’s development, changing the way
Vietnam’s medical services responded
to children facing ailment and injury. In
turn, it was proven that these programs
successfully prolonged life in a number
of cases – offering families across the
nation another at chance at pulling
themselves from poverty.
Survive to Thrive was just one of the
programs Exxon’s funding made
possible in 2014. The program was
designed to decrease the number of
neonatal deaths as well as the number
of neonates who survive but suffer
from brain, lung, or eye damage for the
rest of their lives.
Exxon contributed a grant of $120,180
USD. This monetary donation allowed
VCF to purchase 4 ventilators for the
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at
Da Nang Women & Children Hospital,
Quang Nam Pediatric Hospital and
Quang Ngai General Hospital.
After installing the machines in March,
the four ventilators were immediately
saving babies every day. By November
2014, doctors in Quang Nam found that
there had been 168 premature babies
and infants treated by these machines.
At Da Nang Women & Children Hospital,
doctors were happy to find that their
crowded Neonatal ICU could offer
more patients the proper care they
needed to survive. “Our department
is always being put in the overload
situation because of many infants
from surrounding central regions. Our
nurses have to use bag mask to do
the ventilation on infants and babies.
Thanks to the generosity of ExxonMobil
and VinaCapital Foundation this has
changed,” said Dr. Le Thi Hoang, Chief
of Neonatal ICU Department, Da Nang
Women & Children Hospital.
Doctors at Quang Ngai General
Hospital were also very grateful. Ms.
Trang, NICU Head Nurse of Quang Ngai
General Hospital said: “Since we have
the ventilator from ExxonMobil, our
patients recovered faster than before”.
The second program supported by
Exxon was VCF’s Critical Response
program. Under this emergency care
initiative, VCF offered training and
equipment for efficient and effective
response to pediatric emergencies
involving cardiac arrest to healthcare
workers on all levels of the healthcare
system. The Pediatric Advanced Life
Support Training (PALS) curriculum
was designed by the American
Heart Association and the American
Association of Pediatrics. VCF was able
to offer a total of 6 PALS training courses
and train 177 doctors from 3 provincial
hospitals, 10 district hospitals, and
110 commune health centers in costal
Once a hospital sent its health
professionals to receive the PALS
training, the hospital then became
eligible for a Pediatric Crash Cart. Crash
Carts are metal rolling medical units
that contain; a defibrillator, suction
machine, other equipment, and drugs
that allow medical workers to restore
proper breathing and rhythm in
patients experiencing cardiac arrest in
an efficient amount of time.
In 2014 Exxon’s funding affected
537,032 lives thanks to the Critical
Response initiative.
Through ExxonMobil’s partnership,
2014 was a year that allowed VCF to
continue to educate, empower, and
save lives across Vietnam.
Telemedicine - Neonatal final sessions
Funded by World Bank $ 18,107 USD
Survive To Thrive - NICU - Children
Hospital 2, Ho Chi Minh City
Funded by Julie Ferne Memorial Trust
$ 24,638 AUD
Survive To Thrive - Neonatal Care
Equipment donation to NICU/CICU
Khanh Hoa General Hospital
Funded by Australian Direct Aid
Program $ 58,430 AUD
Cardiac ICU - Donation of equipment
Funded by Fresenius Kabi $ 10,137
Increase capacity for infant surgeries
and Children Hospital 1
Survive To Thrive - Neonatal Care
Story from Tran Thi Hoang, MD – Vice Manager of Neonatal
Department of Da Nang Women and Children Hospital
I joined all sessions of the telemedicine
series on neonatal care, funded by
The VinaCapital Foundation, with the
partners and the specialist instructor
of Professor Steven Ringer, Chief of
Newborn Medicine at Brigham and
Women’s Hospital and Assistant Professor
of Pediatrics at Havard Medical School.
The presentations were updated and
met factual requirements. The sessions
had useful practical lessons and the
instructors were enthusiastic. I have
learnt new lessons and updated the
existing knowledge of diseases or shared
experience in clinical practice by leading
experts. It helped me to improve my skills
in examining and treating infants, and
English also. Moreover, I had a chance
to meet and share experiences with
colleagues from other sites in the country
and overseas.
