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Marketing - Jamie White
Jamie White
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Jamie White
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The correct mix of marketing tools
allows more people to learn about your
home and its unique features. Jamie will
promote your home using a custom
blend of materials and techniques that
will attract potential buyers. By using
strategic marketing tools, Jamie aims to
sell your home for
-The highest Price
-In the shortest time
-With the least amount of hassle
Online media
Advertising your property online is an essential way to
reach potential buyers.
Jamie will list your home with the most popular real estate websites, enabling prospective buyers to view your
property from across the globe.
your home will also be displayed on local Charlottesville
real estate sites, including nest real estate and
roy wheeler real estate.
the big three
7% market share
6% market share
9% market share
Print media
Many Realtors have shied away from using traditional means of advertising, instead choosing to market
homes online only. while online advertisements are
important, print media remains a reliable way of
reaching prospective buyers in the local area.
In addition to being listed on the best real estate
websites, your home will be showcased in
charlottesville area newspapers and publications.
by embracing both electronic and print marketing
techniques, your property will receive maximum
Email blasts
Networking is a powerful way to get the word out
about your home.
Using MailChimp, Jamie will send a professional
advertisement of your home to over 900 Charlottesville
area realtors. Email Blasts allow agents to
electronically view your home and pass on your
listing to prospective buyers.
Open houses
Marketing your home using websites, print media, and
social media generates interest in your home, driving
prospective buyers to visit it in person.
By hosting an open house, visitors will see the best
attributes of your home up close. Showing your
property allows prospective buyers to imagine themselves
living happily in your home.
Your home will be staged in in an attracitve manner to
appeal to serious buyers.
Social media
Social Media can generate the buzz you need to sell
your home.
Jamie will post your property on the most popular sites
to ensure that your home gets in front of as many eyes
as possible.
With over 2,000 properties on the
Market in the Charlottesville area,
Your home needs to stand out
from the competition.
Quality photos taken by a
professional photographer will
generate ‘In Person’ showings and
create a lasting impression on
prospective buyers.
Staging your home for potential
buyers is now more important than
ever. With online search tools,
buyers can compare your property
to countless others. One way to
help your home compete is by using
some simple staging tips.
Jamie will help stage your home to
increase its appeal to a wide
Staging tips
Boost Curb Appeal
Maximize interior space
Remove clutter
Repair it
Light it up
•Pressure wash siding and walkway
•Mow lawn and reseed as needed
•Repaint front porch
•Hang easy-to-read house numbers
•Clear kitchen countertops
•Create open space in closets
•Remove items from garage
•Clear bathroom countertops
•remove exotic artwork
•Use family photos in moderation
•Remove refrigerator magnets
•Redecorate with neutral colors
•arrange furniture to open up space
•Create logical traffic flow
•Arrange to create balance
•Remove oversized furniture
•Fix squeaky doors
•Touch-up holes in drywall
•Repair trim and windowpanes
•Make plumbing/electrical fixes
•Open blinds for natural light
•Replace burned out light bulbs
•Move lamps into dark rooms
•Keep lights on in the evening
The prime marketing time for your
home occurs during the first month
of its listing. pricing your house
correctly from the time it hits the
market is therefore essential for generating interest and prompting buyers to
In order to set an accurate listing
price, Jamie will evaluate your home and
compare it to comparable listings in
your market. Putting the right price on
your home is key to bringing in
serious bidders.
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your home occurs during the first
month of its listing. pricing your
house correctly from the time it
hits the market is therefore
essential for generating interest
and prompting buyers to make
In order to set an accurate
listing price, your home’s features
will be thoroughly evaluated and
compared to other houses on the
market. correctly estimating your
property’s value will entice buyers
to further consider your home.
1 personal consultation
2 prepare home for sale
3 proactive marketing
4 offer and negotiation
5 contingency period
Why list with Jamie?
Jamie was born in London, England. He graduated from
the University of Greenwich where he majored in
Accounting & Finance. He worked as an accountant in
London for a number of years before moving to
Charlottesville and real estate in June 2010. He initially
worked as a property manager before becoming a
REALTOR® in January 2012.
Graduating from the REALTOR® Institute in his first year,
he was voted rookie of the year by the Charlottesville
Area Association of REALTORS® and became a member of
the CAAR Honor Sociery. In 2013, Jamie was voted
Charlottesville’s best REALTOR® by CVille Weekly. Since
then he has consistently been a top producer, annually
selling 10x more than the average agent and winning
praise for his fun and effective approach. Jamie gets the
job done!
Why list with
Montague Miller?
