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IS‐8D Instruction IS‐8D is a Do it Yourself system, that can be used to update any remote transmitter with PPM signal that does not have an independent module. IS‐8D includes from left to right: 1. 5p connector wire(connects transmitter main board to operation board) 2. Transmitter antenna (3db) 3. transmitter main board 1piece 4. LD Button Assembly 1 piece (include 2pcs button and 1pcs LED) 5. 3p wire ( white, red, black) Installation steps: 1. Turn on the transmitter ,make sure the position of operation board ,2.4G antenna ,transmit main board ; 2. Make sure the position of three wires on transmitter’s main board (PPM/BAT/GND) 3. Fixed the operation board,2.4G antenna, transmit main board, Welding PPM /BAT/GND; Instruction: The operation of IS‐8D is the same as IS‐8F and IS‐8J. The only difference is the bind the button, range test button and three colors LED are on mounted permanently in the body of the transmitter rather than the module. The procedure for use is the same as the module version: bind first, set fail safe, test, and range test then use. Notice, will only need to bind and set failsafe one time. It will keep all binding information as well as fail safe programming until you decide to change it. Notice: 1. You have to open the plastic case of radio, which may void your manufacturer warranty. 2. The DIY system is installed by soldering three wires to different parts of the transmitters: BAT, ground(GND) and signal (PPM). The voltage of IS‐8D is DC 6V~18V, you located the power wire from the back of control switch. The PPM (signal wire) is different for each radio. Attached are some radios and their location of the 3 wires. If you are unsure of the location for these connections, please contact factory, dealer or reputable R/C technician. 3. In order to compatible with more transmitters, IS‐8D has the switch to change positive and negative pulse. During using, please test the negative pulse first, if the negative pulse doesn’t work normal then change to positive pulse. Some JR radios require negative pulse. Possible location of the operation board reference: The position of main board fixed reference Location of three wires Inside Finished Three wires (PPM, BAT, GND) connection location for other radios. Installing of Futaba FF6S/T6XA, it is easy to lead PPM from analog (trainer) port, you can see the white one is PPM. Hitec Flash 4x installation, you can see the yellow, red and black wire corresponding PPM, BAT & GND. JR XF 421 installation, the below picture is the back of original RF board. The yellow, red and black wire corresponding PPM, BAT &GND. WFLY 6A(6C) installation, the three wires of original high frequency board corresponding PPM, BAT &GND. ESKY ET61: white,red black corresponding PPM, BAT &GND. Xinyi N‐8C: Getting PPM, BAT GND from analog port GUANLI AM 4channel transmitter Remark: If you want to keep the original high frequency ports, and also want to update it to 2.4G system, you can modify your transmitter to a duel frequency system. It is as simple as adding a two‐way switch to change the BAT and PPM, check the pictures bellow: Thanks: www.mx3g.com 、www.5imx.com 、www.5irc.com If you have any problems during the installation or using, please contact Fly Dream or dealers. Please do not hesitate to share other successful In
stallations. We are also glad to hear your valued suggestion and opinions
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