Spring 2016 - Bowling Green City Schools


Spring 2016 - Bowling Green City Schools
A-F Mr. Doug Niekamp, ext. 1012
G-N Mrs. Kristen Benner, ext. 1013
530 W Poe Rd.
Green, OH
Inside this issue:
ACT Test
Penta /
Honors Diploma
Credit Recovery /
Academy Info
Office Manager, Mrs. Pam Eyer,
ext. 1010
Last Chance To Buy!
The next national ACT
test date is June 11, 2016.
The regular registration
deadline is May 6 and the
late registration continues
through May 20 (for an additional late fee). Online registration and test date information can be found at
Awards Assembly
O-Z Mr. Kyle Hackenburg, ext. 1011
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Attention Parents! The last
chance to order the 2016
yearbook is Thursday, April
29th. The price will be at
$55 until this date. After this
date there will be no additional orders placed. Please
pre-order to guarantee your
Senior Ads are due April
29th to Corey Sexton, please
email her if you have any
questions .
[email protected]
Please keep the guidance
office informed of any address changes, telephone and
emails changes too!
Students, remember to check
your school email too!
Special points of interest:
 BGHS Local Scholarship
Awards Program - Apr. 26
On Monday, May 16h, from 8:15
9:30 A.M. we will be recognizing
senior accomplishments during
our departmental awards ceremony in the Performing Arts Center
(PAC). Parents please feel free to
attend this event. This is also an
opportunity for seniors to have
their college scholarship awards
announced. If you have been
awarded a scholarship at the college you are planning to attend,
please fill out the form located in
the Main Office. Please return
this form to Mr. Nichols by May
Link to HS Calendar: https://sites.google.com/a/bgcs.k12.oh.us/calendars/bghs
 BGHS Academic Awards
Program - May 16
April 21
 May 30 - Memorial Day
April 26
 GRADUATION - May 22 @
Local Scholarship Awards-7:00PM in
April 30
Prom @ BGSU Grand Ball Room
May 3
Community Interviews for Juniors
May 16
BGHS Academic Awards - 8:15AM in
May 22
[email protected]
2:00 p.m.
 May 26- Last day of classes
Awards Assembly
4th qtr. Mid-terms
Summer school Health
April 22,23,24 High School Musical
May 26 Last Day of Classes
Page 2
Counselor’s Corner
College Credit Plus
Previously known as PSEOP, Ohio's
new College Credit Plus can help you earn
college and high school credits at the same
time by taking college courses from community colleges or universities. The purpose of this
program is to promote rigorous academic
pursuits and to provide a wide variety of options to college-ready students. College
online classes are available as well as a few
BGSU classes taught by BGHS staff members who are mentored by a university faculty
BGSU’s deadline for fall is May 1 and their
deadline for next Spring semester will be in
November. Please see Mr. Hackenburg if
you have any questions.
Upcoming Events at Penta:
April 21: Senior Achievement Award Ceremony
April 26: Dinner With Your Teacher (New Sophomore Exploratory students)
April 28:
Dinner With Your Teacher (All Other
New Students)
May 13: (Tentative) Seniors’ Last Day
GradPoint summer Recovery Class
What should you do if you fail a required class? Final grades will be
mailed home in June. If you find you have failed a required course,
you may consider the following options to help get your academics
back on track:
*Repeat the course next year at BGHS– The counselors will review
and revise your schedules to include the courses that need to be repeated. Double check your schedule before the beginning of next
*GradPoint online classes– which adhere to the Ohio Content
Standards, are available, at a cost, to our students during the summer.
Sign up forms will be available in the office at the end of the year. See
your counselor for questions.
*WCESC Course Completion– Only for qualified students. See your
counselor for qualification guidelines and enrollment forms.
May 17, 18, 19
(Tentative) Senior Recognition
Are You A Scholarship Winner?
If you receive scholarships from colleges or outside
organizations, let others hear your good news!! If you have
received a scholarship of $500 or more, the Sentinel-Tribune
has a policy that you may have your photograph published in
a future edition of the newspaper. Your photo can be printed
only once.
