Montebelli horseriding


Montebelli horseriding
Montebelli horseriding
Montebelli farm, Grosseto, is a great stop-off
point along the Tuscan bridlepath that links San
Rossore Park to the beaches of Castiglione
della Pescaia. With 102 hectares of spectacular
meditteranean scenery, it’s the ideal place for an
unforgettable day in the saddle of a thoroughbred.
At Montebelli you can learn all about the ancient
art of equestrianism and discover the unspoilt
secrets of the Tuscan countryside with its lush
vineyards, native woods, olive groves and rolling
Our fully qualified instructor and skilled horseman
Tommaso Migliozzi, is an expert in Equine Guided
Education and Leadership which was pioneered
in California.
Tommaso uses non-verbal communication to
create a close link to the horses. A lot can be
learned from the way horses communicate
leading to higher self-esteem, development of
communication and negotiation skills, as well as
getting closer to nature.
Montebelli is the first and only centre in
Italy to provide certified EGE programs.
Combining his horse training skills with his EGE
competencies, Tommaso offers leadership
programs and self development coaching to
groups, individuals, with an extra course tailored
for corporate executives.
Our stable
Established 25 years ago, the Montebelli stable
specialises in thoroughbred horse breeding and
racing with over 300 national and international
For Kids
For all young aspiring horse riders, our children’s
course “Baptism in the saddle” introduces
children to horses, showing them how to play
safely with the horse, clean and care for the horse
and actually ride (English saddle). All participants
receive a diploma at the end of the course.
Programmes & itineraries
Finally in the saddle *Beginners
For all those who have always put off learning
how to ride, as they’ve never felt ready for it.
»»Getting to know your horse
»»Controlling your emotions
»»Developing your balance
»»Mounting a horse (English style)
The Oak Road *Beginners
For novice horse riders, as well as those who
love to relax with horses, this course takes in a
ride along the beautiful and unspoilt Maremma
countryside. We then go up into the Montebelli
hills to the famous old oak tree. Legend has it that
if you go round the old oak tree three times then
you will come back to Montebelli).
In the footsteps of the Butteri
The Maremma Cowboys *Experts
Shepherds or cowboys known as Butteri,
have traditionally worked their herds along the
Maremma coastline for many years. This course
will teach you about the complex system of bridle
paths and breathtaking sceneries. The excursion
will take you through the natural delights of
this beautiful Tuscan countryside with stops at
historical points of interest such as the Sant’Anna
Hermitage and the Etruscan tombs at Vetulonia.
You can also taste local speciality dishes and with
a bit of luck, come across some of our wild boar,
the symbol of this unique area.
Contact us:
Mobile: +39-3664484268
Phone.: +39-0566-887100
Email: [email protected]
Montebelli Agriturismo & Country Hotel,
Località Molinetto, 58023 Caldana (GR)

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