Hands-Free Cleaning® - Intellibot Robotics


Hands-Free Cleaning® - Intellibot Robotics
Hands-Free Cleaning
Cleaning just got easier:
It’s now possible to clean
twice as much, while doing a
better job, for less money.
Our new operating system enables:
Hands-Free Cleaning
Operating System
Intellibot’s machines are designed for
Hands-Free Cleaning®, meaning you
can quickly switch from manual to
Hands-Free operation at the touch of
a button...and just walk away.
True Multi-Tasking
One person can accomplish twice the work.
Better Cleaning
The machine consistently cleans the same area, at the
same speed, with the same overlapping coverage, every
time, every day.
Reduced Cost
Double, triple or quadruple your productivity without
increasing labor; your cost per square foot is
dramatically reduced.
Provides real-time reports telling you who ran the machine, the time it ran, the
exact area cleaned, for how long, and if there were problems. You can compare
this activity with the previous day, week, quarter, or year.
Intelli-Trak™ Monitoring also reduces your repair cost. Remote monitoring
alerts Customer Assistance if your machine is having a problem, helps them to
diagnose the problem, and even allows them to remotely fix many of the issues.
This reduces downtime and service fees.
Program Benefits
• Easier management of floor cleaning activity
• Faster response to service issues
• Reduced downtime for repairs
• Scheduled maintenance based on usage
• Free software upgrades
“Faster response and
reduced downtime.”
Intellibot’s ultimate green machines reduce,
reuse and recycle to eliminate 85% of the water
and chemicals used each shift, thus lessen the
environmental impact. Our SWINGOBOT 1650™
and DUOBOT 1850™ have an advanced fourstage purification system that can filter water to
one micron, providing clean, reusable water.

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