The housing market has been on a roller coaster ride the
past several years, but one company has remained
constant since 1948. Family-owned Montague, Miller &
Co. has been a Charlottesville institution for more than
60 years. Montague, Miller REALTORS® are known for
their integrity, professionalism and caring approach to
Montague, Miller has a rich history, but that doesn’t
mean we’re stuck in the past. We are constantly
adapting our marketing strategies to take advantage of
fast-changing technology. This innovative approach has
made us one of the top real estate companies in Central
We handle everything from residential and commercial
properties to new construction, land and lot sales, and
we offer all the services you need under one roof.
Mortgage, closing, home repair - Montague, Miller
developed the area’s first one-stop-shop real estate service.
Our Home Concierge Service can put you in touch with
all the professionals you need, from carpenters to plumbers to decorators, and everything in between.
Jamie is a tremendous agent.
He was always available to
provide his insights into
the market and helped my
wiFe and I find a
tremendous home that fit
all of our wants and needs
while being conscious of
the budget we had set. Jamie
is a very valuable resource
for any buyer/seller and we
highly recommend working
with him!
-Evan Kwiatkowski
We so appreciated Jamie’s
professional attitude, and
his confidence was
contagious. Under his
guidance and expertise, our
home sold in 7 days! He has
walked us through every
step of the homeselling
process with integrity,
honesty, and balance.
-Ellen Binder
Jamie was incredibly helpful
and responsive and highly
knowledgeable about the
local real estate market. I
couldn’t be happier with the
service and recommend him
to anyone in the market to
buy or sell a home!
-Peter Small
To simply describe Jamie as an
excellent realtor would be an
injustice. He is a magnificent
realtor--a trustworthy
businessman and a diehard
-Kristin Floyd
As the former owner of a very
challenging property, let me
say that Jamie refused to give
up and did exactly what he
said he would do...he sold my
-Tim Stevens
Sold properties
2140 Meadowfield way
List Price: 397,500
Sale Price: 397,500
Under Contract in 9 days
2175 Meadowfield way
List Price: 569,000
Sale Price: 569,000
Under Contract in 15 days
3300 Meadowfield way
List Price: 475,000
Sale Price: 469,000
Under Contract in 13 days
Selling Process
How can I get a quick sale?
Appropriately priced homes generate a buzz that will get lots of
showings and offers, while a poorly priced home will be ignored.
Your home needs to be professionally evaluated to correctly set its
listing price and attract buyer interest. Another way to incentivize
buyers is by offering cash towards the buyer’s closing fees.
How is my home’s listing price determined?
Jamie will evaluate your home using a comparative market analysis, a
technique that determines the value of your home based on
comparable sales in your neighborhood.
What is a contingent offer?
A contingent offer means that an offer on a home has been made and
the seller has accepted it, but certain provisions exist that would
void the contract upon the occurrence of certain events. Many
buyers include home inspection and financing contingencies.
When should I have my home inspected?
Buyers usually want an inspection completed before they purchase
the home, and are generally responsible for its costs. You can wait
for an accepted offer before having an inspection. All findings from
the inspections must be disclosed.
Showing Your Home
What if I’m asked to do an immediate showing?
There may be times when prospective buyers are sitting in their
agent’s car wanting to see your home right then and there.
Chances are they were driving through your neighborhood, saw
the sign and had their agent call to set up an immediate showing. IF
it’s convenient for you, great. If not, ask them to come back when it
suits you.
What if someone visits my home without an appointment?
If someone knocks on your door to see your home, Do not let them
in! Even if they say they are with an agent, it is
better to be safe and ask them to make an appointment for another
day. If they do not have an agent then please give them my contact
details. I’d love another client!
What if a visitor shows up late?
If agents are showing multiple properties they often ask for an
hour window in which to show your home, but are sometimes still
early or late. In this situation please try to
accommodate the agents, as we want them to feel good about
showing your home. However if it’s really inconvenient, it’s ok to
ask them to return at a later time or date.
What if I have a no-show for my appointment?
There will be occasions when a showing has been set and no one
comes. This can happen for several reasons -sometimes the buyer will drive into the neighborhood and decide
they don’t care for the area or home. If you think this has
happened please call me. I will follow up and find out why.
Home warranty
What is a home warranty?
When you list your home for sale you can purchase a service
contract that will protect you against breakdowns while your
house is on the market. This contract also covers the buyer for the
first year of occupancy.
What are the benefits of a home warranty for sellers?
If you are selling an older home, a warranty covers against the
expense of an unexpected repair during the listing period. Some of the
things that are covered include internal plumbing, electrival wiring,
air conditioning, heating systems, washer, dryer, dishwasher,
refrigerator, and range.
How do you make a warranty claim?
It’s very similar to insurance -- you call a claims line. The warranty
company sends a contractor to make the repair and you pay the