June 2011


June 2011
Stoner Ridge Farm News
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Foundation First Mountain Horse Training TM
June 1, 2011
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Lights, Camera, Action!
Yes, it’s a wrap! What an
opportunity for 100 outstanding horses. As you
know these horses successfully auditioned to earn the
right to compete in the finals
for America’s Favorite Trail
Horse. There were nearly
1,000 horses who tried out at
one of the 23 auditions held
all across the US.
ACTHA developed the
concept for a great reality
show - who will be America’s favorite trail horse?
Well, I know three Mountain
Horses that worked hard to
earn America’s votes: MX
Wrangler (ridden by Michael
Butler, owned by Kathy and
Jim Wilkerson), Blue on
Black (H.T. Derickson), and
Legendary Lady (Judy Brummer). Wrangler and Lady even
have their own Facebook page!
I so wish I could have been in
TX with everyone. I’m not
sure I was ready to be a competitor but it sure would have
been fun to watch everything
that went on. Bob and Mike
Important Dates
left here on Thurs., May 6th
and traveled to Conway, AR
where Randy and Regina Jones
had stalls for Wrangler and
Blue on Black (H.T. and
Vanessa flew). We really appreciate their hospitality! It
was such a big help to have a
place for the horses and for the
guys to enjoy some great fellowship. Early the next morning it was on to Blanko, TX.
On Monday, there was lots of
opportunity to show the horses’
versatility. There was an ACTHA trail ride that included
obstacles. Mike had a great
ride and was the first to return!
Filming took place on the first
three obstacles.
(see p. 2)
North Middletown Charity Horse Show
Stormy weather was the
order of the day for the North
Middletown Charity Horse
show. We had some sun
though, that helped us dodge
the showers. The ladies of the
North Middletown Community Club had great refreshments as always. We all had
a good time. Ruby was with
us and she really enjoyed lead
line on Blueberry. Thomas
had great ride on her as well
taking the blue in his class.
Well Armed made his debut
placing third with Mike even
under very sloppy conditions.
Congratulations to everyone
for a job well done!
Blueberry Wine
Lead line - Ruby
Mares Classic 2nd
Juvenile 12 – 17 Classic
. . . Thomas - 1st
Classic Champ. - 4th
SRF’s Silver Sundown
Stallions Trail - 2nd
Silver’s Blue Plate Special
Amateur CTP - Kim - 2nd
Well Armed
3 YO Stallion/Gelding - 3rd
HBF Furious Revenge
3 YO Stallion/Gelding - 5th
Branson Blue
3 & 4 Year Old Park - 1st
area so Robert goes a couple
of times a year and works with
them and the horses. This
Robert just returned from
another trip to Southfork, Iowa year, Robert took Merry Elle
where he enjoyed working with back with him and they
worked with her. Sandy was
Joe & Sandy Minard, Linda
especially glad to see her.
Gowdy, and Randy & Brenda
Brandy also went home. We
Vandersee. The family has
appreciate the opportunity to
some Morgans and several
work with this fine family and
Mountain Horses. There is
little access to a trainer in their their horses.
We’d like to welcome
HBF Hidden Agenda to
SRF. She’s Don and
Nancy’s two year old out
of Sophie by Merry Go
Blue. She’s a beautiful
chocolate filly with a
white mane, tail, and
four white feet. She’s
making great progress!
