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media kit Diana.indd
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Unstoppable Momentum
Unlimited Life Force Energy
Get Ready to Really Change Your Life
International Speaker, Published Author, Creator The Change Your Game Formula™
Corporate Trainer, Development Coach, Founder of The Meaning of Life School™
+39 346 1427 444
Midwest Gal to European Entrepreneur
As a child Diana relentlessly bothered her mom asking
“What if?” about everything. “Hey mom, what if we lived in
that house there?” “What if we could walk upside down?”
She had a vivid imagination, even remembering all the
details from her dreams, which she loved to tell.
After college in 1984, she traveled around Europe and
was fascinated by its beauty, culture and elegance.
home she asked herself: “What if I could live here?”
The answer she gave herself was “Why not?”...
and the rest is history. She has lived in Northern Italy
since 1989, where she raises her 4 children.
“Diana is thought provoking and hillarious!”
Ŕ Born in Chicago, Illinois, USA into a huge midwestern
family of over 200 relatives, she grew up in KY & OH.
Ŕ She loved spending her days doing cartwheels with
girlfriends & playing tennis and basketball with family.
Ŕ She received a Scholarship to Miami University of Ohio
Pre-Medicine and Graduated in Business Administration
Marketing in 1984.
Ŕ Moving to Germany, she became an Au Pair in
Munich in 1984, then set up an Entrepreneurial Activity
of Services for NATO Soldiers in 1985.
Ŕ With her Italian husband, they moved to Turin, Italy in
1989 where she became a Language Consultant.
for various charities and with her second 2 children she
went back to study as a Neurobiology therapist.
Personality Assessments and started her Consulting Firm
as a Corporate Trainer in 1997.
Ŕ She started traveling the world, worked with John of
God, the Brazilian healer, got a dog and several cats.
Ŕ In 2012 she started publishing the Inner Peace
Parenting Magazine on iTunes.
Ŕ Finally her claim to fame... in 2004 she created a life
The Change Your Game Formula™.
Leading Edge Training
Diana studied in France and Italy
as a psycho-neurobiology therapist
specialized in behavior. These intense
studies are the foundation of
The Change Your Game Formula™
and Needs Assessment.
It deeply activates her clients to
access their full potential, increase
their problem solving abilities
and energize their personal and
professional life.
CONTACT INFORMATION | [email protected]
“Follow That Voice to Fortune”
other’s footsteps. Instead when you
turn your attention inside you “hear”
life altering suggestions that can
lead you on a path no one else has
Diana shares easy steps to stop
giving in to the distractions, giving up
on your dreams and instead giving
space to your inner voice.
“Stop Fighting Start Funning”
Did you know that Personality
for family disagreements?
Stop making your personality
differences a reason to argue.
Learn how to overcome any
communication obstacle in Diana’s
5 Steps to Bridge any Gap.
Isn’t your family your greatest
treasure? Don’t you want more
fun in your family?
“Exude Energy Exalt Excellence”
What does it really take to
be a catalyzer of change? Every
person and professional strives for
excellence, or at least should!
When you make your energy
state your top priority, you have a
powerful presence, impact others
effectively be it as a company
leader, entrepreneur, parent or
friend. Want to learn how?
Ŕ Stop Needing to Be
Understood & Understand
Ŕ Follow Your Personal Path
to Prosper in Life
Ŕ How to Design your Modus
Vivendi Lifestyle Today
Ŕ Female Magnestism to
Attract the Man, Money
and Mastery of your life.
Ŕ Launch Dreams and See
them Come True
Ŕ Parents: Stop Worrying
and Start Living
“If there wasn’t Diana, we
would need to invent her.”
“Diana is the most
energetic person I have
ever met. She makes
everyone come alive.”
“The only thing I can say is
Diana’s tools are amazing.”
“Diana is a high on life lady.
Whatever she is on, I want
it too!”
Diana travels internationally
and is available to hold 1.5
hour Keynotes and even
half day to 3 day Workshops
or Seminars in every part of
the world.
She is specialized in leading
edge courses.
Her tools are proprietary,
effective and life changing.
CONTACT INFORMATION | [email protected]
She has been seen on over 200 major media channels such as
ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News, The Boston Globe and Miami Herald for
her inspirational work with women “Women of Meaning”.
As a Corporate Trainer and Team Building Specialist she has
served many companies: Citroen, Jaguar, Opel, Alfa Romeo and
Fiat, SKF, Seven Invicta, Ecopack, National Public Administration
and Police Departments.
Diana is a published author as a contributor to the books “Pure
Genius” and “Here’s How I Did It, Vol. 2”
Diana has been a regular guest on popular radio shows such as
Transformational Talk Radio and Journey to Success Radio.
Diana has spoken at International events: The WOW Conference
in Portugal and Parenting 2.0 Conference in Dublin.
“Diana is THE human behavior Expert!”
Diana Dentinger
+39 346 14 27 444
[email protected]
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1. Why is it impossible to understand another person?
2. Why don’t people understand themselves fully?
Formula different than others on the market?
4. How do your clients transform their lives by using it?
5. What is your solution to help people to get along instead
of arguing with loved ones and colleagues?
6. How do people drain their energy and how can they
regain it?
7. What are the qualities of an excellent leader?
8. What do you mean when you say “How you learned how
to be is not who you are”?
9. Why are you so passionate about working with women?
10. What is the real cause of depression, suicide?
11. What are the 3 ways that parents can help their kids?
13. How can a couple get it back the honeymoon feelings?
14. In your opinion, why aren’t most people happy?
Diana is not an average speaker or trainer.
She marries physiology, psychology and
spirituality to help you reach your most
energized, excited and empowered self.
She gets you extraordinary results and life
changing experiences so you get the most
out of your life.
Diana’s energy, charisma and engaging style
along with personal stories and witty analogies
make her audiences feel inspired, ready to
transform their lives, and get the professional
results they know they are capable of.
Take up this golden opportunity to invite Diana
to motivate and inspire your group