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1953 Fairchild C-119 “Flying Boxcar” Donated by Bob Stanford, Zenith Aviation,
Fredericksburg, VA., December, 2006. Funds are needed to repair the C-119 and to fly it from
Greybull, WY to Hagerstown, MD in October 2007. Appeared in the movie, “Always”.
1945 Fairchild C-82A “Flying Boxcar”
Purchased for $140,000 August 23, 2006 from individual
donations. Flown to Hagerstown October 15, 2006. .
This effort inspired the donation of the C-119, PT-19 and
AT-6G aircraft. This C-82 is the famous TWA “ONTOS”.
Flying condition.
1943 Fairchild PT-19A Donated by
Stan Crippen, Ft Pierce, FL. January, 2007.
Restored. Flying condition.
1928 Kreider Reisner KR-31 Donated
by Charles Shue, York, PA. and Richard A.
Henson, Salisbury, MD. August, 1999. Restored
1968 Gulfstream II To be donated in 2007 by
Rubloff Aerospace Group, Rockford, IL. . Was used by
Pres. Bush in 2000 campaign. Static display.
1958 Fairchild SM-73 Bull Goose Decoy On loan from EAA Chapter 36.
1949 North American AT-6G
Texan Donated by Genevieve Booth,
Whitehall, MT, January, 2007. Some
restoration needed to fly.
1939 Fairchild F24/UC-61C
Donated January, 2006. Was used by
Howard Hughes in 1942. Being restored.
Cessna 150 Interactive Display Donated by Hagerstown
Aircraft Services.
1945 Fairchild C-82A “Flying Boxcar”
Fuselage, center section, wings and other parts were acquired August
24, 2006 in
Greybull, WY
for a future
“Building the
Boxcar Exhibit”.
The “Pappoose” Built by Dean
Fairchild “Black Fly” Prototype Radio
Controlled Surveillance Aircraft
Truax. On loan from EAA Chapter 36.
Donated by Walter Green.