I would like to share a case, in which I
applied my training knowledge to a real
case in our hospital:
A male baby, born at 28 weeks gestation,
1080g, was delivered by natural birth
using CPAP in the delivery room. The
premature infant was transferred safely
into incubator in the NICU for ongoing
care. His temperature was noted to be
36.5C at that time. With rapid assessment,
he needed to be given 45% oxygen to
reach SpO2 90%. Then, the infant was
implanted with a vascular access device
and blood culture and lung Xray were
completed. He was diagnosed with
hyaline membrane disease which could
cause respiratory distress syndrome.
Immediately we performed intubation for
ventilation, curosurf medicine injection
and used a ventilator for two hours. After
two hours, intubation was removed and
the baby continued breathing by CPAP.
After a week, he gradually recovered and
stopped breathing by CPAP. During the
next two weeks, he was fed by peripheral
parental nutrition. During 5 days of
“kangaroo care”, the infant’s overall
growth increased and he went home 7
weeks after birth with a weight of 2200g.
STT- Neonatal telemedicine training on procedures from Harvard Medical School
A premature baby is in the hospital’s NICU
We applied the knowledge of warming
techniques, hyaline membrane disease,
and peripheral parenteral nutrition from
Telemedicine training. In this case, thank
you Dr. Ringer and VCF.
A Brighter Path
VCF’s scholarship girls have just completed their
second year in college or university, and are in their
5th year of participation in VCF’s Brighter Path
Scholarship and Mentoring program for Ethnic Girls
In 2014, the team’s major goals were to encourage the female rising juniors to build their
confidence so that they could learn how to solve their own problems, and overcome
hardships. In order to guarantee success in their futures’, we’ve provided experiences that
allow the girls to learn from exemplary women leaders and real-life skills that will allow
them to excel in their next phase in life, which will include internships, job searches and job
Dream Meeting 2014 - Nha Trang City
The students enjoy outdoor activities
Fourty-seven university and
college students, who represent
23 ethnic minorities throughout
Vietnam, gathered for Dream
Meeting 2014, an empowerment
workshop for Brighter Path
scholarship student.
This annual workshop is the
fifth of its kind and meant to be
one of the core components of
A Brighter Path – a seven-year,
Mdm. Truong My Hoa gives a high-school-through-college
speech in Dream Meeting 2014 scholarship program funded by
- Nha Trang city
Talisman Energy Inc. and the
VinaCapital Group. The program
aims to empower talented female
students with a disadvantaged
Ethnic girls receive souvenirs from
ethnic-minority background.
Mdm. Truong My Hoa
Miss Ai Vien from the ethnic
group in Kon Tum province is the
youngest child in a family of eight,
Miss Vien has been a beneficiary
of the scholarship program since
she was a tenth grader in 2010.
“Without getting the financial
assurance that early, I wouldn’t
have even thought of taking the
university entrance exam,” said
Miss Vien, who used to assume
that if she passed the exam, her
family wouldn’t find enough
money to help her with higher
education. Miss Vien is now a
proud student at the Kon Tum
Pedagogy College.
Like Miss Vien, the other 46
students who have received
mentoring and scholarships
every year by VCF and the Vu
A Dinh Scholarship Fund –
exceeding every stakeholder’s
expectations – all passed the
university entrance exam in 2012
and have now completed their
third year of college/university.
Presentation activity
The students having fun on Nha Trang beach
2014 Financial Overview
Donations provided directly to hospitals
International Management Initiative
for Vietnam (IMIV) Founding Sponsor donations
Donations from schools
Total revenue
Improving health care access and outcomes for poor children
Increasing capacity for pediatric and cardiac care
Education for disadvantaged children and youth
General program costs
Lotus Impact Fund costs
International Management Initiative for Vietnam (IMIV) costs
Total Program costs
Fundraising costs
Adminstration costs
Total expenses
Foreign exchange losses
Surplus/(deficit) for the year
(*) Full audit by KPMG available on VCF website and www.guidestar.org
By The Numbers
Administration costs
Individual donations
Fund raising costs
Event proceeds
Currency - USD
Total program costs
Currency - USD
Total: 1,404,107
Total: 1,740,855
Corporate grants
Donors make it possible!
