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2008 Best of Buckhead Business Award Winners
Six Buckhead businesses have had an outstanding year. The Atlanta JournalConstitution, in conjunction with the Buckhead Business Association, is proud to name the 2008
Best of Buckhead Business Award Winners. They brought marketing savvy, customer service and
community involvement together for stellar performances. Along with this year’s overall winners,
one business has been named the first Buckhead Entrepreneurial Business of 2008. Congratulations
Overall Winner Savory Specialty Foods, January
to these winners: Buckhead’s best!
Hodgson, Co-owner. As Buckhead residents, January and
Overall Winner
Ren Hodgson, owners of Savory Specialty Foods, wanted
Savory Specialty Foods
January Hodgson, Co-owner
to work where they live. Amongst “Big Box” grocery stores,
they found their niche — giving excellent customer service,
offering new and unusual items, sharing product knowledge, and creating a retail space that is visually intriguing and unique.
“Buckhead has ample room for small, independent businesses alongside
area,” explains January. What are their plans? In five years, Savory
the larger businesses, offering diversity in the
will expand to offer a larger selection
of prepared foods — adding more kitchenware and
Runner Up
small electrics to their mix. What has been their biggest
Beacham & Company
Glennis Beacham, Owner
challenge? Building a strong and loyal customer base.
With a commitment to excellence, Savory is the 2008
Overall Winner of Buckhead’s Best.
Runner Up Beacham & Company, Glennis Beacham, Owner. While the
market for one-million-dollar-plus properties in Buckhead and Atlanta has doubled in the last two years, the need for real estate
companies that specialize in this market has never been greater. The decline in the local and national housing
market has affected everyone. Beacham anticipates
Runner Up
the second half of 2007 to be up over 2006, with a
full recovery in 2008. Beacham has found its niche
by providing full-service real estate brokerage service
PGA Tour Super Store
Michael Murrieta, General Manager
that specializes in luxury real estate sales. “We expect to be the top independent residential real estate company in Atlanta.”
Runner Up PGA Tour Super Store, Michael Murrieta, General Manager. With our help, our customers can take
their game to the next level. We are a golf and tennis center providing players an unparalleled selection,
exceptional services and guaranteed low prices. We
are extremely committed to growing our customers’
game with education and help with new products.
We offer competitive lesson packages and host
Runner Up
Seasons 52
Kenny Perlman, General Manager
free clinics. With over 30 stores nationwide, their biggest challenge is to develop knowledgeable, empowered leaders
within the company.
Runner Up Seasons 52, Kenny Perlman, General Manager. Seasons 52 is a trend
setting restaurant concept designed for today’s culinary savvy adults. The expertly prepared menu, lighter preparations, adventurous wines and stylish
atmosphere speak to today’s sophisticated diners’ desire to eat well without
Runner Up
Prriya & Chintans Couture & Jewelry Boutique
Rita Patel, Co-owner
cooks, and promotes, a healthy lifestyle.
sacrificing flavor or experience. A contemporary, stylish restaurant, Seasons
52 is a new concept in Atlanta, with a talented team ready to raise awareness
of healthy, fine dining. The future is bright for a Buckhead restaurant that
Runner Up Prriya & Chintans Couture & Jewelry Boutique, Rita Patel, co-owner. Prriya & Chintans is
an Asian-fusion couture and precious stones jewelry boutique. The jewelry pieces are unique and infused with innovative designs inspired
by contemporary art and mogul and estate jewelry. The designs are one-of-a-kind and the jewelry pieces created by generations-old
methods. Looking to the future, Prriya & Chintans has an eye on the
global marketplace, with their biggest challenge being to move their
product line overseas where political, cultural and communication
issues make business difficult.
Entrepreneur of the
Entrepreneur of the Year
Buckhead Cleaning & Janitorial Services
Majed Awamleh, Owner
Year Buckhead Cleaning & Janitorial Services, Majed Awamleh, Owner. Buckhead
Cleaning & Janitorial Services Company is a full-service commercial and residential cleaning
service. The Buckhead condo market has grown rapidly, creating the need for a superior
cleaning service for high-end condos and retail stores. Buckhead Cleaning has filled this need,
focusing on post-construction and luxury estate cleaning, carpet and window cleaning, and
pressure washing. “Our future is bright and our growth is based on continuing to find a workforce
that measures up to our high standards.” Buckhead Cleaning expresses the can-do attitude evident in
today’s Buckhead community, and is the first recipient of the new Entrepreneur of the Year Award.
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