6.5mm BRM Accuracy at 500 Yards


6.5mm BRM Accuracy at 500 Yards
“Using a load of 38 grains of VV N-160, CCI large rifle
primer and Sierra Gameking 140 grain bullets I went to
the range and shot groups from 100yds to 500yds to
establish my drop table. (I tried many loads but
this was the best). Attached you'll see the 500yd target
- 3 shot group that was 2 inches center to center. I verified the range with a Bushnell rangefinder as 503yds. I
was using a Swift mil-dot scope (not sure of
model) holding dead on with the bottom mil-dot. The
rifle was heavily sandbagged on an empty cable spool
for a rest... So far this year this gun has taken 2 antelope, 3 deer and 2 elk... None of the deer or antelope
took a step and dropped in their tracks, one elk
dropped in its tracks and the other elk went less then
50 yards... 6.5 BRM is all you need from prairie dogs to
elk. This rifle is light to carry, very very light recoil and
really performs. You'll have an order for another one as
soon as my son reaches hunting age here in Wyoming.” - Travis Crystal, 10/31/06
Inherently accurate, points naturally, mild to moderate recoil... Those are the characteristics that make the Model 97D Rifle attractive to knowledgeable rifle shooters.
Our most popular model is the 6.5mm BRM. We have loaded ammunition, reloading
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