Day Tour - Shark Cage Diving Itinerary


Day Tour - Shark Cage Diving Itinerary
Day Tour - Shark Cage Diving
Duration: 1 day
Highlights: Gansbaai, Dyer Island, Shark Alley
Six nautical miles from Gansbaai lies Dyer Island, a bird sanctuary and breeding site for the Jackass penguin. Adjoining it is Geyser Rock which supports a large seal
population. Separating Geyser and Dyer is a channel aptly named “Shark Alley”, arguably THE prime spot in the world for encountering the Great White shark.
Transfer to Gansbaai and from here, depart on your shark cage diving experience. Breakfast is provided at the restaurant before the boat launch. Every trip is preceded by a
brief introductory talk about the route and what to look to out for. Passengers are fitted with comfortable, inflatable life-jackets. Safety is of utmost importance.
The launch usually is around 9am (note that launching times may vary due to tide and weather conditions). The anchor is lowered, the cage goes into the water and a scent
tria is made. Final preparations for the diving are set and the rest of the day is spent watching, diving and enjoying the day.
After spending time with the sharks, you make your way to Dyer Island. At Dyer Island you can view African penguins, Cape cormorants and many other species. Giant
petrels, Cape gannets, white chinned petrels and storm petrels are often spotted.
Neighbouring Dyer Island, is Geyser Rock, home to 60,000 Cape Fur Seals. The stretch of water between the two islands is Shark Alley. You visit Shark Alley to view the
seals. The colony is thriving and there is always lots of activity, especially around November time when the tiny pups are born. At about 4pm, depending on the day, you
head back to land. Should you wish to return to shore earlier, a transfer can be arranged.