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Scooter Soundboards
Read and follow the operating instructions and safety information before using for the first time.
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Thank you for buying this quality product. In order to minimise the risk of injury we urge you to
take some basic safety precautions, when you use this device. Please read the operation
instructions carefully and make sure you have understood its content.
Please note when connecting the soundboard to the battery that the RED cable is plus and the
BLACK cable is minus (earth). Reversed polarity can damage the power amplifier. After it has been
connected the soundboard can be started by pressing the ON/OFF switch on the upper part/surface. If
the fuse should get damaged, make sure you replace it with a suitable fuse with the same output and
size. Connect the cinch cable (is mostly supplied loose) with the LOW-input of the amplifier and the
jack plug. (bottom side) The jack plug-cable has to be inserted on the upper part of the soundboard
and connected to its MP3 player, CD player or Walkman.
The soundboard assists/ supports playing USB, mini USB and SD-cards. The board has a display
You can also play files in MP3 form. The following functions are available:
1. On/ Off
2. Forward
3. Play
4. Backward
5. Mode
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