Welcome to Intelli-Trak™


Welcome to Intelli-Trak™
Welcome to Intelli-Trak™
An advanced 24/7 real-time fleet
monitoring program for your
or DUOBOT 1850™.
Our comprehensive program makes makes managing
your floor cleaning easy through Performance Tracking
and Remote Assistance tools.
Remote Assistance
Performance Tracking
Intelli-Trak™ provides
around-the-clock monitoring
of machine cleaning activity:
Intelli-Trak™ provides up-to-date
activity reports for each robot,
allowing you to track individual
units or entire fleets:
• System diagnostics identifies
problems instantly and alerts service
• Service techs remotely resolve many
problems without a service call
• Software upgrades
• Customer support available 24/7
• Date of use
• Start time
• Total cleaning time
• Route cleaning confirmation
• Operator identification
• Total hours since installation
“The Cleaning Industry’s
most comprehensive remote
monitoring program.”
Program Benefits
“Faster response and
reduced downtime.”
• Easier management of floorcleaning activity
• Faster response to service issues
• Reduced downtime for repairs
• Scheduled maintenance based on usage
• Free software upgrades
Program Features
24/7 remote monitoring with 3G
communication link
Secure customer access to web-based reports
Remote diagnostics of machine problems,
including environmental or system issues
Daily, weekly, monthly, and annual reports
sent to your cell or email, including:
• Overview report with a snapshot of all site
location activity
• Site report indicating usage for all robots at a
specific location including: cleaned areas,
duration and performance or maintenance issues
Maximize the use and
performance of your TASKI
Intellibot robot with Intelli-Trak™
advanced remote monitoring.
3G = $15/month
WiFi Wireless = $0
Service: +1.888.837.0002

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