Horse brochure


Horse brochure
Summer Horse Promotion
Nutrition Supplements
Available at your Local Glanbia Branch
LoCall 1890 321 321
Horse Mineral Bucket 12 Kg.
Equiform Equi-Balance 12.5 Kg.
Feed balancer designed to provide minerals, vitamins
and yeast to enhance condition of race horses, show
horses, show jumpers and eventers €37.00
Excel Gold 4.5 Lit.
Multi Vitamin Supplement specially designed
for competition/race horses
Equiform Xtrolyte Blue Liquid 4.5 Lit.
Specially formulated Isotonic liquid electrolyte
Equiform Garlic, Honey & Glucose 4.5 Lit.
Highly palatable liquid supplement with many natural
properties for all horses and ponies
Equiform Easy joint supplement 4.5 Lit.
Feed supplement for maintenance and repair of
cartilage and joints
Offer Valid until Sat 3rd September.
Disclaimer: Pictures are for illustration only.
Glanbia reserve the right to withdraw or alter any item/price without notice.
Some offers while stocks last.
Riding High With Glanbia
Buy 10 Buckets and get 1 Bucket Extra FREE
Horse Feed / Bedding Products
Horse Feeders / Drinkers
Horse Feed / Bedding Products
Horse Hage - 25 Kg.
Premium dust free haylage.
Equibed - Dust free wood shavings - Bale
Alfa A (Lucerne) Dengie - 20 Kg.
Lightly molassed, dust free, high protein grass feed
Horse Treats - Natural - 1 Kg.
Sturdy Tipping Wheelbarrow
Ideal for Feeding and Bedding
Horse Feeders / Drinkers
10 Space Horse Feeder
Foal Feeder
- Wall Mounted
Circular Floor Feeder
Hay Net c/w Metal Rings
22 Gall Drink Trough
Horse Health
Horse Fencing
Horse Health
Special Offer
Eqvalan Horse
Wormer Paste
Buy 3 Tubes and get
1 Tube Extra FREE
Fly Spray
Louse Powder
Bug Buster - 350g
Horse Fencing
12ft. Stud Farm Gate w Mesh
50mm x 50mm x 8g
Tinsley Fence Wire
1.1m X 25m €99.00
Post and Rail Fencing
Rail 4"x2" x 4.8m €8.50
Post 5"x3" x 1.8m €6.75
Electric Fence Package
Pel Battery Fencer EPB (Incl.
Battery). 10 Long Plastic Fence
Posts c/w Insulators 200
Elect. Rope OR 20mm Tape
Riding Accessories
Jump Blocks
€49.00 each
Progress Horse Clipper
Jump Poles
Plastic €55.00
Pure Silk Grooming Aid
1 Ltr. Trigger Spray
Timber - 12 Ft. x 4"
Backpack Dandy Brush Kit
Jump Wings
€350.00 pair
Saddle Soap - 500 Ml. Tub
- Adjustable - Nylon
Grippy Stretch Gloves
- multicolour €3.50
€7.95 each
Lead Reins/Rope
- Cotton €4.95 each
Summer Blanket
Boot Jack
- Plastic €4.95
Manure/Shavings Fork
Sturdy Equi-wash
All in 1 Power, Pump & Water Supply
Special Offer on
Mastercrop Horse Pasture 1 acre (16kgs) €53.00
3kg Portstewart Perennial Ryegrass
4kg Foxtrot Perennial Ryegrass
3kg Cancan Perennial Ryegrass
1kg Barcredo Dwarf Perennial Ryegrass
1kg Barrage Dwarf Perennial Ryegrass
2kg Corail Creeping Red Fescue
1kg Sobra Smooth Stalked Meadowgrass
1kg Solo Rough Stalked Meadowgrass
Areas continuously grazed by horses
Key Points
Excellent persistence & ground cover
High seeding rate to ensure rapid
Extremely hard wearing
Mixed herbs can be added on request

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