Like any other day at Heartbeat Vietnam, after a hard
day of work we all began packing up to go home.
But, unlike any other day, there was a middle-age
woman with a flustered look on her face, knocking
on the office door. At first we thought that is was a
family member who had a child with a congenital
heart defect, seeking our help. She quickly smiled
and told us that she watched our Connecting Love
TV program, and it was after she saw the great work
that we do for the children of Vietnam suffering
from heart disease, that she knew she had to get
in contact with us. We asked for her full name, and
in a soft and humble voice we received: “Let’s just
call me Ms. Yen”. That’s how we met Ms. Yen – the
woman full of inspiration, generosity and humility.
Ms. Yen, together with her husband and children
live in Tan Phu district, Ho Chi Minh City. Her family
has a small clothing store at Ha Ton Quyen market
in district 5, which is their only source of income.
Ms. Yen shows her generosity and humanity by
helping other people, and by doing good things for
her neighborhood and society.
It was Ms. Yen’s first time coming to us at Heartbeat
Vietnam, and we received such a meaningful gift.
This small donation not only helps a child with
congenital heart disease but also holds some great
symbolism of true love and generosity. Ms. Yen is
someone who always has a smile on her face; she
kept repeating that she is just a seller at the market
so she could not give much. However, to us, the
biggest gift of all is seeing someone who doesn’t
have a lot yet is still willing to give to others.
During Ms. Yens’ first visit to the Heartbeat Vietnam
office, she shared with us about her loss. Ten years
ago, she lost her first child to congenital heart
disease. Her child unfortunately could not overcome
his serious illness. Yen said she sympathizes with
the parents whose children have suffered from
congenital heart disease, “ I know the feeling when
they don’t know what to do while trying desperately
to find a way to help their child. “
Photo of Ms. Yen and HBVN staff at her first
time visiting VCF office in June 2014
After that first time, Ms. Yen returned again, and
again, until we couldn’t remember the number of
times that she had been to visit us. Sometimes, she
came in the sunny afternoon, other days in the late
evening after work. Day by day, Ms. Yen saves her
money and from time to time brings it to Heartbeat
Vietnam. Her goal is to help save as many children
as she can.
Ms. Yen was the second donor who heard about
Heartbeat Vietnam thanks to the TV program –
Connecting Love. At first there were only one or two
people who we had met like Ms. Yen but due to our
ability to reach more people through our program
we have been privileged to meet more and more
people like Ms. Yen. We are glad that people are
becoming more aware of Heartbeat Vietnam
through the stories we share on Connecting Love.
We strive to promote our mission and aim for it to
touch every individual’s heart, from all ages and
classes. Many people come to Heartbeat Vietnam
and bring many meaningful gifts for the children,
some donate very little and some donate very large
sums, up to 10 million VND and more. For us at
Heartbeat Vietnam we don’t mind how much people
give, it is all going towards our mission to improving
health care access for the poor children of Vietnam.
After the first time Ms. Yen met us at Heartbeat
Vietnam, she continued to tell everyone she knew
about our program, including her relatives, coworkers, neighbors and friends. Some of the people
Ms. Yen told about Heartbeat Vietnam, true working
class people, gave some small and large donation.
Throughout our journey at Heartbeat Vietnam we
have learned that every little bit of support that we
are given counts. Every bit makes us one step closer
to saving another child’s life.
There are no words to describe how thankful we are
at Heartbeat Vietnam, for every donor coming along
with us on the journey, bringing magic to children’s
hearts. Your help not only funds the cost of the
surgery for the poor children but also motivates
us, the people who run this program. We are
bridge between the donors and the children with
congenital heart defects. You encourage us, inspire
and motivate us to help provide the best possible
future for these little angels. Deepest thanks from
all of us to you…
Our work would not be possible
without your help!
Grateful thanks to
all our donors!
Without our Founding Sponsor VinaCapital,
VCF’s amazing work wouldn’t have happened!
Cam on! Merci! Danke! Thank you!
