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Glycobiology is world science.
There are hundreds of thousands of papers now being
published in regard to the structure and function of
glyconutrients in our body. Glycoscience is currently
on the leading edge of health science research and is
predicted by Massachusetts Institute of Technology to
be one of the “top ten technologies to change the
So what are glyconutrients?
Glyconutrients are a complete nutritional category in
and of themselves. They are independent of vitamins
and minerals, or antioxidants or fatty acids and some
consider them the foundational nutrient for our body. Of
the 200 carbohydrates in nature, 8 have been found to
be vital to the body’s internal communication process.
names - glyconutrients,
They are known by several
saccharides, sugars. The eight glyconutrients are:
• Xylose
• Mannose
• Fucose
• Glucose
• Galactose
• N-Acetyl galactosamine
• N-Acetyl glucosamine
• N-Acetyl neuraminic acid
On the surface of every cell in our body are little
antennae-like structures. Under an electron
microscope they look like a forest emerging from the
cell surface. The cells rub up against each other and
pass information like a coded language across these
antennae. The communication ends of the antennae
are made up of glyconutrients and have the capacity for
a multitude of configurations.
Are Your Cells Talking?
This is the basis of communication of ALL structure and
function in our body. They communicate how to utilise the
nutrition that we take in our body whether it be from food or
supplements; how to recognise when something needs to be
eliminated from the system such as a foreign body, sick cell,
virus or bacteria; how to detoxify; recognition of when the body
needs extra support; regulation of functions such as blood
pressure, hormones, and blood sugar.
In fact in a recent paper on glycobiology it was stated:
“Glycans play roles in almost every biological process
and are involved in every major disease. They are integral to
cell adhesion and movement, such as when white blood cells
migrate to a site of injury or infection. Glycans inside cells
help influence the expression of genes and proteins, forming
part of a cell’s response to biological signals. The human
immune system has evolved the ability to recognize pathogenspecific glycan sequences on bacteria, viruses, and fungi,
triggering an immune response.”
National Academy of Sciences 2012 Paper:
Transforming Glycoscience – A Roadmap for the Future
Communication Breakdown Spells
Health Disaster.
Now it’s interesting to know the method of
communication going on inside of us but how
do we know if it’s working properly? And, what
happens if not?!
Glyconutrients are required to be consumed in our
diet. It is interesting to note that no one food in nature
contains all 8 glyconutrients. (There is a production
system in the body but it is very complex and reliant
on many successful conversions). Unfortunately, there
is extensive world science now showing the depletion
of nutritional content in our food. Over the past six
decades modern farming practices have lead to weight
and quantity of our food being prioritised over nutritional
quality. And so like many nutrients, glyconutrients
have been shown to be deficient in our modern diet.
Therefore the internal communication process could
become compromised.
The depletion in nutritional content of our modern
diet is so evident that the in 2002 American Medical
Association stated in their journal: “pending strong
evidence from randomised trials it appears prudent for
all adults to take vitamin (and mineral) supplements”
JAMA 2002.
Nature Knows Best.
Our cells are made up of 100% nutrition - this is
simple biological science. It is nutrients that provide
the resources for optimal function in our body, for our
energy levels, for maintenance of our health and for our
By nature’s design we were meant to
receive this nutrition from food . . .
Quality Assured.
NOT in a synthetic replica form. Our body is extremely
intelligent and can recognise the difference between
chemicals and nature. While there is a plethora of
nutritional supplements on the market 95% of them
are synthetic replicas and there is increasing scientific
evidence our body doesn’t like them.
Plant and naturally sourced
Tested and certified by NSF
International (an independent thirdparty organization that develops
standards and certifies products in
more than 100 countries).
Manufactured to conform with
Good Manufacturing Practices
Backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee
So if our body is meant to receive nutrition in food form
but our food is no longer enough what can we do?
Real Food Technology Solutions.
Mannatech’s speciality is the development
of nutritional supplements from real food sources.
They developed the world’s first and only food
derived supplement of the eight known
glyconutrients called Ambrotose which has been
available since 1996. It has been proven that
when we supplement with food form
glyconutrients they do in fact end up on the
surface of our cells for communication purposes.
Mannatech are a science company and
have invested $20 million dollars in research
in the past 5 years into the science of glyconutrients
and what occurs when we supplement with them. The
science is validating what tens of thousands of people
have experienced by adding Ambrotose to their diet
over the past 18 years:
The Science is Impressive.
Ambrotose has been shown in scientific studies to
have the following benefits:
1. Increase immune support
2. Enhance your body’s performance
3. Support proper organ function
4. Improve Memory, Mood and Focus
5. Enhance brainwave frequencies
6. Improve mental reaction time
7. Enhance concentration and improve memory
8. Decrease irritability and improve mood
9. Promote GI health
10. Exert prebiotic effects by stimulating the
growth of good gut bacteria
11. Provide a good source of dietary fibre.
Mannatech’s Ambrotose products are:
Powerfully Endorsed.
“In my 23 yrs as a patent officer, one discovery stands head and
shoulders above the rest; a new category of vital nutrients called
glyconutrients. Glyconutrients are essential for normal defense
functions, making them one of the best strategies for reducing the risk
of disease. They are also necessary to support the normal functions of
structure & repair, supporting the body’s normal healing functions.”
~ Dr John Rollins
Nutrition With
M5M Foundation
The fully integrated Social
Entrepreneurship program whereby
whenever you purchase a Real
Food Technologies Product on
a monthly order they will automatically provide a 30 day supply of
nutrients to an at risk child somewhere in the world. The vision is to see over five million children
across the world embrace a greater quality of life. This program
delivered 20 million servings in 2014
Our customers know that when they take care of themselves they
are also taking care of an at risk child.
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