All the Wild Horses: Preserving the Spirit
and Beauty of the World’s Wild Horses
by Dayton O. Hyde
*The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Dressage
by Martin Diggle
599.6655 H992a
The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Horse
Barbaro: The Horse Who Captured
America’s Heart
by Sean Clancy
by Susan McBane 636.1003 M113i OVERSIZE
798.4 C529b KY
In Service to the Horse:
Chronicles of a Labor of Love
Believe: A Horseman’s Journey
by Buck Brannaman
B B7355a1
by Susan Nusser
Chicken Soup for the Horse Lover’s
Soul: Inspirational Stories About
Horses and the People Who Love Them
by Jack Canfield
R798.23 D569i
Man O’War
by Page Cooper
636.1 C432
798.24 B956n KY
798.4 C787m KY
The Complete Guide to Horse Careers
The Horse: A Miscellany of Equine Knowledge
The Most Glorious Crown: The Story of
America’s Triple Crown Thoroughbreds
from Sir Barton to Affirmed
Crazy Good: The True Story of Dan
Patch, the Most Famous Horse in
The Horse God Built: The Untold Story of
Secretariat, the World’s Greatest Racehorse
101 Eventing Tips: Essentials for
Combined Training and Horse Trials
The Horse in Art
Race Day:
A Spot on the Rail With Max Watman
by Sue Reynolds
636.10023 R337c
by Charles Leerhsen
636.175 L517c
Discovering Natural Horsemanship:
A Beginner’s Odyssey
by Tom Moates 798.2 M711d
The Encyclopedia of the Horse
by Elwyn Hartley Edwards
636.1 Ed96e
Equine Expressions From the
Kentucky Horse Park
by Robbee Huseth
636.1 Eq565 KY
by Julie Whitaker
636.1 W58h
by Lawrence Scanlon
798.4 Sca63h KY
by John Baskett
704.9432 B292c
Horse Lover’s Guide to Kentucky
Patti Nickell
917.69 N5325h KY
Horse People: Scenes From the Riding Life
by Michael Korda
798.2 K841h
Horse Racing’s Top 100 Moments
Blood Horse Publications
798.4 H7877 KY
Essential Horse: The Guide to
Caring For and Riding Your Horse
The Horse’s Health From A to Z:
An Equine Veterinary Dictionary
The Essentials of Horsekeeping
Horseback Riding for Dummies
The Everything Horse Book:
Buying, Riding, and Caring For Your
Equine Companion
Horsemanship: A Comprehensive Book on
Training the Horse and Its Rider
*A Fact Book on the Kentucky
Thoroughbred Industry
by Ted McClelland
by Susan McBane
by Rachel Hairston
by Karen Leigh Davis
636.1083 M113e
798.2 H127e
636.1 D294e
Kentucky Thoroughbred Association
R798.4 F119k
by Peter Rossdale
Waldemar Seunig
Horseplayers: Life at the Track
by Yann Arthus-Bertrand
798.23 P288h
798.2 Se81h
798.4 M132h
636.1 Ar78h OVERSIZE
How to Think Like a Horse: The Essential
Handbook for Understanding Why Horses Do
What They Do
by Cherry Link
636.1 H55h
I Make Horse Calls: Living a Dream With
by Marcia Thibeault
by James C. Wofford
by Max Watman
798.4 D784m KY
798.24 W822o
798.4 W329r
The Race for the Triple Crown:
Horses, High Stakes and Eternal Hope
by Joe Drape
798.4 T737dr KY
Reining: The Guide for Training and
Showing Winning Reining Horses
by Al Dunning
798.2 D922r
by Dianna Dennis
613.71 D423r
by Moira C. Harris
798.23 H242r
The Riding Handbook: The Complete Guide
to Riding Horses and Ponies
by Zoe St. Aubyn
636.1 T345i KY
* denotes books that are reference material only and must be used while inside the library
798.23 Sa23r
Rookie Reiner:
How to Survive and Thrive in the Show Pen
by Heather Cook
798.24 C77lr
Ruffian: A Racetrack Romance
by William Nack
798.4 R838na KY
Seabiscuit: An American Legend
by Lauren Hillenbrand
798.4 Sellh KY
Second Chance Horses: Inspiring
Stories of Ex-Racehorses Succeeding
in New Careers
Blood Horse Publications
636.12 Se24 KY
Show Grooming: The Look of a Winner:
Horse Show Grooming, Tack, and Attire for
All Breeds and Sport Types
by Charlene Strickland
by Audrey Pavia
by Marvin Drager
The Rider’s
Fitness Program:
74 Exercises and
18 Workouts Specifically Designed
for the Equestrian
636.10888 St85s
The Soul of a Horse:
Life Lessons From the Herd
by Joe Camp Spirit Horses
by Tony Stromberg
636.1 C15s
636.1 St87s OVERSIZE
Teaching Safe Horsemanship:
A Guide to English and Western Instruction
by Jan Dawson
798.23 D325t
To the Swift: Classic Triple Crown Horses
and Their Race for Glory
by Joe Drape
798.4 T55 KY
True Horsemanship Through Feel
by Bill Dorrance
636.1088 D737t
Why Do Horses Sleep Standing Up?:
101 of the Most Perplexing Questions
Answered About Equine Enigmas, Medical
Mysteries and Befuddling Behaviors
by Marty Becker
636.1 W622
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