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Tran Thi Thanh Thao
Tran Thi Thanh Thao
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Scar of Life 5
hosted by Ngo Thanh Van, the Heartbeat
Vietnam Ambassador, saved more than
300 children in 2014. She has saved
1,000 children over 5 years.
Run For The Hearts
organized by Celadon City and Heartbeat Vietnam on November 2nd,
appealed 6,000 participants. 61 children with congenital heart defect
were saved by the fund raised from the event.
Staff of VCF
The VinaCapital Foundation 2014 Senior Staff
Robin King Austin
CEO & Executive Director
As the visionary and founder behind the VinaCapital Foundation (VCF), Robin has directed her passion and drive to making a change in children’s lives and
preventing needless death. Her passion is improving pediatric care in Vietnam so that all children have access to the care they need.
She conceived of the VinaCapital Foundation mission and since its inauguration in 2006, has led the effort resulting in saving and improving the lives of
thousands of poor Vietnamese children. The grassroots and capacity building work of the foundation impacted the lives of over 3.7 million patients and
their family members in 2014. Robin has over 35 years of experience in business development, public relations, marketing, and operations in sectors such as
non-profit healthcare, senior services, hospital development and outreach, community development, and conservation based development. She has held
numerous roles at the executive management level, and holds an impressive portfolio of community service activities.
Rad Kivette
Director of Corporate Development and
Government Relations
Rad Kivette has worked closely with a number of foreign governments, NGO’s, and major corporations including the Vietnamese Ministries of Education
and Training, the World Bank, and the Asia Development Bank. Rad has experience in organizational development, program creation, and fundraising. He is
knowledgeable on ethnic minorities, women’s issues, health, and education for underserved areas. Rad, who completed his graduate work at the University
of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, got his start in management at Hanes Hosiery in Winston Salem, NC. He later operated his own mill. After visiting Croatia and
Bosnia on a humanitarian mission, he sold his business and became the executive vice president of Samaritan’s Purse International Relief, one of the largest
NGOs in the world, for 12 years. He started an organization that concentrated on Southeast Asia and moved to Vietnam. He joined East Meets West Foundation
in 2006 and become Director of Development afterwards. In 2009, Vietnam awarded Kivette the Medal of Peace and Freedom Among the Nations, the highest
honor given to a foreigner for his development work in the country.
Nguyen Thi Bich Chau
Director of External Relations
A talented, multilingual asset to VinaCapital Foundation, Chau is passionate about her position at VCF and the role she plays in assisting poor Vietnamese
children to achieve their potential. Since working in the non-profit sector in 2005, she has proven her ability to coordinate large-scale charity activities, liaising,
and fundraising while acting as an efficient administrator for the foundation’s many projects. Chau has been with VCF since its inception and has been at the
heart of its activities – managing the heart program, being the main liaison between the foundation and provincial health authorities, and playing a major role
in PR and fundraising activities. Prior to her move into the humanitarian sector, Chau completed language studies at the University of Social Sciences, HCMC,
and spent several years teaching Vietnamese to various multinational companies, as well as working as a Japanese translator. She also has been trained and
worked as a professional MC at John Robert Powers Vietnam.
Staff of VCF
Program Staff - Heartbeat Vietnam
Nguyen Thi Thanh Hue
Program Manager
Nguyen Thi Thanh Hue graduated from the University of
Economics in Ho Chi Minh City in September 2009. She
studied foreign trade and after graduation completed
internships with two major export companies in Vietnam.
Initially, Hue joined VCF to gain new experience working
in a dynamic and professional environment and to help
improve her English skills, but quickly fell in love with the
children and their happy smiles after surgery.
Tran Quang Minh Thu
Program Coordinator
After graduating from Van Lang University, with a degree
in Business English and a focus on Marketing, Minh Thu
joimed as an intern in VinaCapital Foundation – Heartbeat
Vietnam to improve her experience and her skill in a
professional working environment.
Thu’s main responsibility is to share the inspiring stories of
Heartbeat Vietnam children with donors. Thu quickly fell
in love with the children and she found her true happiness
when seeing the “happy scars” of poor children who have
unfortunately been suffering congenital heart diseases.
