Our Brochure - All Star Master Cleaning, Inc


Our Brochure - All Star Master Cleaning, Inc
AII Star Master Gleaning, lnc.
24 Hours
7 Days aWeek
r Caqlet Cleaning
. Truck Mount, Hot Water Bntraction
. We Carry Top-tine HydraMaster BX-20
fi..ttrGteanftrg hr,
. Sof4 Love Seats, Office Chairs, Steamclean
. file & Grout Cleaning
We are committed to providing you with high quality
seruice and satisfaction. We take pride in all the services we provide and handle them with the utrnost
integrity, honesty, and professionalism. The sewices
we can provide areas follows:
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Commercial & Residential Seruices
The atnungRX-20 RoaryJet Lxtractor has
Carpet Cleaning - Truck Mount Steam
With 3 spray jets, 5 vacuum
slots, and an unbelievable
650+ cleaning passes per
revolutionized carpet cleaning.
e Janitoial
minute, soils are released
* file Cleaning
and carpet is fluffed all
while restoring life into
Pressure Washing
your caryet.
Compare with the wand most other carpet cleaning companies
use and you'Il be absolutely blown away by the quality clean
Window Cleaning
you'll be getting.
Strip &Wax Floors
With a GM Vortec 1.61fuel
Detail Cleaning
injecled motor running
. We clean upholstered furniture
We caffy top-line HydraMaster RX20
on a huge 61 houses, this
extractor equipment. The industry leader in carpet
ttring is a beast. It pumps
out over 5 gallons per minute at up to 875 CFM and
On-time, foiendly service. We pride oursehes by
always being punctual. We want you to enjoy your
has a whopping 3,000+
experience with us, so we can retatn you as a cus-
tomer for life. We would like ttre opportunity to discuss our professional licensed and insured cleaning
Another ffierence is ttre abfity to use hot waler with temperalures of up to 270 degrees farenheit, making a significant
difference in the quality of clean you'll get.
senices with you and hope to hear from you at your
Learn more about the HydraMaster@ products we use at ttreir
earliest convenience.
for pressure-washing.
website. wuv.HydraMaster.com