New books January 2011 Needlework Christophorus Verlag GmbH


New books January 2011 Needlework Christophorus Verlag GmbH
New books
January 2011
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Hardcover Books
Favorite pieces
for mama and me
tante ema*
Author: Emanuela Pesché
80 pages, 20 x 27 cm, € 14,95
ISBN 978-3-8410-6001-3
The 2nd book of Emanuela Pesché
presents more funny pieces in fresh colours
with lovely flowers and sweet checked
Lovely models for mother and child,
beautiful things to play with, and practical
accessories for kitchen and childrens room.
Practical tips and sewing instructions for
beginners and advanced.
Hardcover Books
Water Patchwork
Author: Bernadette Mayr
128 pages, 20 x 27 cm, € 19,95
ISBN 978-3-8410-6044-0
Wonderful water world: fishes, shells and
other sea dwellers on decorative Patchwork
Great ideas for quilts, cussions, bags, wall
hangings - all with the same topic and
also with the same technique: free cutting
technique without template or straightedge.
A special technique course explains the
technique step-by-step with many detailed
Hardcover Books
The big knitting
Authors: Katharina Buss
240 pages, 22 x 29 cm, € 16,95
ISBN 978-3-8410-6053-2
A fundamental approach: with all knitting
techniques and practical basic knowledge.
Complete information for various designs
of your sweater: different neck shapes,
wristbands, buttonholes, integrated bags, a
variety of patterns, and much more
Detailed workshops with step-by-step
instructions and easy to understand charts,
photos and illustrations.
Softcover Pocket Books
Baby booties
quickly knitted
Author: Maria-Regina Altmeyer
32 pages, 14,8 x 21 cm, € 7,50
ISBN 978-3-8410-6033-4
Lovely booties for babies, as an individual gift for birth or
baptism, or small present at the baby party.
Great variety: from sweet colours, to funny motifs, something
for everyones taste.
Thanks to easy techniques these booties can be knitted in no
time, for beginners and advanced.
The small knitting book
Author: Katharina Buss
48 pages, 14,8 x 21 cm, € 8,95
ISBN 978-3-8410-6092-1
Learning to knit very fast and easy: all basics you need to
know - from the cast on to the finishing of models.
Easy models for beginners, ambitious tips for advanced.
Many patterns and instructions to avoid mistakes and help
with answers to questions.