Her objective now is to have opportunities to contribute
her skill and her sincere heart to help more children in
Tran Quoc Thanh
Program Coordinator
Nguyen Ngoc Minh Thu
Assistant Program
Thanh joined the VinaCapital Foundation as the Program
Assistant of Heartbeat Vietnam in June 2009 after four
years as Development Assistant for East Meets West
Foundation. Thanh is in charge of working with heart
families and patients before and after surgeries, as well
as heart surgery budgets, family grants, blood drives,
and the continuing care program.
Minh Thu graduated from the Department of International
Relations of Ho Chi Minh University of Foreign Language
and Information Technology in 2013. She started as
a volunteer and then did an internship in VinaCapital
Foundation in order to improve her skills in a profressional
During 4 years learning and participating in many
activities in university, she realized the community has
many unfortune people that need support. Knowing that
VCF could bring the best out of her, after her last year at
school, she decided to keep interning . After 6 months,
Thu became VCF staff and she continues contributing her
skill to work towards her dream that there is no child who
has to suffer from congenital heart defect come true.
Staff of VCF
Program Staff - Capacity Programs
Nguyen Anh Tuan
Capacity Program Manager
Mr. Tuan joined the VinaCapital Foundation in October
2008 and is very passionate about his work with the
organization. He serves as the liaison for medical teams
and local authorities for the outreach clinics, telemedicine
series, medical training, and other equipment support
program for hospitals. Mr. Tuan completed language
studies at the University of Social Sciences and
Humanities in Ho Chi Minh City. Prior to joining VCF, he
worked for several years as a social worker and for other
NGOs in the education and medical fields.
Danh Thi Quynh Anh
Capacity Program Coordinator
Quynh Anh joined VCF in July 2014 as a Capacity Program
Assistant. Prior to this, she worked as Program Coordinator
in the NGO field of anti human trafficking for five years. She
graduated from Ho Chi Minh City Open University majoring
in English. She loves to work in the NGO environment
because it is dynamic, professional, and challenging, but
above all she loves helping those in need. This makes her
proud of the work she does.
Nguyen Nu Quynh Giao
Capacity Program Coordinator
Quynh Giao joined the VinaCapital Foundation as
Capacity & Outreach Clinics Program Assistant in
May 2011. Prior to this she was working as a Training
Coordinator at the HCMC Development Learning Center
, a project of the World Bank, and spent 2 years working
as Program Assistant at Save the Children.
She graduated from Social Sciences and Humanities
University with a degree in English Linguistics and
Literature. She also graduated from HCMC University of
Economics with a degree in Business Administration.
She has an intense passion for helping the community,
especially children with special needs. She hopes to
reach to children with congenital heart disease in remote
areas through outreach trips not only to share the pain
but to share good news of an operation that will save
their lives.
Staff of VCF
Program Staff
Nguyen Ngoc My Linh
Events Assistant
Hoang Van Bao
Linh studied Business Administration and graduated from
Lotus University in December 2011. She works at VCF
because of her love for children and her passion towards
Hoang Bao worked at VCF from Nov 2013 as accountant
& HR officer. He worked in the manufacturing industry
for several year before joining VCF. Bao graduated from
Banking University of Ho Chi Minh & is a student of the
Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. He is
interested in working in humanitarian environment as
VCF contributes to community.
With her knowledge and enthusiasm, Linh dedicates
herself to helping children with congenital heart disease.
Linh believes a fairy tale can come to every child.
Pham Thi Kim Phuong
Program Coordinator
Phuong graduated from Ho Chi Minh City Industry and
Trade College, with the Bachelor’s degree in Business
Administration. She is now pursuing further studies at
Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics. She started
as a volunteer for VCF in 2009 and was promoted as a
full-time employee in 2011. She is currently the Program
Manager for “A Brighter Path” Program which grants
scholarships for ethnic minority girls. She hopes that after
7 years of support from the program, the girls will grow
up to become successful women, for the society overall,
and their villages specifically. She is also in charge of the
office administration and supports the Heartbeat Vietnam
program. She is really happy when witnessing the revival
after the surgery of kids who suffer from congenital heart
Help us to prevent the needless
death of children in Vietnam
The VinaCapital Foundation
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Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
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