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These days it’s all about keeping up with the latest. The
NRCHA wanted to know who its members are, what they wear,
read, and use on their horses. The membership was asked to
respond via online survey about their personal tastes, and when
the results were tallied we found the most popular brands and
styles among the NRCHA members.
Who are NRCHA members? Of the respondents, 76 percent
of the members were female, and 49 percent were of age 51-65.
The majority, 90 percent, lives in rural areas and over half the
membership earns over $100,000 a year and has earned a least a
Bachelors degree. Occupations vary from farming and ranching
to education and journalism to banking and anything in between.
Seventeen percent are somehow involved with the training,
breeding, and sales of horses, and 68 percent manage 1-10 horses
in their facility.
NRCHA members are active in all facets of the horse industry,
with a total of 84 percent owning horses and 83 percent competing in the NRCHA. Our members are also involved heavily in the
AQHA, with a membership rate of 99 percent, while, 21 percent
is involved in the APHA and 30 percent in the NCHA.
NRCHA members love the reined cow horse competition – 73
percent enjoy the cow work portion best. However, members are
also very versatile as far as the events in which they participate
in. With some over-lap in event style, over half the membership participates in reining and/or cutting events. A quarter of
our members enjoys team roping and 12 percent trail ride. Other
members participate in halter, western pleasure, calf roping, barrel racing, bucking events, and hunter/jumper events among others. What does all this mean? NRCHA members are some of the
NRCHA Regions
most versatile riders in the business. They are some of the most
successful as well, as over half have won Gist trophy buckles in
NRCHA members come from all across the country. However,
the Southwest region – in which Arizona, California, Hawaii,
Nevada, and New Mexico are located – represents 41 percent, the
majority of the membership. California, home to 30 percent of
the membership and lots of tough competitors, is found within the
Southwest, helping to make it the largest region in the nation. The
North Central region – home to Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, South
Dakota, Wyoming, Iowa, Minnesota, and North Dakota – is the
second largest region with 22 percent of the national membership.
There are many opportunities, in every region, for members
to attend NRCHA approved events; 49 percent of riders attended
1-5 events during the 2010 show season. Other competitors
attended 6-10 shows, at 27 percent, and 11-15 shows,
at 12 percent. The plethora of shows across the nation
What NRCHA-related activities are you involved with?
allows everyone a chance to qualify for the ever-exciting NRCHA World Championship Show.
As horse owners, NRCHA members are very selective about the products they use for their horse. From
feeds to tack, they only use top of the line products for
their equine partners. Twenty-four percent of members
trust Corporate Partner Nutrena feeds for their horses.
When feeding, 28 percent add the official NRCHA
feed supplement, Platinum Performance, while 31
percent add a variety of supplement brands to their
horse’s feed. In addition to supplements, 29 percent use
NRCHA Corporate Partner Adequan® to help maintain
Stock Horse News • August/September 2011
joint health. Ten percent use Legend®, and 26 percent use no joint
maintenance at all.
In order to keep their horses healthy, 30 percent of members
depend on Fort Dodge® (now Pfizer Animal Health) vaccines, 29
percent use a variety of brands, and 17 percent use the product
recommend by their veterinarian.
The equipment used when riding and competing is as vital as
the feeds and prevenHorse Equipment
tative measures used
before entering the
show ring. Ninety-one
percent of NRCHA
members choose
Corporate Partner
Classic Equine when
choosing products
for their horses. The
majority of the Classic
Equine products used
are leg protection products, such as skid boots, bell boots, and
splint boots, to help keep horses safe during strenuous competition. Other favorite products include saddle pads and cinches.
When it comes to choosing a saddle, a rider must carefully
select one that is not only comfortable to the rider, but it must
accommodate and fit the horse correctly as well. Corporate
Partner Bob’s Custom Saddles earned favorite saddle in NRCHA
members’ hearts, with 43 percent owning a Bob’s Custom Saddle.
Sean Ryon saddles, at 17 percent, were the members’ next top
Not only do members choose the best when it comes to their
horse, they also choose the best for themselves. Cruel Girl jeans
are worn by 26 percent of members and Cinch jeans are worn by
20 percent. These products, made by Rocky Mountain Clothing
Company, provide the latest styles and designs for NRCHA members, while also providing comfort, quality, and affordability.
Members also want to know when they place their foot in
the saddle they are sporting only the best brand of boots. Rios
of Mercedes boots are owned by 22 percent of members. The
NRCHA Corporate Partner’s handmade products are top-of-the
line products that are made to last.
To stay up with the latest horse news and events, NRCHA
members read only the most trusted magazine sources. To keep
up with all of the various events of the horse industry, 73 percent
of members read the Quarter Horse News. Sixty-eight percent of
members read the Stock Horse News in order to learn about the
latest winners, shows, and news from the NRCHA. Members also
trust the AQHA Journal and Western Horseman magazine, each at
31 percent.
NRCHA members represent one of the most prominent groups
in the horse industry. They are hard working, successful, and
expect the best for themselves and their equine partners. When
all things are considered the one statistic that each person has in
common is the love for the reined cow horse industry, and the
competitive spirit that keeps each show new and exciting.
Contributing writers were
Lori Allmon and Savannah Howell
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Stock Horse News • August/September 2011

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