If interested, pick up a form in the guidance office, list
your scholarships, attach a photograph and return it to Marie Thomas, at the Sentinel-Tribune. Students who will be
receiving a scholarship at the evening Senior Scholarship
Program on April 26th will receive their forms during the
ceremony or you may pick them up before. The deadline for
submission to the Sentinel is Friday May 6th.
It’s time for the BGHS Local
Scholarship Program
The Ohio State Legislature has established the Honors Diploma and
it’s criteria, which differs for vocational and college preparatory students. Penta students seeking an Honors Diploma should see Mrs. Rehard at Penta. College preparatory students at BGHS should check the
list posted in the main and guidance offices in mid-May. If their name
is NOT already on the posted list and you think you qualify, see Mr.
Hackenburg to verify your eligibility.
The Local Scholarship Awards Ceremony is scheduled
for Tuesday, April 26 at 7 p.m. in the Performing Arts
Center at the Bowling Green Middle School. This program will recognize students who have been selected as
recipients for our many local scholarships. Students that
have been chosen for scholarships will receive advance
invitations by mail. All seniors, parents, family members
and friends are welcome to attend this event. A separate
awards assembly for academic awards by department will
be held during the school day on May 16th.
Due to the low enrollment for Summer Health Class we are not going to
offer this as a class option for the summer. However, you may sign up
for Summer Health Class through GradPoint. This course will cost
$100.00. See Mrs. Eyer to sign up in the Guidance Office.
Scholarship information arrives in the guidance office throughout the school year. Students are encouraged to
routinely review scholarship opportunities in the guidance office.
Quest Bridge
March 23, 2016
Ohio Newspapers Foundation
March 31, 2016
Glass City Credit Union Scholarship
March 31, 2016
Ohio Farm Bureau
April 1, 2016
AAA Northwest Ohio
April 1, 2016
Annual Book
April 1, 2016
William D. Squires Education Foundation Inc.
April 5, 2016
NW Ohio Credit Union
April 8, 2016
$1,500, $1,000 & $500
Bricklayers Joint Apprenticeship and
Training Committee
April 8, 2016
Wood County Sheriff’s Office
April 15, 2016
Youngstown State University
April 15, 2016
Student Insights
April 22, 2016
$$4000, $1,000, $500
Harry Hughes Horseman’s
April 30, 2016
Henry-Wood Sportsmans Alliance
April 30, 2016
Youth Nations at the University of
May 1, 2016
Camp with different Scholarships for UT
Minority Journalism Scholarship
May 15, 2016
Aspiring Aminations
June 1, 2016
Aspiring Fashion Professional
June 1, 2016
Biology Major BGSU Scholarship
June 1, 2016
Aspiring Animation Professional
June 1, 2016
Kappa Delta Rho Scholarship
July 1, 2016
.Bowling Green Area Schools
Preschool Program
The Bowling Green School District provides a preschool program for children with special needs. The preschool classes are taught by certified teachers and follow a developmentally appropriate curriculum. Each
class is held for 2 ½ hours, Monday thru Thursday. The classrooms are housed at Crim Elementary
School. If you know a child between the ages of 3 and 5 who may have special needs, please contact Christie Walendzak at (419) 352-3576 ext. 4033.
An important part of the preschool program is the involvement of peer role models. Children participating
as peers must be between the ages of 3 and 5 and must demonstrate typically developing skills. There is a fee for this portion of the program. If you
know a child who would be appropriate as a peer please contact Ann Sommers at (419) 352-3576 ext. 4031.
Bowling Green Area Schools
School-Age Program
The Bowling Green School District provides school-age programming for children 5 through 21 years of
age. Through collaboration and utilization of a team approach, the educators of Bowling Green Schools
create and implement programs specific to the needs of each child. If you know a child between the ages of
5 through 21 who may have special needs, please contact Bob Yenrick (419) 352-3576 ext. 4030.