Stidham Memorial
Stanton, KY
Ladies Auxiliary
Prestonsburg, KY
6/10 6/11
Bourbon County Fair 6/16
UMH Show, Paris, KY
RMH meeting
UMH Kentucky State
Championship, KEC
7/1 - 7/2
RMH Bowling Green
Horse Show
7/8 - 7/9
UMH Great Smoky
Mountain Horse Show
White Pine, TN
UMH TN State
Championship, White
Pine, TN
Estill County Fair
Irvine, KY
UMH and NWH Gaited
Jubilee, KEC, Winchester, KY
7/29 7/30
UMH Summer Celebration, KEC, Winchester
8/5 - 8/6
RMH Tri-State &
Charles Kilburn Shows
Springfield, OH
8/20 8/21
UMH World Show
KEC, Winchester, KY
9/5 9/10
RMH International
KY Horse Park
9/13 9/17
KMSHA International, KY Horse
Park, Alltech Arena
10/12 10/15
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Lights . . . Con’t
Fun and Games - Horsepower for the Cure
ACTHA also arranged clinicians to
speak as well as to help riders. Personalities included Pat and Linda Parelli, Monte
Roberts, Lynn Palm, Aaron Ralston, Guy
McLean among others. Guy recited some
heart-rending poetry. Everyone’s clinics
were really informative and it was great to
get to talk to them personally. The second day Mike and Wrangler jumped,
backed up an embankment, crossed water,
cleared ground poles, and showed off their
sidepass on the trail obstacle course. Finally, on Wednesday, horses performed
their freestyle. Mike and Wrangler did a
similar routine to what they did in Bristol
for the audition. Mike even rode him
backwards. Time just flew by for them
and then it was time for the long journey
home. They finally arrived back on Friday night and we were talking about everything that had gone on. I figured it was
such a long trip, it would be unlikely that
Bob would want to return if the opportunity was available in the future. But he
said, “Yes!” he’d return, “ . . . in a heartbeat!” which really convinced me of how
much fun they’d had. Hopefully, the
world will see what great horses these
mountain horses are. We can’t wait to see
everyone on TV. It will be so cool for the
American people to vote for their favorite
trail horse. Voting will take place on computers and cell phones (I understand it will
be one vote per IP connection but wait for
more info). The first program is supposed
to air on HR-TV (Dish 404) on September
13th - the same day that the RMH International begins this year. There are 13
programs scheduled, one per week. You
can get more information on
www.ACTHA.us. We just can’t wait!
Last Saturday we all headed to VBF for Kaylee Tipton’s Horsepower for the Cure
event supporting breast cancer research. Mike and Charlie participated in the Extreme
Stadium Obstacle competition and Lauren and Thomas competed in the fun show. The
obstacle course was timed. The horse/rider team with the fastest time received 10 bonus
points. There were some great obstacles including jumps, platforms, polo, bridge with a
water hazard, tarp with poles and a teeter totter. There were some great horses competing
and boy could they fly! Charlie placed 2nd on Silver (by only one
point) and Mike placed 4th. Lauren and
Thomas were winners in their classes!
They did great. Thomas got to show Jimmy Joe for the first time.
Lauren competed in the same class with
Tessa. The judge declared it a tie. He just couldn’t decide. They were both soooo good!
April Versatility Clinic
VA. From that they moved on to working
with obstacles. The horses did really well.
They were a quick study as were their riders.
The folks who attended the clinic also
worked on helping their horse learn how to
move toward a mounting block from a cue.
It is really helpful to be able to give your
horse a signal and have him sidepass toward
you so you can climb on from a mounting
block or a stump without having him move
Georgia Ray and several of her friends
all over the place. Everyone was able to
came to Stoner Ridge at the end of April
teach their horse this skill. They also
for a versatility clinic. They brought their
horses and were able to receive some great worked on the canter. Bob gave a demo on
how to start the horse cantering for the first
instruction from Robert. He began with
time. It was great to make some new friends
Don’t forget to vote! The association needs some basic horsemanship techniques inand help folks learn in the process!
qualified, competent people. Your vote will cluding bending and flexing both vertically and laterally. Then the group
make a difference.
worked on some dressage. Georgia wants
Ballots will be
counted on June 18th. to be able to compete at a local show in
Congratulations to Mary and Elsteen
RMH Vote
Charity . . . SOLD!
Lauren’s Published
Congratulations to
Lauren K. Hickey on
the publication of her
first book, The Phoenix Key. How excit-
ing! Many of us have never imagined
writing a book, and Lauren has already
accomplished that at only 15. You can
find her book at local book stores or at
amazon.com. It’s great!
Hager who have purchased C.D.’s Girl’s
Got Rhythm in UMH’s on-line auction last
week. We had “Charity” here in training
for about two years. Don and Nancy donated her. Park Equine provided vet care
and Phil Flynn provided dental and farrier
services. Charity has wonderful breeding
and a great attitude. Thanks to everyone!