Designer Recruitment PDF



Designer Recruitment PDF
Why Choose
At Silverlining we don’t do corporate.
Silverlining is a home for creativity, for
innovative thoughts and ideas. It is a place
for long term career ambitions, for people
who want to see those ideas become a
reality: a group of people that inspire those
around them and everyone they come into
contact with.
Location &
The Silverlining workshop is based in
Wrexham, North Wales with excellent links
to the stunning landscapes that the North
West has to offer. Just a 20 minute drive from
the Roman walled city of Chester and 1 hour
drive from Manchester.
Salary, Hoilday
& Pension
Everyone connected to Silverlining will
benefit from the growth of our company –
we will ensure that efforts are recognised and
rewarded. The benefits of our success are
shared throughout the team, in the form of
job enrichment, new skills, promotion and
lifestyle and financial benefits.
One of many benefits of working on
international projects all over the world is the
opportunity to travel to some of the globes
most exotic destinations such as Singapore,
Hong Kong, Shanghai, Kuwait, Qatar &
Our workshops are the beating heart of
our business. They are where we build our
museum-quality furniture, and where we
continue to build our reputation for the
unending pursuit of excellence
Learning &
We are hungry for new challenges. We
want to push the boundaries of what is
possible and break new ground. Ambition
is in taking on more responsibility, learning
more skills, sharing more knowledge, and
it is only by doing this that we achieve our
full potential.
Global Leader in
Fine Furniture
For 30 years, the passion, dedication
and innovation of our designers and
craftspeople have enabled Silverlining to
deliver excellence in traditional and modern
furniture for yacht and residential projects
30 Years of
In 1985, young craftsman Mark Boddington
set up Silverlining with a vision to become
one of Britain’s’ leading furniture makers.
Now, three decades later, Silverlining’s
innovative and award-winning furniture
can be found in palaces, museums, galleries,
corporate headquarters, residences and
yachts around the world.
What We’re
Looking for
We are always on the look-out for the most
talented individuals to join the Silverlining
family, people that can contribute to our
vision, by pushing the boundaries of
possibilities through design, craftsmanship,
innovation and engineering.
We are happy to train and coach or indeed
delegate to motivated individuals who want
to progress.
Our aim is to become the most inspiring
furniture brand of the 21st century.
How We Work
For both client and craftsman, collaborating
on a piece of bespoke furniture is a creative
journey guaranteed to expand the horizons.
Just as no two pieces are alike, no two
journeys are identical either – ours is an art
form driven by people and ideas, not rules
and formulas. And yet the result is always
the same: meticulously made furniture that
is a perfect representation of the brief and the
result infinitely better than you could possibly
have imagined.
Design is a harmonious combination of
concept, materials and finish – all coming
together aesthetically to exceed a client’s
Attention to detail is vital in the creation
process. How does the idea work? How
will it be engineered? How will we make
and finish the design? Every possible
question is asked – and then answered.
We truly believe no computer replaces the
creative flair of an artist’s hand and the
natural intrigue of the human mind.
We are committed to sourcing unusual
materials such as: excavated English bog
oak that is more than 3000 years old, leather
from the shipwrecked Metta Catharina that
sank in 1786, and 312-year-old brown oak
from an English Royal Estate.
Our collaboration with material scientists
and chemists allows us to develop moreadvanced structures and new finishes that
define 21st century craftsmanship. We also
seek inspiration from the world and nature
for new structures, textures, patterns and
colour combinations.
& Project
Our project managers (all of whom are
trained cabinet makers and engineers)
are highly experienced at making the
impossible possible, guiding a project from
start to finish, and efficiently and effectively
overcoming any unforeseen obstacles along
the way.
We are continually evolving and refining our
skills by recruiting skilled artisans from all
corners of the globe who share their culture,
knowledge and experience; and through
our apprenticeship scheme, we are helping
to ensure such skills are passed on to a new
generation of makers.
Leather Work
The skills in our leather shop come from the
disappearing trades of saddlery and harnessmaking. Silverlining is delighted to help
preserve these skills through furniture making.
Continual research over 30 years has resulted
in many new finishing techniques – including
dyeing veneer to specific colour tones and
creating a flame-retardant, invisible finish on
bleached wood.
Naming &
Hallmarks were introduced in England
in 1300 by King Charles I as a means of
consumer protection to ensure the purity
of the precious metal silver. Each piece of
Silverlining furniture is named and dated
using Sterling silver hallmarks.
A Two Year
Order Book
We are currently working on some of the
most iconic land and sea projects around the
world. Our order book confirms our status as
a global player within the industry - but this
is only the tip of the iceberg.
Silverlining is justly proud of its industry
awards and recognition, and we share these
honours with the owners, designers and
architects we have worked with. The awards
are testament to the groundbreaking design
and craftsmanship of those teams, who have
collaborated to achieve world-leading work.

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